Doncaster Clubrooms Under Reno

April 30, 2021 at 10:29 AM

The new Clubrooms will be fantastic!

The Doncaster Clubrooms are under renovation, you beauty!  If you’ve been down to our pitch to train or play you’ll have noticed the renovation work is now underway and this is a classic case of short term pain for long term gain.  The new Clubrooms will be fantastic!

Work is already underway to update the kitchen and cool room area.  But the next most stunning upgrade is the new Female Friendly Change Rooms.  This will be the first major renovation in our near 50 year history.

The original plan was to undertake the renovation outside the winter season to minimise the disruption.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 turned all of 2020 upside down and we had to look into new time frames for the renovation.  That work currently underway is now scheduled to be completed in August 2021.

In preparation for the renovations we have had to make some immediate changes.  The ProShop is now, temporarily, located in the meeting room at the western end of the main Clubroom.  The storage shed has also been dismantled and its contents tucked away in the dugouts.  And the old favourite, the BBQ shed, has also been dismantled.  Much of this preparatory work has been done by Club volunteers.  A huge ‘thank you’ to the enormous hard work our volunteers have done.

Construction work won’t be carried out after hours and over weekends, so training and matches will be able to continue with a minimum of disruption.  However, when you come to the pitch you will see some changes.  Portable toilets have been established in the car park and available for players and spectators.

Our mini pitch at the western end of the grounds will not be accessible in the next three to four weeks while various services are being installed.

During business hours access to the Club will be via the bottom gate at the eastern end of the grounds.  During this time the concourse will be the work site and therefore, access is not available.  However, on weekends and after hours you are able to access the grounds via the gate adjacent to the Clubrooms and along the concourse.  Importantly, the Canteen will be available in its usual spot over the weekends.

Seating in front of the concourse remains in place, although a little restricted where the old BBQ has come down.  Importantly, change rooms for players and umpires will also be the same over the weekends.

This is an exciting period for our Club and we can’t wait to see it completed, just a few months away.  In the meantime, please accept our apology for the disruption but we’re sure you can see the upside.  Enjoy your hockey!


Renovation Plan

The above Plan will give you a good look at what the renovation will introduce.  The above Plan is of the western end of the Clubrooms, where the significant improvements will be made.

The Green ‘box’ includes the existing Change Rooms.  This will become the Men’s Change Rooms.

The Red ‘box’ includes the new constructed part of the Clubrooms.  In the bottom right hand corner of the Red ‘box’, the Yellow ‘box’ will be the Umpires Change Rooms.

Immediately above the Yellow ‘box’, the Blue ‘box’ will be Special Access toilets which can be entered in the main corridor in the Clubrooms.

The Orange ‘box’ will be the new ProShop.

The Purple ‘box’ will be the new Female Friendly Change Rooms for Doncaster and Visitors teams.