Visions & Aims

DHC Women's Visions & Aims

Vision for 2017 and beyond

Doncaster Hockey Club’s womens’ coaching team, along with the Women’s section committee are dedicated to re establishing the club as a strong force within Hockey Victoria and invite you to be a part of it.

Premier League One Vision

  • 2017  Finish in four
  • 2018 Finish top 2

Quality Training

  • Individual skills
  • Team Skills and set plays
  • Variety of fitness- pre season/summer program and throughout season
  • Train PL & Pen A together, when feasible and match intensity

Effective Role Models and Team Leaders

  • Mentors to support and nurture juniors
  • Team Leaders who attend training and set good examples
  • Self discipline
  • "Confidence and enthusiasm is contagious"

Quality players with the right attitude

  • Current senior players who are selected on reward for effort, not just talent
  • Junior players- who are enthusiastic, prepared to learn and have a go
  • Recruit- players who understand our vision and want to help us achieve that
  • "Attitude makes the difference"

Doncaster Game Plan

  • Keep it Simple
  • Utilise set plays and game plan that everyone understands and is happy to follow
  • Practice set plays at training
  • Create that feeling of "Winning is a Habit"

Pre-Season Training

  • Complete pre-season summer fitness program
  • Mid-January 2016- fitness session and training
  • First Match - April 2016

Reserve Grade, Pen A, Pen B, Metro 1 - VISION 2016

Reserve Grade

Reserve Grade to compete well in 2016 and 2017. Work with the Premier Grade to provide support and cohesiveness.

Pennant A

Pennant A to continue to be a development team for next generation PL players by ensuring the team includes an experienced core of players to mentor these juniors.

Pennant B

Pennant B to play enjoy skillful, competitive hockey and focus on finals in 2016. Include a healthy mix of juniors and experience.


Metro 1 play competitive hockey in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and aim for finals in 2016.