Hockey Victoria assign umpires to a number of senior games each round. For those games that do not have HV umpires allocated, each competing team must supply one umpire.

The men's section committee has set up a roster (click here)

Fees are $60 (PL1), $40 PL Reserves and $30 (PA, PB, PD, M1, M3) per umpire. Each team is responsible for paying half the umpiring cost incurred during a game. HV will roster umpires from the top down and there will be rounds when we need to supply one umpire for the lower teams. There will be a roster organised of players in the senior teams. This should result in no more then 1-2 commitments per season per player with the process being coordinated by men's secretary via team captains or team managers.

Some of the younger juniors playing seniors (15 year olds) should not be forced to umpire and therefore may not be rostered but the older juniors need to start contributing. There is also a pool of club members (see below), who will umpire for $30 and transport. Anyone rostered who cannot fulfil his or her commitment or arrange a replacement is advised to use this list. PLAYERS WHO DO NOT FULFIL THEIR COMMITMENT WILL BE FINED $50 AS THE CLUB IS FINED BY HV. In some instances we get little notification regarding the need for an umpire so you may need to be flexible.

To encourage our rostered umpires to fulfill their commitment each player must pay a $2.00 umpire fee per match. This should ensure our umpire gets paid at least $22 per game.

Club Members Umpire List 

Troy Cockram9876 5650
Tony Date9894 8123
Sarah Gaskill0432 746 050
Peter Molnar0431 915 256
Simon Nourish9849 1823
Marty Madsen9841 0071
Brett Nangle0412 701 420
Richard Rowland0408 134 768
Megan Ballment0434 413470
Joerg Schnelle 0411581081
Colin Andrews0412 563 482
Ben Clark0420553098
Emma Nangle97282638
Ben Rennie0414 318 328

The Women's and Men's Sections are interested in hearing from anyone (inc juniors U16 or U18) that would like their details added to the Umpire List. The people on the list may be contacted by the senior division teams and asked to umpire games for $30.

If you are interested in umpiring please contact Jason Henry.