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The National Hockey Insurance Program, is an initiative between Hockey Australia, all of the State & Territory Hockey Associations (including Hockey Victoria) and JLT Sport. The National Hockey Insurance Program is designed to capitalise on the benefits of group purchasing of insurance for clubs and members.  The Program covers financial members of the Doncaster Hockey Club.

Insurance claims are made via JLT Sport.  SPORTSCOVER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD is the administrator of the Personal Accident Policy (arranged by JLT Sport) for the National Hockey Insurance Programme.

An introduction to the Program is available on the JLT Sport website. 

Making a Claim

Step 1: Download claim form

Step 2: Complete each section of the claim form. Please note: Incomplete claim forms may cause delays in processing your claim. For assistance, please contact Sportscovers Claims Department on 1300 134 956.

Step 3: Send your claim form (via post or fax) to Sportscover Claims Department – Locked Bag 6003, Wheelers Hill Vic 3150 or FAX: 03 8562 9111 Important: Claims should be lodged within 120 days from the date of injury. You do not need to wait for all treatments to be completed before sending your claim form. Treatment is permitted even after you have submitted your claim.

Step 4: Sportscover will confirm receipt of your claim form or contact you should they require further information.

The above claim process is outlined on the JLT Sport website. 


Doncaster Hockey Club Concussion Management Procedure

In August 2018 the DHC Executive approved the Club Concussion Management Procedure.  You can read that procedure here.

To provide Doncaster Hockey Club participants, team managers, coaches, trainers, and parents/guardians guidance to recognise and manage concussion incidents.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is often mild but has the potential to be serious, especially if the brain is not given adequate time to heal before returning to sporting activities. Recognising symptoms of concussion, managing incidents and seeking medical evaluation are vital for full recovery and the prevention of more serious effects.

The DHC Concussion Mangement Procedure (available here) will assist you with how to manage Concussion, and procedures that need to be followed before the player returns to training or matches.

Concussion App:
Members can also download a headcheck app that may be useful.  This app can be found on the itunes link below:

Hockey Victoria has promoted various resources to help clubs inform their members of the risks and recovery from concussion in sport.

The Australian Sports Commission has developed a website and series of supporting resources in relation to Concussion in Sport.  The website contains information specific to athletes, parents, coaches as well as medical practitioners.

The website can be found at:

HV has also provided the following link ‘Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool’ to be available to club members.


Nick Meffin (Donny club Physio) from LIFECARE is available to consult all junior and senior players and members.

Click here for more details and how to contact NIck




Matches: Each team should have access to a basic first aid kit.

Training: A first Aid kit is located in the club equipment shed. Ice is kept in the freezer in the shed.

Defibrilator: is kept in the meeting room