Mid-Week Hockey Competitions begin this Winter for everybody

February 06, 2020 at 1:45 PM

Mid-Week Hockey competitions begin this Winter for everybody

This year there is a major change to HV mid-week hockey competitions with the initial season of open age hockey, and new opportunities for Masters players, on weeknights.  That’s right, you can play open age hockey on a Monday night, with separate competitions available for men and women.

Matt Mitchell (newly appointed DHC Mid-week hockey coordinator) will be administering the DHC competitions and teams in the following sections:

Monday nights 

  • Men’s Masters 45+
  • Open Men’s
  • Open Women’s

Wednesday nights

  • Men’s Masters 50+
  • Men’s Masters 60+
  • Women’s Masters 35+
  • Women’s Masters 45+ (subject to sufficient team entries)

The concept of opening up weeknights to more of the hockey fraternity is to make it easier for those who already have busy weekend lives to enjoy hockey when it suits them, and when it is easier to find the time to play.  In some cases it’s kids, in some cases it’s work, and some cases it’s convenience but the common theme is weekends aren’t for everyone.  It will also provide an opportunity for 2 games in a week for those who are interested, one on the weekend and one on a Monday or Wednesday night – this aligns with the ‘play and play’ strategy being fostered as opposed to the ‘train and play’ week we work with currently.  Some may find it much easier to fit hockey into your life on weeknights than to get to weekend games and we think these new competitions will prove very successful.

Weeknight hockey is played at 7, 8, and 9pm, with 2 x 25 minute halves. It is played home and away and competitions are graded.  It is expected the top competition level will involve travel all over Melbourne with the subsequent grades being regionalised, most likely for us being played on the Eastern side.  HV are going to have a 4 week grading period and then a 14 week season (8 teams) in the various grades.  The season will run from April through to finals in September.  In the new Open age competitions it is expected the grades will line up something like:

A Grade Open Age – Pennant A and above standard

B Grade Open Age – Pennant B – D standard

C Grade Open Age – Pennant D – G standard

D Grade Open Age - Metro competitions standard

It should be noted that the Men’s Masters 35+ competition that has run over previous years has been combined into the Men’s Open competition to start – this ensures there will be a significant number of teams and a transition path for those coming in.  In future it is expected the Men’s 35 competition will revert to being a stand-alone Masters competition.

The Wednesday night Masters competitions will follow a similar season, however, usually only have one or two grades so there is more travel involved.

If this new system sounds appealing to you please submit your EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST NEEDED BY 13TH FEBRUARY


With answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you want to play mid-week hockey?
  2. Which competition(s) outlined above?
  3. Do you also intend to play in a weekend competition?