PL Match Reports v Powerhouse - Rd 8 (with photos)

June 29, 2021 at 10:12 AM

A high standard match but Doncaster fell short                                                 Men’s Premier League

Doncaster went into the Round 8 match against Powerhouse/St Kilda feeling confident.  Despite a bad start to the season losing five matches, Doncaster had actually scored more goals than they had conceded to date.  With form improving the Dons were keen play Powerhouse, a top four side.

This match got off to a very high standard with both teams willing to go at full speed and the structures were top shelf and the passes spot on.  This was shaping as a terrific match.

As the quarter progressed, Doncaster held more possession and the match was played in the Doncaster half.  With just five minutes until the break, Zac Meaden and Byron Fernandes combined well to push into the scoring circle where a Powerhouse foot set up Doncaster's first short corner.  Jay Randhawa’s drag flick beat the Powerhouse battery and Doncaster was on the board.


Jay Randhawa's drag flick puts Doncaster on the scoreboard

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Just two minutes later Meaden was quick to push the ball out of defence and passed to Luke Davidson who pushed into the scoring circle.  Davidson then passed back to Meaden and his deflection had Doncaster’s second goal locked away.


Luke Davidson one of Doncaster's best on Saturday

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The break was what Powerhouse needed.  They had certainly played very well but the late Doncaster goals needed to addressed.  Powerhouse set up their mid-field wall very well; when Doncaster held possession being able to push forward and set up their attacking structure was difficult.  Powerhouse had closed the door.  The match became a mid-field arm wrestle.


Byron Fernandes creative and busy all match

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

As the half time break loomed, Powerhouse took more possession and the battle was pushed into the Powerhouse forward line.  With just three minutes until the break Powerhouse received just their second short corner.  While Adam Truepenny had pushed Powerhouse first short corner away and got a glove on this shot, it found the top corner of the net.  Powerhouse was rewarded for their structure and pressure of the second quarter.

The third quarter was a repeat of the first, very fast with both teams keen to get on to the front foot but well structured defences offered very few deep opportunities.  With just a minute remaining in the quarter a Powerhouse fast break left Truepenny having to stop two oncoming strikers.  Obviously, the numbers were against him and the scoreboard was now level.  Then with less than ten seconds to play another Powerhouse fast break had the scoring circle open and Powerhouse put their third goal away and they took the lead.

The Powerhouse pressure level was very high and very consistent.  This lead to Doncaster turnovers and that opened doors.  Early in the final quarter it was another Doncaster turnover that saw Truepenny once again facing two strikers, his tackle was deemed unreasonable and a Penalty Stroke was the umpire’s decision.  Powerhouse were now two goals in front and the clock was looking like Doncaster’s enemy.

At the seven minute mark an outstanding Powerhouse tomahawk from the top of the circle found the top of the net.  A 2-5 scoreboard put Doncaster well behind the eight ball.

With just three minutes left to play Daniel McBride took the ball from defence and headed forward, with speed.  McBride passed to Russell Ford who beat a Powerhouse defender and looked to the scoring circle.  McBride had followed his early work and received the ball from Ford along the base line. The sharp angle meant McBride had almost none of the net to look at but he scored with one of the best shots of the season.


Daniel McBride with a last minute burst

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Wayne McIndoe then thought to only possibility is to take Truepenny off and run an extra field player to force a goal.  Obviously, a Powerhouse fast break didn’t have to worry about a goalkeeper and they scored their sixth goal.

But with just seconds remaining Doncaster hadn’t given up and once again Daniel MacBride and Ford combined well to push into the circle.  Ford’s cross from the base line was well deflected by Luke Evered and Doncaster’s fourth goal was on the board.  But play didn’t restart, full time.

Doncaster 4 were defeated by Powerhouse/St Kilda 6

Goals: Jay Randhawa, Zac Meaden, Daniel McBride, Luke Evered

Best Players: Byron Fernandes, Adam Truepenny, Luke Davidson


Doncaster too good against a very good defending Powerhouse              Women’s Premier League

Doncaster’s Premier League Women were up against 17th placed Powerhouse/St Kilda in the Round 8 match at home.  But while Powerhouse may be sitting toward the bottom of the ladder, they had only conceded 21 goals for the whole season.  That is the kind of defensive performance teams knocking on the finals door would be happy with.  This wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

The match opened up with a robust Powerhouse, at home matching it with the top four Doncaster team.  But despite the strong Powerhouse backline, it was Doncaster’s defenders that pushed the battle into the Doncaster forward line.  Sam Snow, Cassie Stoneham and Aimee Dickson not only offered Powerhouse no opportunities they directed play and opened chances for the Dons’ forwards.

With just seven minutes until the first quarter break, Nicola Hammond quickly played a free hit from just outside the scoring circle.  Hammond and Nic Hogan combined well and a Powerhouse foot inside the circle set up the first short corner of the match.  Snow’s powerful drag flick was too much for the Powerhouse battery and Doncaster was on the board.


Nicola Hammond was outstanding in the mid-field and prepared to take on defenders deep in attack

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Doncaster started the second quarter where they left the first, in control of general play and pushing forward.  Hammond, Izzy Peskett and Hogan won the contested mid-field ball and Megan Lendon, Sarah Down and Manisha Arunasalam were proving a threat to the Powerhouse defenders.


Izzy Peskett pushing forward

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

As the long break loomed, Doncaster kept peppering away.  Oliva-Beau Cutler combined with Peskett and Arunasalam to push into the circle where another short corner was called.  The Powerhouse battery did extremely well keeping two short corners out of the net.  However, a third was too much and another Snow drag flick scored Doncaster’s second goal.

Doncaster continued to control general play in the third quarter with a number of genuine shots at goal.  In fact, with less than a metre in it, quite a few were just a whisker away.  However, these weren’t simple shots being missed.  While the Powerhouse last line was under the pump, at no stage did they concede.  While Doncaster peppered away, Powerhouse kept the net clean for the entire quarter.


Manisha Arunasalam with enough room to put a shot away but the keeper was up to the task

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The Powerhouse intercepts were outstanding and their defensive pressure gave the Doncaster forwards minimal room.  Little wonder 17th placed Powerhouse only had 21 goals scored against them all season.

The final quarter was similar; Doncaster in charge but Powerhouse holding the fort.  Even the Powerhouse battery soldiered on.  Four Doncaster short corners were successfully defended.

With less than 30 seconds remaining to play, a long pass from Snow to Stoneham saw the ball go form defence to attack.  And from a distance Stoneham saw a gap.  From outside the 23 metre line Stoneham fired the ball into the circle where Down deflected the ball into the net, Doncaster’s third goal.

Doncaster 3 defeated Powerhouse/St Kilda 0

Goals: Sam Snow 2, Sarah Down

Best Players: Nicola Hammond, Cassie Stoneham, Izzy Peskett