PL Match Reports v Waverley - Rd 9

July 12, 2021 at 7:38 PM

Outstanding Waverley pressure too much                                   Men’s Premier Leage

Following a weekend off, Doncaster were up against fourth placed Waverley on Wverley’s pitch.  While Doncaster matched Waverley across much of the match, it was Waverley’s pressure and solid structure that won the day with the Panthers coming away with a 4-1 victory.

The match started and continued at quite a pace; both teams keen to move the ball very quickly probing for gaps.  Waverley’s mid-field were very well organised and Doncaster’s forward attacks weren’t common.  While much of the battle was in Waverley’s half, Jye Cuff, Scott Sturrock and Joel Carroll were rock solid and Waverley didn’t see a lot of the scoring circle.

As the second quarter got under way Zac Meaden, Tom Habal and Andrew Scheele stepped up winning more contested ball and the match was pushed into a mid-field arm wrestle.  But at the five minute mark Waverley were in their circle and a shot was well saved.  However, the save was deemed too high and the first short corner of the match followed.  The shot was deflected and the ball rocketed into the top of the net for Waverley’s first goal.

The Waverley goal was a reward for the Panthers’ early pressure but Doncaster weren’t phased by the scoreboard and the 50:50 battle continued.

At the three minute mark of the third quarter Scheele pushed from the defensive side of the half way line to Luke Davidson.  Davidson pushed forward and saw a gap in the scoring circle.  Davidson’s long pass from the 23 metre line found that gap where Luke Evered’s deflection finished off the good work scoring Doncaster’s first goal.

Waverley’s outstanding pressure continued and was realised at the eight minute mark.  Doncaster were pushing out of defence when the Waverley pressure forced a less than perfect pass which opened a Waverley intercept; the ball was immediately back in the scoring circle and a tomahawk shot found the net.

Five minutes later a Waverley fast break had Adam Truepenny facing three attacking Panthers; the goal was relatively straight forward.  While the majority of this match had been a very intense arm wrestle, in less than 10 minutes three goals had been scored; Waverley’s two of those goals said plenty.

With less than a minute until three quarter time Waverley were deep in attack and received just their third short corner of the match.  Truepenny saved the shot but that save was deemed too high and another followed.  Once again Truepenny got a glove to the ball but not completely and Waverley’s fourth goal was on the board.

With the final quarter underway, Doncaster ignored the scoreboard and got on to the front foot form the start.  The battle was then fought out in Doncaster’s forward line.  Davidson, Bevan Fernandes and Meaden were willing to take on a very strong Waverley back line and it was ‘game on’.

However, Doncaster needed three goals to level the score and the clock was fast becoming the enemy.  Waverley’s last line were very secure and the Panthers were comfortable to slow the game down when they held possession.  Those three goals appeared off limits.

Doncaster 1 were defeated by Waverley 4

Goal: Luke Evered

Best Players: Scott Sturrock, Zac Meaden, Luke Davidson

Doncaster Men's Premier League Reserves 4 defeated Waverley 3


Persistence wins the day                                                     Women’s Premier League

With a number of senior players out injured, not the least of which was Sam Snow with a broken forehead, Doncaster’s Round 9 match against Waverley was never going to be straight forward.  While Waverley had not score freely across the season (14 goals thus far) the Panthers defend very well and persist.  In fact, it was the Waverley persistence that brought the chocolates home with a 2-1 Panthers’ win.

The game opened up with both sides well structured, holding possession and searching for avenues forward.  It was a mid-field contest.  As the quarter progressed Doncaster held more ball and pushed forward.  With just two minutes until the first break, Nicola Hammond headed forward passing to Liz Flack who was prepared to take on two defenders and passed to Manisha Arunasalam in the scoring circle.  A contest followed and the ball bubbled out following a tackle.  Sarah Down pounced and Doncaster’s first goal was on the board.

As the second quarter got underway, Waverley won more mid-field contests and a lot of the battle took place in their forward line.  Cassie Stoneham, Aimee Dickson and Amber Deo were very strong under the Waverley attack, offering very few deep opportunities.  The Waverley pressure continued and Doncaster struggled to push forward.

The long break was what Doncaster needed and they pushed the contest out of defence into the mid-field.  Once again, Waverley persevered, strong in defence and willing to search for gaps to turn the mid-field contests into attacks.  As the quarter progressed the match was pushed into the Waverley forward line.  Once again the Doncaster defence was under the pump.  Stoneham, Dixon and Deo were will backed up by Chloe Burns, Mikayla Burchell and Olivia Cutler, despite the Waverley pressure, the Doncaster defenders kept the scoreboard clean.

In the final quarter the match was again fought out in the mid-field.  While both sides were able to push forward, both last lines of defence were outstanding; shots at goal at either end were thin on the ground.

With just four minutes remaining a Waverley intercept in defence opened up a fast break.  After chipping away all game, the fast break allowed Waverley a gap and they capitalised, now 1-1.

Then with less than a minute to play, another Waverley intercept pushed the ball against the flow into the Waverley scoring circle, a Doncaster foot lead to a Waverley short corner, just their third of the match.  While the shot was saved by Tess Jackson it remained live and the Waverley striker pounced and slotted the goal.  Waverley were now in front for the first time in the match and just about the only thing left was the final whistle.  Persistence does pay off.

Doncaster 1 were defeated by Waverley 2

Goal: Sarah Down

Best Players: Cassie Stoneham, Aimee Dickson, Amber Deo

Doncaster Women's Premier League Reserves 4 defeated Waverley 0