DHC Veteran's Section

Welcome to the Doncaster Hockey Club Master’s Section

Masters section of the Doncaster Hockey Club is a very valuable and respected element, which boasts many fathers of much younger players, committee members, coaches, and other worthy players, who consider their continued participation an important part of their lives. Life doesn’t end after thirty five, nor should any active involvement in hockey. For further information contact the Master's section co-ordinator - Matthew Mitchell.

Membership of the Doncaster Masters Section in 2017 is open to any individual who has already attained the age of 35 years or who will attain the age of 35 years on or prior to 31st December, 2017. Whilst previous players of hockey are most welcome, newcomers to the sport are warmly encouraged and every assistance will be given to ensure that the basic skills are mastered. Hockey is a non-contact sport that encourages friendly rivalry whilst achieving a general improvement in fitness levels. All master's players must be registered and pay registration costs .


Doncaster Master's is fielding five teams in 2017, one in 35C and four 45's being 45A, 45B, 45C and 45D. All teams have a reputation of providing a friendly yet highly competitive attitude.


All winter season matches are played on Monday evenings at home and away grounds, at either 7.00pm, 8.00pm or 9.00pm, depending on the fixture. Each game consists of two twenty five (25) minute halves.


The uniform worn consists of a yellow shirt with two bottle green strips on the shoulder, bottle green shorts and gold socks with two bottle green stripes on the turnover.


Whilst there is no specific training regimen, any Master's player wishing to train should refer to the Master's section on Playing/Training for details. Whilst training is of a voluntary nature, it is highly recommended for those who consistently suffer from back, ankle and knee complaints. And even if some Master's have no wish to tackle the "lads", a few laps of the "track" each week will loosen up the joints!


A licensed bar is provided in the clubrooms for those Master's who wish to partake, and on certain occasions a barbeque is held during home matches. Players are reminded that the Doncaster Hockey Club encourages responsible drinking habits, and police breathalyser stations can be regularly found on surrounding major roads.

In the meantime, we look forward to winter season 2017.