2020 Premier League Fixture

February 13, 2020 at 3:10 PM

Lock in the dates and times of our Premier League matches

The Premier League fixture for 2020 is now available.

This fixture details the Premier League Men's and Women's matches.  The Premier League Men's and Women's Reserves also follow the same fixture; our Reserves play the same teams at the same locations on the same days as the Premier League sides.  The only difference is the time.

Premier League matches are predominantly scheduled at 2:00pm and then 3:30pm with the Men and Women swapping those times across the season.  The Premier League Reserves teams ‘shadow' their Premier League teams.  Where the Men’s Premier League start at 2:00pm, the Reserves Men will start at 12:30pm, the match immediately prior.  On such days the Women’s Premier League will start at 3:30pm and the Reserves Women will follow starting at 5:00pm.  On days when the Women’s Premier League start at 2:00pm, the Reserves Women start at 12:30pm with the Men’s Premier League starting at 3:30pm and the Reserves Men following at 5:00pm.


You may want to print this fixture and put it on the fridge.  It is a better quality to generate a PDF file of this fixture and print that file.  The PDF file of the 2020 Premier League Fixture is available here. 

As usual, there are some ‘exceptions'.

Our Premier League Men and Women play on different days in the mid-week round, (Round 19) 2 & 3 June.  On that round the Men play on Tuesday, 2 June, with the Reserves starting at 7:00pm and the Men’s Premier League at 8:30pm.  The Women play on Wednesday evening but at the same times.

Round 4, Saturday 2 May v KBH Brumbies is also an exception.  The KHB Brumbies have a function scheduled for that day and have requested alterations to the match times.  KBH Brumbies will forward details and invitations to that function shortly, watch this space.  However, note these times:

Round 4 - 2 May v KBH Brumbies at Elgar Park

2:00pm   Men's Premier League Reserves

3:30pm   Women's Premier League Reserves

5:00pm   Men's Premier League

6:30pm   Women's Premier League