Individual Player Sponsorship

Doncaster Hockey Club is preparing for the 2019 season and is looking for opportunities to lower the playing cost for all senior, masters and junior players from all grades as well as encouraging ongoing involvement of the greater community within our club. We are inviting players to seek individual player sponsorships to offset the costs of 2019 registration fees.

NB: Player sponsorship must be sought by March 31st.

Player sponsorship is a great opportunity for players to reduce their playing fees and equally importantly promote local businesses and companies. It encourages sponsors to support and watch hockey throughout the year and grow our supporter base.


Early Bird (due 31st March)


SENIOR Student-(Full-time) playing Snr Only



SENIOR Standard



SENIOR GoalKeeper (Using Own kit)



Senior including Masters



SENIOR including Masters GK



Junior Standard



JUNIOR including Senior



MASTERS Standard



MASTERS Goalkeeper (Using own kit)




Player sponsorship is available in two packages provided it is sought by March 31st.

Package 1: Value $330 (player receives $270 towards fees)

-   Player sponsor recognition on website

-   Invitation to our Sponsor recognition day

Package 2: Value $615 (player receives $555 towards fees)

-   Player picture on display in the club with sponsor’s logo

-   Player sponsor recognition on website

-   Invitation to our Sponsor recognition day



  • $60 from each sponsor covers administration costs and expenditures
  • Any difference between your subscription fees and package selected will need to be paid by the player at the same time
  • Sponsorship does not include HV membership costs

How to apply for player sponsorship 2019

In order to secure player sponsorship for 2019, players and sponsors must complete the below steps and make a full payment by 31st March.

  1. Complete the Player Sponsor 2019 Application form and email along with your sponsor e-logo to Paul Sampson 
  2. Follow the DHC 2019 Registration Steps here
  3. Click on HV Registration and register and pay the Hockey Victoria/Hockey Australia fee
  4. Click on Fees & Merchandise and select and pay VP) DONCASTER HOCKEY CLUB DONANTION  The VP) DONCASTER HOCKEY CLUB DONATION option is at the bottom of the list and this step is important so the club has your details
  5. Complete the jotform  Customised Subscription Application Form Here.

The Membership Team will be in touch with you once you have submitted these forms. Your sponsorship money will then need to be transferred directly into the Clubs bank account (on application form).

If there are any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Sampson 0447 361 228 or Andrea Snow 0419 371 314.