PL Match Reports v Yarra Valley - Rd 6

May 24, 2021 at 12:21 PM

Donny continues to finish off their good work                                                   Men’s Premier League

Doncaster travelled to Yarra Valley’s home pitch for the Round 6 clash.  Yarra Valley were promoted to the Premier League in 2017 but dropped back a level in 2019.  With COVID whitewashing all of 2020 it would be interesting to see where Yarra were.  Ahead of this clash Yarra, like Doncaster, had just one win to their credit.  Yarra still only have one win with Doncaster coming away from the Round 6 match with a 5-1 victory.

As the match started Yarra showed no concerns about where they may stand on the 2021 ladder, speed and attack were the order of the day.  And Doncaster were more than happy play that game; there was no shortage of pressure and the ball went quickly end-to-end.  Perhaps it was the speed of play that meant neither side was able to finish off their attacking thrusts.

It was Doncaster that was first to hold possession longer and build more structure in their forward pushes.  Joel Carroll, Jay Randhawa and Jye Cuff certainly rallied to stop the fast and furious Yarra attacks and Daniel McBride and Andrew Scheele were winning more mid-field contests.

The second quarter saw the Doncaster control continue with the majority of play being in the Donny forward half.  The Fernandes bothers Byron and Bevan together with Zac Meaden and Luke Davidson were very dangerous forward.  Yarra had numbers back to block up any gaps.

At the nine minute mark of the second quarter, Meaden quickly played a free hit from just outside the scoring circle.  Meaden’s pass to Russell Ford gave him enough room at the top of the circle and Ford’s shot beat the Yarra keeper, first goal of the match.  Just three minutes later and long pass from Tom Habal to Meaden has him back in the circle.  A Yarra foot set up Doncaster’s third short corner.  On the occasion, Hayden Currie’s drag flick is powerful enough to beat the Yarra battery, Doncaster 2-0.

Close the half time Bevan Fernandes quickly plays a free hit with a long and accurate pass to Scheele who penetrates the circle.  Yarra defenders got on the front foot and a battle follows.  Scott Sturrock was part of that battle and he made something from almost nothing slotting Doncaster’s third goal.

While Doncaster’s three goals came quickly in the latter part of the second quarter, the half time scoreboard was a true reflection of the match.  As the match progressed Doncaster had settled into a very solid structure and that paid dividends.

The start of the third quarter saw the Doncaster barrage continue.  Within the first minute of the quarter an intercept by Cuff had him passing to the dangerous Luke Evered who pushed into the circle.  In the fight for the ball that followed Evered capitalised and Doncaster’s fourth goal was on the board.

Just four minutes later and Byron Fernades received a long Randhawa pass and was prepared to take on the Yarra defenders.  Fernandes pushed into the circle and from the contest that followed Sturrock once again made the most of very little, scoring his second goal and Doncaster’s fifth.

Late in the third quarter Yarra had the ball deep inside their forward line, a rare situation.  A Doncaster foot set up two Yarra short corners, their first of the match.  Adam Truepenny was up the shots at goal saving both.  But a long Yarra pass from outside the 23 metre line was deflected by a Yarra striker and Yarra were now on the board.

Yarra started the final quarter knowing the clock was against them, attack regardless of the risks was the object.  The match opened up as a result with no shortage of end-to-end play.  Doncaster’s last line were like a rock, Yarra were certainly trying but there were no gaps.

Doncaster 5 defeated Yarra Valley 1

Goals: Scott Sturrock 2, Russell Ford, Hayden Currie, Luke Evered

Best players: Byron Fernandes, Jye Cuff, Andrew Scheele


In charge early Donny didn’t let go                                                                          Women’s Premier League

Round 6 saw Doncaster against Yarra Valley at Yarra.  Yarra Valley only had a drawn match to their credit this season and that draw was against a side that has not yet won a match.  Yarra needed to get their season up and running.  But Doncaster took the initiative of this match from the first whistle and didn’t let go winning 10-0.

With the match barely one minute old, Doncaster showed the value of pressure.  Nicola Hammond intercepted a Yarra pass and quickly handed over to Liz Flack who had space in the scoring circle.  Flack scored Doncaster’s first and sent a clear message; Donny were here to play.  Just a minute later and Hammond was pushing into the circle where a Yarra foot lead to the first short corner.  Sam Snow’s drag flick was too good for Yarra’s last line, Doncaster 2-0.

Flack, Megan O’Brien and Izzy Peskett were in charge of the mid-field.  Importantly, Doncaster’s pressure across the pitch also restricted Yarra’s possession of the ball, they struggled to find their forward line.

At the ten minute mark an attacking pass across the circle from Sarah Down hit a Yarra foot and the second short corner followed.  On this occasion it was Flack’s turn to take a shot with her second and Doncaster’s third goal on the board.

With just two minutes until quarter time Megan Lendon’s pressure saw her intercept a defensive Yarra pass and she pushed into the circle.  Another Yarra foot set up another Doncaster short corner.  Instead of shooting, Flack passed to Lendon and her deflection found the net, a reward for her hard work that set up the corner.  Doncaster were 4-0 in front at quarter time.

Within two minutes of the second quarter Hammond pushed into the circle, similar to her entry in the opening quarter.  On this occasion a contest followed and Peskett’s shot is saved but Peskett wasn’t accepting that, pouncing on the ball with her second shot finding the net.

As the quarter progressed Yarra set up their back line very well.  While Doncaster may have maintained control of general play, Yarra filled up the gaps.  Hammond, Flack and Emma Sampson continued to dictate terms in the mid-field and Yarra saw very little of their forward line.

With just three minutes until the long break Snow’s accurate pass to Peskett opened a door for her.  Peskett quickly pushed forward and passed to Lendon who was down to the goalkeeper. Lendon’s ball control was too good and her second goal and Donny’s sixth was on the board.

Once again in the first few minutes of the new quarter Doncaster’s pressure had Yarra and the back foot.  Lendon took on the Yarra defender with the ball and Lendon forced a turnover.  Once again, Lendon beats the keeper and a hat trick was now hers.

Just two minutes later debutant Olivia-Beau Cutler, who was playing very comfortably in her first Premier League match, passed a long and accurate ball to Snow.  Snow pushed into the circle and from the contest that followed, Lendon came out on top yet again.  Lendon scored her fourth goal and Doncaster’s eight.

The final quarter had Doncaster still in control and peppering away at the scoring circle.  At the six minute mark Down pushed into the circle and found Lendon.  Lendon’s shot was well saved but the ball remained live, Lendon didn’t lose sight of the ball and quickly had a second and successful shot, Donny’s ninth goal and Lendon’s fifth.

With less than four minutes to play, Peskett pushed into the circle and her shot was saved but the umpire deemed the save as too high, a Doncaster short corner the decision.  Hammond pushed out to Snow who sent the ball straight back to Hammond and her deflection went straight into the net, Doncaster’s tenth goal.

Doncaster’s conversion of opportunities to goal was at the highest of levels.  But those opportunities were largely due to the very high level of pressure all Doncaster’s players applied to their opponents.  Little wonder ten goals to nil was the result.

Doncaster 10 defeated Yarra Valley 0

Goals: Megan Lendon 5, Liz Flack 2, Sam Snow, Izzy Peskett, Nicola Hammond

Best Players: Megan Lendon, Nicola Hammond, Emma Sampson