ANZAC Day Cup - Match Reports

April 27, 2021 at 10:27 AM

Donny finish well but not well enough                              Women’s Premier League

Essendon certainly hit the pitch running from the outset of Sunday’s ANZAC Day Cup match.  There was no ‘feeling out’ how Doncaster were structured, it was push forward as hard and fast as possible.  The opening five minutes were fought out almost exclusively in Essendon’s forward half.

But one of Doncaster’s strengths of recent years has been a very strong and cohesive backline.  Sam Snow led the way and was very well supported by Cassie Stoneham, Amber Deo and Chloe Burns.  The Bombers pushed forward but Donny pushed back.

As the quarter worn on Doncaster moved the match to the mid-field with Emma Sampson, Liz Flack and Izzy Peskett winning more contested ball.  With just three minutes until the quarter time break, Essendon pushed into the scoring circle and a Doncaster foot set up a short corner.  The initial shot was well saved by Tess Jackson but it bubbled to the Essendon striker who shot the ball straight back to the net.

The second quarter picked up where the first finished with a mid-field wrestle.  However, Essendon was able to push deeper forward more often than Doncaster.  Too often Doncaster passes missed their target and instead of going on the attack, they were on the defence.  Once again, Doncaster’s last line was too strong for the Bombers.

With just five minutes remaining in the half, Essendon had pushed into their circle.  Despite the congestion the Essendon mid-fielder had enough room to ram a shot home and put the Bombers 2 goals up.

Donny Coach, Maria Romagosa must have given the Donny women some good instructions to take the initiative off the Bombers because the third quarter saw the contest in Doncaster’s half.  The match then opened up as both sides thought attack was better than defence.  The ball went end-to-end.

The further the second half progressed the better Doncaster’s passes became.  Earlier in the match Doncaster’s turnovers put them under increased pressure, now it was the Bombers on the defensive.  While this was Doncaster’s best part of the match, the Essendon backline were very strong and deep penetration was tough.

Doncaster will be able to take away some good confidence and a few lessons but just not enough to get close enough to the Bombers.  Essendon wins 2-0.

Doncaster were defeated by Essendon 2-0

Doncaster Best Players: Liz Flack, Izzy Peskett, Sam Snow


Essendon’s work rate up a level                                                     Men’s Premier League

The ANZAC Day Cup match was in the fast and furious zone from the word go, no shadow boxing to get this match under way.  Essendon took the hit off and put a ball toss to the top corner of their forward line, their objective was clear, push as far forward as quickly as possible.  Doncaster didn’t want to slow Essendon down and were more than happy to push straight back.  The ball flew from end-to-end.

While Essendon continued to push forward as quickly as possible, Doncaster’s last line offered very little deep space.  Hayden Currie, Tom Habal and Jayshaan Randhawa were in charge despite the Bombers sending the ball in at a cracking pace.

While the speed of the match didn’t slow down, the territory was largely limited to the mid-field, between the two 23 metre lines.

Early in the second quarter a long Essendon pass from the defensive side of centre penetrated deeply to the scoring circle and had the Doncaster defenders on the back foot.  With a quick pass and pass back the Bombers opened up enough room to slot the first goal of the match.

Just six minutes after the Essendon goal and long pass from Randhawa to Luke Davidson opened the Doncaster scoring circle.  Davidson quickly passed to Currie and his tomahawk from the top of the circle was rammed into the net and scores level.

In the closing minutes of the first half Essendon had the ball trapped inside their 23 metre line and three short corners followed.  Adam Truepenny was outstanding guarding the net and keeping to ball out.  Half time and 1-1.

The second half continued at the lightening pace and Essendon were using the ball toss more often to move the ball forward as quickly as possible.  A long ball into the Essendon circle found enough space for the striker to slot the ball into the net and the Bombers were back in front.

Then four minutes later a similar long ball from Doncaster’s Davidson to Captain Russell Ford had the ball in Doncaster’s circle and Essendon were on the back foot.  A Doncaster short corner followed.  Ford pushed out and the ball was then sent straight back to Ford who calmly sent the ball into the net and scores were again level.

With just one minute until three quarter time, Jye Cuff, who had been busy all match, passed to Habal and he pushed deeply to the circle where he found Daniel McBride with space.  McBride did not waste time and put Doncaster’s third goal on the board.

Essendon started the final term knowing full well they were behind for the first time in the match and had work to do; if the pressure could be stepped up, it was.  Much of the early part of this quarter was fought out in Essendon’s forward line.  Doncaster’s last line were more than up to the challenge.  The contests were pushed to the mid-field.

At the half way mark of the last quarter an Essendon short corner was paid.  Once again Truepenny saved the drag flick but his save put the ball to an Essendon striker’s zone and he slotted their third and scores were level.

A draw wasn’t the Bomber’s objective, they kept pushing.  With just three minutes remaining an Essendon short corner opened the door.  The push out was astray and the ball bounced well clear of the circle.  But the Bombers turned it around and straight back in the circle and a wild shot from the top of the circle paid dividends, the Bombers fourth goal.

Doncaster 3 were defeated by Essendon 4

Goals: Hayden Currie, Russell Ford, Daniel MacBride

Doncaster Best Players; Adam Truepenny, Tom Habal, Jye Cuff