PL Match Reports v Brumbies - Rd 3

May 03, 2021 at 2:20 PM

Brumbies control the scoreboard                                                                             Men’s Premier League

If your team controls more than 80% of the play in your forward line in the first quarter, you would be pretty pleased at the way the match started.  However, Doncaster went to the quarter time break 2-0 behind the KBH Brumbies.

At the four minute mark of the first quarter the Brumbies pushed the ball into their forward line for the first time in the match.  A long ball from outside the 23 metre line then rocketed into the scoring circle, it was deflected by a Brumbies stick and the first goal of the match was scored.

Doncaster simply got back in control and general play continued to be played in the Doncaster forward line.  At the seven minute mark the Brumbies were now in their scoring circle for just the second time for the match.  A Doncaster foot set up the first short corner which was well saved by Adam Truepenny.  But that save was deemed high and another short corner followed.  Another Doncaster foot set up a third.  This time the Brumbies’ forwards found the net and with just two scoring circle entries, the Brumbies were 2-0 in front.

Despite the Brumbies’ goals, Doncaster were in control of the match.  Andrew Scheele, Hayden Currie and Tom Habal were dictating play from the mid-field, constantly pushing the ball forward.  The second quarter was a continuation although the Brumbies were now winning some contested ball and a little more of the match was fought out in the mid-field.  This resulted in a little more space in the Doncaster forward line and Luke Davidson, Bevan Fernandes and Luke Evered were looking dangerous but conversion wasn’t happening.

With just three minutes until half time Doncaster are given a short corner.  Evered doesn’t push out to the top of the circle but to Habal, wide to the left.  Habal’s tomahawk finds a gap and Doncaster are on the score board.

Just two minutes into the third quarter and Doncaster’s Sam Rosa continues his excellent passing with a long ball from almost the centre line to Fernandes.  Two very poor tackles by a Brumbies defender pushes the umpire too far and a short corner is called, even with the play outside the circle.  Currie’s drag flick is too strong for the Brumbies last line and score are now level.

While the Brumbies have defended very well and pushed a lot of the match to the mid-field, forward penetration isn’t on offer, Doncaster’s backline is very solid.  The Brumbies are now calling on fast breaks as the best way forward.  In fact, at the ten minute mark it was a fast break that found the ball in the Brumbies circle and a Doncaster foot set up a short corner.  Truepenny saved the shot but a second corner followed.  A drag flick on this occasion was enough and once again, with very little deep penetration, the Brumbies were back on the score board, now 3-2.

In fact, the score board gave the Brumbies plenty of confidence and they opened the last quarter with more system and were at their best for the match.  Doncaster needed two goals to get in front and the clock was ticking.  With eight minutes remaining the Brumbies were peppering away at a congested circle.  The ball was pushed in and finished with the Brumbies’ fourth goal.

Two minutes later, a poor Doncaster tackle in the circle resulted in the umpire calling a Penalty Stroke for the Brumbies.  Truepenny was outstanding and saved the shot.  But the Brumbies incredible attacking conversion had already won the day, Brumbies 4, Doncaster 2.

Doncaster 2 were defeated by KBH Brumbies 4

Goals: Tom Habal, Hayden Currie

Best Players: Luke Davidson, Sam Rosa, Andrew Scheele


Donny at their polished best                                                                      Women’s Premier League

As the KBH Brumbies are now starting their fourth season in the Premier League, they are well established.  This match opened up with two very polished sides; quick, well organised play with attacking threats going both ways.  And both defences were very strong, the battle was between the two 23 metre lines.

As the quarter progressed, it was Doncaster that won more of the mid-field contests.  Liz Flack, Emma Sampson and Cassie Stoneham pushed the battle forward.  Doncaster short corners at the six, seven and eight minute marks reflect that pressure.  Full credit to the Brumbies’ last line, all shots were saved.

But just a minute later, Izzy Peskett took a quick play the ball from the side line and rushed into the circle.  Peskett’s pass to the front of the net was controlled by Sarah Down and she slotted the first goal of the match.  Donny’s pressure was rewarded.

Three minutes into the second quarter and a long ball from Stoneham in defence found Down leading forward on the wing.  Down took on her defender and opens Megan Lendon who sprints with the ball into the circle.  A contest follows and Down crosses the ball Peskett and Doncaster’s second goal is on the board.

Doncaster’s pressure continues to build.  Sam Snow moves closer to the mid-field and together with Izzy Todero and Flack dictate more of the play.  The Brumbies are now defending more than attacking.

At the ten minute mark another long and accurate pass from Stoneham to Lendon has Lendon in the circle.  An extremely poor Brumbies’ tackle results in the umpire calling a Penalty Stroke.  Snow finishes off the hard work with Doncaster’s third goal.

With just two minutes until the long break, Todero pushes into the circle, a contest follows but resulting in a Brumbies’ foot.  From the short corner a powerful drag flick by Flack has Doncaster’s fourth goal on the board.

Despite the four goal deficit, the Brumbies do not concede, their last line remains strong as Donny pepper away around the circle early in the third quarter.  As the quarter progresses the Brumbies push the battle to the mid-field.  With just two minutes remaining in the quarter, Lendon brilliantly intercepts a Brumbies’ pass on the 23 metre line.  Lendon pushes forward, draws the goal keeper and passes to Down, now on her own.  Down’s second and Donny’s fifth goal follows.

The Brumbies start the final quarter with the objective of taking something positive away from this match.  They throw caution to the wind and attack.  For the opening eight minutes of this quarter, much of the contest is in the Brumbies’ forward line.  But as determined as the Brumbies are, to at least get on the scoreboard, Doncaster’s last line is rock solid.

In fact, against the flow of play in the last quarter, Doncaster pushes into their circle for the first time in this quarter.  And a Brumbies’ obstruction results in a Doncaster short corner.  Once again, a strong drag flick by Flack sees her second and Doncaster’s sixth goal.

Regardless of the clock, the Brumbies continued to get on the score board but Doncaster’s control also continued.

Doncaster 6 defeated KBH Brumbies 0

Goals: Sarah Down 2, Liz Flack 2, Izzy Peskett, Sam Snow

Best Players: Sarah Down, Megan Lendon, Sam Snow