Promoting Wellbeing

‘Building a strong club culture through the integration of wellbeing and sport’.

The Doncaster Hockey Club is a club with a proud history. A significant source of this pride is drawn out of a successful on-field story that has led to many Premierships at Senior, Junior and Masters levels.

Today, as a club we are still seeking on-field excellence, but we also understand that we are living and operating within a different era, where the pressures that are impacting our members are far greater and require sporting organisations to establish a culture that is supportive of people and the various social, emotional and physical concerns that impact our lives.

By promoting wellbeing, we aim to educate our players, coaches, officials and families about the importance of our own personal wellbeing as well as the importance of supporting the wellbeing of others.

We recognise that sporting organisations play a valuable role in community development that allows us the opportunity to offer a place where young people and their families come together around a common passion.

 Over the last 6 years, DHC has already taking steps in this direction, delivering a wide variety of one-off forums including topics such as resilience, respectful relationships and mental health.

 We are now exploring ways in which we can establish a more comprehensive and structured approach to promoting wellbeing in order to engage with and support young people and their families.

Intended benefits

• Increased community connection through stronger personal and family relationships

• Provide practical and accessible tools and strategies for club members to give effect to club values such as respect, inclusion and participation

• Reduced incidences of poor role modelling or bad behaviour

• Increased capacity to look out for club members needing support or assistance




DONCASTER HOCKEY CLUB is welcoming and inclusive, delivering opportunity for both participation and excellence for our diverse community.