Ric Purser Cup – Doncaster v Altona Sunday 9 May

May 04, 2021 at 10:21 AM

Ric Purser Cup at Doncaster Sunday 9 May

The Ric Purser Cup is named after an influential and well respected hockey coach and player, who was involved on many levels and clubs in the hockey community.

Ric Purser was a coach of both Doncaster and Altona Hockey Clubs.  The Ric Purser Cup is played when Doncaster and Altona Men’s Premier League teams meet for the first time each season.

Doncaster host Altona this Sunday, 9 May.  The Men's Premier League clash is at 2:00pm.  The Men’s Premier League Reserves play the match prior starting at 12:30pm.


Ric Purser BIO

  • ·         Started his playing career at Camberwell Hockey Club.
  • ·         Played Victorian State U/21 1951, 52.  State Seniors 1953 to 58, 60 and 61. 
    • ·         Founded the Greensborough Hockey Club in 1959
    • ·         Playing Coach of Greensborough’s A Grade (Premier League) team from 1961 – 1975
  • ·         Founding member of the Victorian Junior Hockey Association
    • ·         Selector & Coach of Victorian State Teams from 1965 - 1980
  • ·         Joined Altona 1976 and helped Altona into A grade(Premier League).
  • ·         Coached at Doncasters Mens State League 2 during 1984 and in 1985(with a premiership and promotion to SL1 (PL).
  • ·         Went to USA as national coach for 5 years
  • ·         Came back to Australia to coach Doncaster Hockey Club in 1995 unfortunately passed away June 1995
  • ·         Ric’s son Greg Purser and family are prominent hockey contributors at Greensborough


Ric Purser