DHC Registration & Payment

Registrations for the 2019 Winter Season

All fees and registrations are to be made via TeamApp and there are 2 parts to the registration.

To be eligible to play in the 2019 Winter Season you must register with both:

  1. Hockey Victoria/Hockey Australia (HV/HA): By selecting the appropriate HV/HA  subscription 
  2. Doncaster Hockey Club: By selecting an appropriate DHC subscription 


  1. Download TeamApp onto your mobile devise through the apps store
  2. Search for Doncaster Hockey Club and click SIGN UP 
  3. Click on HV membership Tab to pay HV/HA fees
  4. Click on FEES & MERCHANDISE to register with DHC 

To sign into TeamApp, go to your web browser or using a mobile device via one of the links below. New user's will be asked to choose a team, click on find Team App and search for Doncaster Hockey Club.

The Youtube link below can be viewed as a how to guide to sign up to Team App or simply download the App yourself. 






CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - then click HV REGISTRATION on the top of the bar


Hockey Victoria/Hockey Australia Membership 2019  (HV Membership)

All players and officials must complete this membership registration prior to commencing any training or pre-season events to ensure that you are covered by insurance which runs annually from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019.

Register via the Hockey Victoria home page or DHC Team App (see links above).

No player can take the field unless a HV/HA subscription is purchased.

NB: There is also an option for Non-playing membership (for Club Administrators, Team Managers, Coaches, Life Members, supporters etc)

HV/AV Individual Membership Fees options

   Adult Outdoor Playing Membership  

       19 years of age and over as at 31/12/2019
       Sub Senior 18 years of age 31/12/18 - 31/12/19


   Junior Outdoor Playing Membership  
       8 years of age and under as at 31/12/2019 $20
       9 and 10 years of age as at 31/12/2019 $50
       11 to 17 years of age inclusive as at 31/12/2019 $70
   Official Membership - Umpires and Technical Officials         
       Including SNHC $45
       Excluding SNHC $25
   Non-Playing Membership $0
   Supporter Membership - Coming in March 2019  



Doncaster Hockey Club Membership

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER - then click FEES and MERCHANDISE on the top of the bar

Doncaster Hockey Club Fees for 2019

All players must pay their Doncaster Hockey Club membership fees before the expiry of the 31st March for early bird period or by 1st May for FULL PAYMENT. 

Failure to meet DHC payment deadlines will deem you ineligible to play.

The subscription types displayed are for players playing the full (or the majority of) the Winter Season.

     DONCASTER HOCKEY CLUB        2019 FEES      Early Bird Fee
(due 31 March)
       2019 Fees
Minkey $72.50 $75.00
Under 8 $102.50 $105.00
Under 10 $170.00 $192.50
U12 - U18 player $270.00 $295.00
U12 - U18 Goalkeeper (with own gear) $132.50 $147.50
U16 - U18 Goalkeeper (with own gear) including Seniors Reg    $355.00 $395.00
Junior including Seniors Reg $590.00 $635.00

Student - (Full Time) playing Seniors only $415.00 $462.50
Standard $555.00 $622.50
Goalkeeper $205.00 $232.50
Senior including Masters $682.50 $790.00
Senior including Masters Goalkeeper $377.50 $385.00

Standard $357.50 $400.00
Goalkeeper $205.00 $232.50

Life Member



Supporter - DHC
(including DHC Beanie)




Customised Subscription Application

If you believe you may be eligible for a reduced fee (due to your individual circumstances (eg: Junior Coach, Sponsored player, Family Cap, you will not be playing a substantial part of the season),  you may request a customised subscription.

To do this you must complete the following steps:

  1. Register with HV/HA for the 2019 winter season as normal - selecting the appropriate HV subscription. You must pay HV/HA subscription at the time of registration. 
  2. Request a ‘Customised Subscription”, by completing the online jot form. An invoice for the balance owing (if approved) will then be invoiced to you. Click here Customised Subscription Application Form Here.
  3. Register with DHC by signing up with TeamApp then select and pay the $1 donation item. We need this so you are registered with Doncaster HC.

The Membership Team will be in touch with you once you have completed all 3 steps above.

If you need help with your registration, you should contact DHC Registration Officer - Lisa Moule or speak with your Section Chair.

    DHC Registration Officer     
Lisa Moule
    Women's Chair Mark Burchell
    Men's Chair Ken Scott
    Junior Chair Sue Sturrock


If you intend to play Juniors and Seniors during the Winter Season you will be required to select the Junior including Seniors Reg during online registration process. 


If you have played with another HV club and are transferring to Doncaster we ask that you contact your Section’s Membership Officer –



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