PL Match Reports v Footscray - 4 May (with photos)

May 07, 2019 at 11:14 AM

Footscray make the most of few opportunities                                                     Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women were up against top 4 team Footscray at home on Saturday.  While the Dons played one of their better matches thus far, they fell short losing to the Bulldogs 1-0.

The match opened with Footscray maintaining much of the ball but Doncaster’s defence was strong and much of the contest was fought out outside the Bulldogs’ 25 metre line.  Sam Snow, Mikala Burchell and Aimee Dickson kept the Bulldogs attack a distance from the net.

As the first quarter progressed, constant Footscray possession took its toll and the Bulldogs peppered away at the scoring circle.  Five short corners reflected were much of the match was played.  Fortunately for the Dons, goalkeeper Tess Jackson was at her very best saving most of the genuine Footscray shots.  It took a double play by Footscray’s key forwards from one of these short corners that lead to their first goal.


Liz Flack in full flight

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Footscray continued to maintain possession as the second quarter got underway but Doncaster’s mid-field kept the contest well away from the Footscray net.  Liz Flack and Chloe Burns were turning defence into attack and Manisha Arunasalam was opening doors for the Dons in attack.


Manisha Arunasalam never took a backward step

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The half time break gave Footscray time to go back to their basics and the Bulldogs took control of general play early with Doncaster on the back foot.  But as happened in the first half, Doncaster gradually pushed the contest back to the mid-field and the game was fought between the 25 metre lines.  Flack and Snow were again holding more possession and Arunasalam and Annie Hebb were creating more forward options.


Annie Hebb worked very hard with limited opportunities

Phot courtesy of Andrew Pywell

As the final quarter progressed Doncaster continued to play as well as at any stage of the season.  As the clock ticked away a draw appeared to be a threat but Footscray’s last line were equal to the challenge, genuine scoring opportunities were rare.  By this stage that was true at either end of the pitch and Footscray had made the most of its opportunities and went home with the points.

Doncaster 0 were defeated by Footscray 1

Best Players: Tess Jackson, Sam Snow, Liz Flack, Manisha Arunasalam


An 11 goal game with Doncaster scoring 8 of those                                             Men

Doncaster’s Premier League Men were against Footscray on Saturday, both sides had won two matches and drawn one thus far, looking at the ladder this match promised plenty.  And it delivered with 11 goals scored but the Bulldogs went home with their tail between their legs, Doncaster scoring eight of those 11 goals.

The match opened with both sides keen to push the ball as far forward as quickly as possible at every opportunity.  The ball went end to end at speed.

With just four minutes on the clock Doncaster’s Jarrod McBride won a mid-field contest and a quick long ball to Joel Carroll opened the scoring circle.  Kiran Arunasalam’s shot was well saved by the keeper but Bryan Young pounced on the ball and sent it into the net.


Bryan Young scores the first of his two goals, celebrated by Luke Evered and Bevan Fernandes

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Just five minutes later and Footscray’s speed had their first goal on the board.  This match was setting up to be played at high speed.  However, it was Doncaster that settled its speed of possession down to a more structured and well thought through system.  Footscray were denied the ball.

With just five minutes until quarter time Doncaster had pushed into the scoring circle and following a contest Luke Evered capitalised and Doncaster were back in front.  Two minutes later a long pass from Jay Randhawa to Arunasalam saw him forced right to the baseline but despite the extremely sharp angle, Arunasalam found the net.  Doncaster’s better structure had been rewarded.

In the opening minute of the second quarter a quick play the ball by Carroll gave Russell Ford a gap where he drew defenders and passed off the Young who notched up his second.  Footscray had started with a very fast attacking style were now under the pump.  However, the Bulldogs maintained that attacking style and a minute later scored their second goal and showed there was plenty left in this match.


Joel Carroll was just as dangerous in attack as in defence all match

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

With ten minutes until the long break another quick play the ball by Carroll from well outside the circle gave Luke Davidson enough room to deflect the Carroll pass into the net and Doncaster were again three goals in front.

The half time break was what the Bulldogs needed and they shifted the second half contest to the mid-field and the match was back to an even battle.  At the nine minute mark an intercept by Carrol had Footscray defenders wrong footed and his pass to Marnus Prinsloo capitalised.  Prinsloo drew the keeper away from the net and he handed to ball to Davidson who scored his second.


Luke Davidson went on to score a hat-trick and pressured defenders whenever he didn’t have the ball as well

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Two minutes later and a brilliant Arunasalam pass to Ford saw him looking at an open net and Doncaster’s seventh goal.  Footscray didn’t wane and five short corners reflected their efforts, converting the last of those corners put their third goal on the board.

Footscray continued to try every option in the final quarter but Doncaster’s defenders weren’t interested in the scoreboard, they offered nothing.  At the 11 minute mark Evered turned defence into attack and Arunasalam soon had the ball in the circle.  Arunasalam’s shot was wide on the net but Davidson deflected it brilliantly scoring his hat-trick and Doncaster’s eighth.

Footscray certainly brought plenty of action and vigour but Doncaster’s composure was far too good converting eight of the 11 goals scored for the match.

Doncaster 8 defeated Footscray 3

Goals Luke Davidson 3, Bryan Young 2, Luke Evered, Kiran Arunasalam, Russell Ford

Best Players: Luke Davidson, Bryan Young, Joel Carroll