John Mallinder Memorial Trophy

DHC Junior's John Mallinder Memorial Trophy

The John Mallinder Memorial Trophy is awarded to a family where two or more family members make a significant contribution to DHC junior section. The recipients are often the quiet achievers who support their club or team without fuss or personal gain.

The trophy is named in memory of John Mallinder – father of former DHC junior players – Mitch and Brianna.


Three generations of the Todero Family, winners of the 2019 John Mallinder Memorial Trophy.

2019Todero Family
2018Moule Family
2017Pasquali Family
2016Boundy Family
2015Pywell Family
2014Saunders Family
2013Erasmus Family
2012The Pasquali Family
2011The Jones Family
2010The Ainsley family
2009The Rennie Family
2008The Yeo Family
2007The Rowland Family
2006The Cockram Family
2005The Keeble Family
2004The Souchon Family
2003The Gange-Moffat Family
2002Helen Padget
2001The Shepard Family
2000Andrea Snow
1999The Godfrey Family