PL Match Reports v Greensborough - 18 May

May 20, 2019 at 9:55 AM

An edited version of the following reports was published in this week's Manningham Leader page 62.

One that got away                                                                                                     Men

Doncaster’s Premier League Men were looking to get a hot and cold season behind them with a home match against Greensborough.  Burra are just one point behind the Dons on the ladder so this match was set up as an opportunity for Doncaster to improve their consistency and string four good quarters together.  Doncaster’s form was improved, controlling more than half of general play.  However, conversion was again missing with just two goals for the match while Burra slotted four to win.

Doncaster started the match with plenty of zest holding more ball and pushing Greensborough into defence.  Zac Meaden pushed into the circle and was on the receiving end of a push in the back that would have resulted in a free kick in a football match.  A Doncaster short corner followed.  Hayden Currie’s drag flick was too powerful for the Greensborough battery and Doncaster scored.

The Doncaster goal triggered Greensborough into a better gear and the match became a 50:50 battle.  A Burra fast break from half way had the ball in their circle for the first time and Doncaster Adam Truepenny saved the shot but only to see the ball come straight back and into the net, scores level.

Just two minutes later and another Greensborough fast break had Doncaster defenders struggling.  A poor tackle outside the circle results in the Burra’s first short corner.  A drag flick is enough and Burra have two goals from just the one in play entry to the circle, that is excellent conversion.

Doncaster continued to control the majority of play as the second quarter continued but Greensborough’s defence was outstanding.  Doncaster’s defenders were also in good form; Tim Snow, Tom Habal and Lachlan McGowan were pushing the ball forward consistently.

As half time approached a Greensborough fast break once again had Truepenny under the pump and he saved the shot but it remained live and a second shot made the most of very little, Greensborough no 3-1 up.

Two minutes later and Kiran Arunasalam and Bevan Fernandes combine well to push into the circle and a Greensborough push results in a Doncaster short corner.  A bad bounce from the push means Currie’s drag flick is missed but his control of the ball is outstanding and so is his shot, Doncaster score.

As the second half progressed Doncaster won the majority of mid-field contests and Burra were on the back foot but as strong in defence as at any point in the match.  Doncaster peppered away with Russell Ford hitting the left hand post twice, not one of those days.

With just nine minutes remaining to play a quick play the ball into Greensborough’s circle and a powerful shot is saved by Truepenny.  But the ball is still live and Greensborough striker put their fourth goal on the board.

Doncaster had dictated play for the majority of this match and had the majority of genuine shots at goal.  But that counts for very little as it was Greensborough that capitalised exceptionally well, in fact, twice as well.  Greensborough win 4-2.

Doncaster 2 were defeated by Greensborough 4

Goals: Hayden Currie 2

Best Players: Time Snow, Kiran Arunasalam, Luke Evered

An improving Doncaster steps backward                                                  Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women made serious improvements in the recent rounds, with their best season performances against top four teams Footscray and Southern.  On Saturday Doncaster were at home against Greensborough with just the one win to their credit to date.  But in a step backwards, Doncaster went down to Burra convincingly 6-2.

Doncaster started this match with the first goal of the match, itself and improvement as the Dons’ draws this season were come from behind matches.  With less than two minutes on the clock Shae Jones intercepted a Burra pass and Jones opened the door for Manisha Arunasalam who pushed straight into the scoring circle.  A contest followed and the Greensborough keeper was deemed to holding the ball and the first short corner went Doncaster’s way.  Sam Snow’s drag flick beat the battery and Doncaster were in front for the first time of the season.

Greensborough ignored the early goal and a lot of the early contests were fought in their forward half.  Sam Snow, Liz Flack and Amiee Dickson steadied the Doncaster ship and the battle shifted to the mid-field.

With just two minutes until quarter time Greensborough turned defence into attack and the ball was very quickly in the visitors scoring circle.  A powerful shot from the top of the circle finds the net and scores are level.  Then with less than a minute to play a poor Doncaster pass goes straight to a Greensborough forward and the door was wide open, Greensborough’s second was on the board.

Greensborough intercepted the re-start of play and as the siren sounded Burra had the ball in their circle and a Doncaster foot set up a short corner after the siren.  It was all Greensborough needed and they went to the break 3-1 in front.  Two very poor Doncaster passes offered opportunities on which Greensborough capitalised.

Doncaster regathered and the second quarter saw the battle back in the mid-field.  Chloe Burns and Flack were winning more contests and Arunasalam and Sarah Down were threatening but genuine opportunities weren’t common.

Early in the third quarter Snow clears defence into attack via Mikala Burchell and her pass to Arunasalam enabled her to head form the circle.  Arunasalam’s speed beat two defenders and her skills beat the keeper to score Doncaster’s second goal.  But quick to reply, Greensborough won a mid-filed contest and the ball was quickly in the circle.  A tomahawk was all the Burra needed, two goals in front again.

As the last half progressed, too many Doncaster passes went astray.  Attacking passes not only missed Doncaster players but often lead to immediate turnovers.  Doncaster were putting themselves under pressure.  On the other hand Greensborough gave up nothing and took full advantage of any Doncaster mistakes.

The mid-filed wrestle continued and it was Greensborough that made the most of their opportunities and went on the score two more goals.  Doncaster has work to do.

Doncaster 2 were defeated by Greensborough 6

Goals: Sam Snow, Manisha Arunasalam

Best Players: Liz Flack, Sam Snow, Chloe Burns