PL Match Reports v Burra - Rd 5

May 19, 2021 at 1:24 PM

Close score but strong Donny win                                                                            Women’s Premier League

Doncaster’s second home game for the season was against Greensborough, which in itself brought some ‘extra’ rivalry.  Nicola Hammond and Megan Lendon moved to Doncaster from Greensborough at the start of this season and goalkeeper Emma Nangle had moved from Donny to the Burra a couple of seasons ago.  Plenty of good reasons to be at one’s best.  And Doncaster were at their best winning 2-1.

Doncaster started this match on the front foot with no shortage of pressure on the Burra, much of the early play was in the Doncaster forward half but Greensborough’s last line was very solid.  At the six minute mark it was actually the pressure that Sarah Down put a Burra defender under that forced a poor pass and Lendon intercepted the ball just outside the scoring circle.  Lendon drew the Burra keeper and then passed to Down who finished the excellent Doncaster pressure with their first goal.

With the early goal on the board, Donny stepped up the pressure further.  Izzy Peskett, Megan O’Brien and Liz Flack were very tough at the ball in the mid-field and when the Burra did push forward, Cassie Stoneham, Amiee Dickson and Sam Snow were a brick wall.  Much of the quarter was played out in Doncaster’s forward line.

The quarter time break was just what Greensborough needed; Burra regrouped and pushed the contest to the mid-field.  However, Doncaster continued to dictate the majority of play.

The third quarter saw the Doncaster pressure back to its heights, the contest was played out in Doncaster’s forward half.  At the five minute mark Hammond took a quick play the ball from a free hit, passing to Manisha Arunasalam who pushed straight into the circle.  A B grade Greensborough tackle set up Doncaster’s fifth short corner of the match.  Hammond pushed out to Snow and her pass went directly to Peskett on the right hand post.  Peskett finished off the good work with Donny’s second goal.

Greensborough could see this match may quickly be taken away, they had to find ways to get on the front foot.  The Burra stepped up their attack and looked for fast breaks, long passes to turn defence into attack.  Even if the attack mode had risks, Burra knew the match could be slipping away.  With just one minute until three quarter time a long Greensborough pass penetrated into their scoring circle and a Doncaster foot set up just the second Burra short corner of the match.

Doncaster keeper, Tess Jackson saved the powerful shot but the ball bubbled to a Burra striker who made the most of the opportunity scoring Burra’s first goal.  While this goal was against the flow of play, it was just what the Burra needed and this match was certainly still up for grabs.

In the final quarter Doncaster once again controlled much of the play and the contest was in their forward line.  On the occasions when Greensborough pushed forward, Doncaster defenders were rock solid, long attacking passes and fast breaks were constantly turned around.  Donny were only a goal up at this time but it was hard to see where Burra’s next goal may come from, credit to Doncaster’s mids and defenders.

And while Doncaster continued to pepper away at their scoring circle, Burra’s last line were their best.

Doncaster 2 defeated Greensborough 1

Goals: Sarah Down, Izzy Peskett

Best Players: Izzy Peskett, Amiee Dickson, Cassie Stoneham


Premiership points … at last                                                                                       Men’s Premier League

Doncaster’s start to the 2021 season has had some frustrating moments, losing matches that probably should have been won.  But on Saturday Doncaster stormed into the winners circle for the first time with a sound 8-2 victory over Greensborough.  While Donny’s general play has been very solid all season to date, finishing off that good work has fallen short.  Saturday saw Donny score eight goals, an aspect of their match that has been missing.  The Donny crowd hope it is here to stay.

Saturday’s home match got off to typical start; both sides up and about, moving the ball very quickly, holding possession and probing for gaps.  The wrestle was between the 23 metre lines.  At the six minute mark a long toss by Jayshaan Randhawa to Joel Carroll found one of the few gaps.  Carroll pushed into the scoring circle and a Greensborough foot set up the first short corner.  Randhawa came back into picture and his drag flick had Donny on the scoreboard.

Just four minutes later, Kiran Arunasalam took a quick free hit from just outside the circle.  A Greensborough defender tackled but he was well inside the 5 metre free hit space and the umpire called a short corner.  Hayden Currie’s drag flick was well saved by the Burra keeper but the ball remained live.  Arunasalam pounced and Doncaster’s second goal was on the board.

With just three minutes until quarter time, Randhawa repeated his long toss from the backline, this time to Arunasalam.  Arunasalam pushed straight into the circle and beat the keeper to score Doncaster’s third goal.  This was shaping up to be a much improved match.

With less than 30 seconds until quarter time Greensborough went deep into attack and a Doncaster foot in the Greensborough scoring circle set up Burra’s first short corner.  Adam Truepenny got a lot of his foot on the drag flick but the ball flew into the top of the net.  Greensborough were now on the board.

Within the first minute of the second quarter a long accurate pass from Carroll to Andrew Scheele had Scheele in the circle.  A contest followed with Luke Davidson winning the ball and putting Doncaster’s fourth goal away.  Two minutes later and Scheele is on the attack again, this time passing to Arunasalam in the circle and a Greensborough foot results in another short corner.  Randhawa’s drag flick is well saved but Luke Evered pounces on the ball and scores Doncaster’s fifth goal.

With half time looming Bevan Fernandes pushed into the circle passing to the dangerous Arunasalam where a goal appeared on the cards.  A rough Greensborough tackle didn’t sit at all well with the umpire and a Penalty Stroke was awarded.  Russell Ford finished off the hard work with Doncaster’s sixth goal.

Within the first minute of the third quarter another long accurate pass from Carroll, on this occasion to Evered, had Evered in the circle but his shot is saved.  The ball remained live and Arunasalam took control on the baseline where the goal offered the thinnest of margins.  Arunasalam made the most of the tiny gap and slotted his third goal and Doncaster’s seventh.

Doncaster continued to remain in control of general play.  Randhawa and Carroll dictated play from defence and Daniel McBride and Scheele created dangerous attacks from the mid-field.  Greensborough’s last line was very strong but struggled to find an easy way out, Burra couldn’t see a great deal of their forward line.  And with a six goal deficit Greensborough had to throw some caution to the wind.  The Burra employed long passes, tosses, fast breaks where possible; anything to turn defence into attack.

Play opened up and speeded up, both sides were prepared to take on defenders to attack at all costs.  Anything may have been possible but three quarter time arrived and may have changed that approach.  Perhaps Doncaster Coach Wayne McIndoe, reminded his players to hold possession, build pressure and work to develop gaps.  The Greensborough ‘all attacked’ approach was taken from them as the final quarter got underway.  Greensborough were certainly keen to run the risks to push as deep as possible but Doncaster were still in charge and took control again.

Half way through the final quarter, Tom Habal intercepted a Burra pass on the forward 23 metre line.  Habal’s quick pass the Evered opened the circle to him and Evered’s shot from the top of the circle found the net and Doncaster’s eighth goal.

With just three minutes to play a Greensborough fast break did find a gap and a Doncaster foot in set up just Greensborough’s second short corner of the match.  And like their first short corner, this one was successful, Burra’s second goal.

Doncaster 8 defeated Greensborough 2

Goals: Kiran Arunasalam 3, Luke Evered 2, Jayshaan Randhawa, Luke Davidson, Russell Ford

Best Players: Kiran Arunasalam, Andrew Scheele, Daniel McBride