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About Us

The club is at a very exciting stage of its development. With its hybrid wet/dry synthetic surface and strong team representation at all levels the Club can provide you with the opportunity to develop your hockey to the maximum potential. As well as enjoy a great social time and make new friends. We have an opportunity for you to get involved in playing, coaching or just helping with the organisation and control of the premier hockey club in Victoria. 

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About Us

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Club Values

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Doncaster Hockey Club aims to respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion. The Doncaster Hockey Club has a strong position that derogative or homophobic comments have no place in our community.

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Club Goals

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Club Song

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We’re the team of Gold and Green
We’re the finest ever seen
We are the team from Doncaster
For no matter how we’re going
We’ll always have a showing
We’ll never say we’re done
As we score another goal
We will never be beat (be beat)
No-one will get near us
They cannot compete
And the crowd they will roar
C’mon Donny give us more
We are the team from Doncaster

Sung to music of Road to Gundagai

Lyrics written by Stuart Campbell

Pro Shop

Doncaster Hockey Clubs Pro shop, offers you easy access and the convenience of a local hockey specialist shop at your door step, offering a wide range of hockey clothes and equipment, suitable for seniors and juniors. Doncaster Hockey Club has an EFTPOS Machine located in the ProShop, members can pay for hoodies, uniforms, hockey equipment, via EFTPOS and cash. Both Credit cards and Debit Cards can be used.

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Stock Available

  • Shin guards
  • Mouthguards
  • Grips and Stick protection
  • Stick bags
  • Turf Runners: Dita
  • Balls
  • Drink Bottles
  • Goal Keeper equipment: Kickers, Helmets, Straps, Pads, Sticks
  • Doncaster Club Uniforms and Merchandise
Opening Hours During Season


5 - 7:30pm


5 - 7:30pm


5 - 7:30pm


5 - 7:30pm


5 - 7:30pm

 Sat & Sun



Tues and Thurs

Out of Season by Appointment Only


In October 1973 a small group of hockey players living in the Doncaster and Templestowe area met to discuss the possible formation of a hockey club to represent the area and cater for the needs of the residents.  A steering committee was formed of Ross McDonald, John Henry and John Broadbent, backed by Jim Wellard and Ken Wensor. An approach was made to local councillors, who were favourably impressed with the proposal. A survey had shown that there were at least 90 senior hockey players living in the Doncaster Templestowe area, many of them travelling considerable distance to play with their "home team", more importantly, many of them had children already eligible to play hockey - indeed, canvassing of three primary schools produced over 90 enthusiastic youngsters, sufficient to enter a total of 6 junior teams in under 12, 10 and 8 competitions. Following inspection of many of the ovals in the area, negotiations were commenced with the council for the use of Timber Ridge Reserve for the 1974 winter season. The club also gained representation on a council inspired committee to advise the council on the future development of the George St Reserve. Council have since adopted a recommendation to include two hockey fields on this reserve, one to be of international standard in the centre of a fenced A grade athletics track. Initially it was not intended to enter teams in the Senior competition, however, such was the interest that 2 senior teams were formed and part way through the season a third senior team was entered. In the setting-up of these senior teams, it is interesting to note some of the original clubs of the members - Brunswick, Carey, Fairfield, Geelong, Greensborough, Kew, MHSOB, MCC, OEG, and Strathmore. It was on March 25th, 1974 that a special General Meeting was held and the first Executive Committee of the club was elected - various junior, support and finance committees were appointed and the club was really on the way.

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Club Honours

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Life Members

Life Membership has been awarded to the following people.

Dean Todero


Ken Scott


Wayne da Silva


Cameron Muir


Helen Padget


John Hamilton


Richard Right


Robert Henry


Lyn Todero


Andrea Snow


Bev Assender


Brian Scott


Ann Henry


Ian Assender


Ron Todero


Bob Esselmont


Arthur Wright


John Broadbent


Ross McDonald


John Henry


Bob Esselmont Club Chairmen Award

The Bob Esselmont Club Chairmen Award is awarded for.....

