Registration, Playing & Training

Winter Season Competitions

Six womens teams will be entered for the 2019 weekend winter senior competition. Players of all standards are welcome.  New players welcome. Contact Andrea Snow - mobile: 0419 371 314 or

Hockey Victoria Competition 

Doncaster has teams in Premier League, Reserves, Pennant and Metro Grades. Premier League / Reserves season starts April 6th 2019. Pennant and Metro Grades season starts 6th April, 2019.

Masters competition click here for information.


Registrations for the 2018 Hockey Victoria (HV) Membership are now open.

All players and officials must complete this membership registration prior to commencing any training or pre-season events to ensure that you are covered by insurance which runs annually from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.  Doncaster Hockey Club fees & registrations will open in February.

All players must register and pay for both Hockey Victoria and Doncaster Hockey Club memberships via Team App.

Click here to Register

SENIORS PRESEASON- All seniors invited:

Women's 2019 preseason starts Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 6.30pm-8.30pm.

Both Fitness and Hockey skills will be included in the session. Bring running gear, drink bottle and hockey gear. Everyone is welcome from all grades during January-February on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

2019 Women's Preseason Schedule is available here.

Check Facebook or home page on website for updates of times


Preseason for Pennant A, B, D, Metro grades to commence in March, date and time to be confirmed.  You are most welcome to train now with the Seniors Preseason sessions.


Training times  

WPL, Reserves, Pen A (Squad):

Tuesday: 8.15pm- 9.30pm (turf), Thursday: 7.00pm-8.30pm (turf) After June 1st the times swap

Fitness sessions will be in addition to these times. Contact team Coach/Captain for details and times.

Pennant A, B, D, Metro (Club Grades)

The Women's Preseason Training schedule is attached here through until Round 1.

Wednesday nights-

Men: 7.15pm-8.30pm (turf) After June 1st the times swap

Women: 8.15pm-9.30pm (turf) After June 1st the times swap

Fitness sessions maybe in addition to these times and begin in March

The top squad will be selected about 2-4 weeks before the season starts. These players will be players who are going to play PL, Reserves, and PB - with some invited junior players (playing seniors) who may play Reserves/PB at some stage or have the potential to play these grades. The invitation to train in top squad will be via PL/Reserves coaches.  


Uniforms can be purchased from the  Pro Shop or on sale nights which will be held in late March.

Training Drills

See below for hockey training drills
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Diagrams of some drills to run at training.