Registration, Playing & Training


The 2017 Winter Hockey Season will commence April 2017.

Registration for the 2017 season will open in February.


There is a competition suitable for everyone- not matter what your age or hockey experience.

The competitions available are:

  • Men’s 35+ Monday nights (35’s, 45’s, and maybe 55’s)
  • Women’s 35+ Wednesday nights
  • Men’s 50+ Wednesday nights
  • Men’s 60+ Fridays (mornings, not afternoons)
  • Mid-week Womens social comp- (Wednesday's 9.30am-10.45am at Doncaster)

 Women’s 35+ Wednesday nights

  • Doncaster would need sufficient players to nominate before we could enter a team. Unfortunatley the comp clashes with senior womens training so rules out these players.  

Men’s 35+ Monday

  • We hope to field a 35A and a 45A team this year. 
  • We hope to enter a 5th and maybe 6th masters teams so need more players.
  • Any  women who have been playing on Monday nights during the Summer competition may consider the Men’s Monday night competition in Winter. 
  • We would like to encourage any of the parents of children playing in the juniors to join the Masters competition. The addition of a D-grade competition to the 35’s and 45’s will suit these players perfectly and provide a pathway for them to develop and progress. 
  • We may enter 55’s team if sufficient interest.  

Men’s 50+ Wednesday

  • Doncaster has not usually put a team into this competition, however we have a number of members playing for other teams every week at Footscray.
  • The new competition structure promotes a home and away structure rather than a Footscray only scenario and may suit more of us.

Men’s 60+ Fridays

  • A new initiative played at SUHC on Friday mornings. Further information will follow as we find out more details.
  • If we have enough interest we will submit a team.

Please email Matt Mitchell  ASAP with which competitions you want to play in? We need to compile this information to see what teams we should lodge with HV.

Click here for more details about Mid-week Womens social comps (Wednesday's mornings at Doncaster )

To Register your interest for this mid week mens email 


As there is no specific Master's training timetable, any Master's wishing to train are most welcome to join the Club training which is on Wednesday evenings during the winter season. Refer to times in Mens and womens sections on web. There are always a few diehard Vets around who are willing to mix it with the "lads", and the "lads"  treat us well. The coaching is particularly useful and the practicing of skills very handy, even if we know it all!


Master's Team Duty roster for BBQ and Bar in season 2015 (click here)