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Club Awards

Ann Henry Award John Mallinder Memorial Trophy Junior Section Chairperson Award Just Hockey Sportsmanship Award

Ann Henry Award

The Ann Henry Award is awarded to awarded to someone who makes a contribution to the DHC junior section over and above the call of duty.

Below, Narissa Boundy is awarded the 2018 Ann Henry Award by Chair Sue Sturrock

Recipient Year
Lisa Moule 2019
Narissa Boundy 2018
Gabrielle Liedel 2017
Jacqui Allen 2016

John Mallinder Memorial Trophy

The John Mallinder Memorial Trophy is awarded to a family where two or more family members make a significant contribution to DHC junior section. The recipients are often the quiet achievers who support their club or team without fuss or personal gain. The trophy is named in memory of John Mallinder – father of former DHC junior players – Mitch and Brianna.

Three generations of the Todero Family, winners of the 2019 John Mallinder Memorial Trophy.

Recipient Year
Todero Family 2019
Moule Family 2018
Pasquali Family 2017
Boundy Family 2016

Junior Section Chairperson Award

The Chairperson Award is awarded by the Junior’s Section Chairperson to someone who has made a significant contribution to the Junior’s Section in the current season.

Gabrielle Liedel receives the 2019 Junior Chairpersons Award from Sue Sturrock.

Recipient Year
Gabrielle Liedel 2019
Ben Ballment 2018
Deb Ballment 2017
Anne-Katrin Oatley 2016

Just Hockey Sportsmanship Award


Just Hockey Sports Person Award.

Recipient Year
- 2016
Bianca Pani and Ben Pasquali 2015
Ben Clark and Harry Date 2014
Luana Tatterson and Hayden Currie 2013