Recipient Year
Robyn Pascoe 2019
Sue Sturrock 2018
Kym & Kevin Saunders 2017
Wendi Pearce 2016
Wayne Da Silva 2015
Marc Peskett 2014
Mary Yeoe 2013
Ken Scott 2012
Lynn Todero 2011
Mark Clutton 2010
Bruce Doig 2009
Bob Esselmont 2008
Mark Clutton 2007
David Shaw 2006
Rod Snow 2005
Ann Henry 2004
Selene Sharp 2003
Andrea Snow 2002
Janene Ford 2001
Ron Todero 2000
Bev Assender 1999
John Henry 1998
Bob Esselmont 1997
Arthur McCartney 1996
Ann Henry 1995
George Manos 1994
Bob Esselmont 1993
Ron Todero 1992
Linda Whiteside 1991
Ann Henry 1990
Geoff Gove 1989
Martin Bruce 1988
John Randall 1987
John Henry 1986
Martin Young 1985
Ross McDonald 1984
Barbara Vincent 1983
Ann Henry 1982
Eric Hunter 1981
Geoff Gove 1980
Ron Todero 1978
Bob Esselmont 1977

Dedicated Coach Award

Presented in recognition of the most dedicated current volunteer Junior or Senior COACH who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Megan O'Brien awarded the 2019 Dedicated Coach Award - Juniors. presented by Sue Sturrock.

Cameron Janky awarded the 2019 Dedicated Coach Award - Seniors. presented by Mark Taylor.

Recipient Year
Megan O'Brien- JUNIORS 2019
Cameron Janky- SENIORS & GK 2019
Ben Clark-JUNIORS & SENIORS 2018
Lucas Pettolino &Tom Shaw- JUNIORS 2017
Ben Clark-JUNIORS 2016
Cameron Moss- SENIORS 2015
Craig McBride- JUNIORS & SENIORS 2014
Megan Ballment- JUNIORS & SENIORS 2013
Heidi Erasmus- JUNIORS 2012

Umpire/Official Award

Presented in recognition of the most dedicated current volunteer Junior or Senior COACH who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Robyn Pascoe Most Promising Umpire

2019 Robyn Pascoe Most Promising Umpire Award to Kaelan Boundy; quality player as well as promising umpire.

Recipient Year
Kaelan Boundy 2019
Marnus Prinsloo 2018
Margaret Pywell 2018
Millie Castor 2017

Official of the Year

Initial Official of the Year Award was won by Litia 'Tia' Horton. Robyn Pascoe presents Tia with the Shield

Recipient Year
Litia Horton 2019

Rising Star Award

For best/most dedicated current JUNIOR PLAYER (boy/girl) playing FIRST YEAR of squad grade senior hockey (Pennant, Reserves or PL) at Doncaster Hockey Club.

The winner must have been a regular player in one of the top 2 SENIOR sides (a guide would be 12 senior games), and be a regular member of a JUNIOR Doncaster side. The player must not have been suspended during the season and represent the club in a positive light at all times.)

Isobel Todero wins is the 2019 Rising Star Award - Women.

Kaelan Boundy is presented with the 2019 Rising Star Award - Men by Coaching Director Mark Taylor

Recipient Year
Isobel Todero & Kaelan Boundy 2019
Jordyn Oatley & Marnus Prinsloo 2018
Manisha Arunasalam & Joseph Woodgate 2017
Bevan Fernandes 2016
Calvin Martinz 2015
Shae Jones 2014
Daniel McBride 2013

Hockey Victoria Awards

HV Inclusive Club of the Year Award

  • 2015 - Doncaster Hockey Club

HV Female Umpire Co-ordinator of the Year Award

  • 2015 - Tia Horton

HV Female Community Coach of the Year Award

  • 2016 - Maria Romagosa

HV Female Community Coach of the Year Award

  • 2016 - Maria Romagosa

HV Female Administrator of the Year Award

  • 2016 - Betty Tatterson

HV Life Member

  • 2016 - Bob Esselmont     

HV Award of Merit

  • 2019 Mark Clutton