Youth Leadership Awards Program Launched

May 13, 2014 at 11:06 AM

Empowering young people to take the lead on and off the field

Doncaster Hockey Club is proud to announce the launch of the Youth Leadership Awards Program.  The Program boasts clear pathways that encourages, recognises and rewards the leadership roles undertaken by young club members in different facets of club involvement such as coaching, umpiring and administration.

The aim is to empower young people to explore their potential and achieve success through participation and inclusion in areas not already explored or not typically explored by young club member.

This program is available to players of ages 11 and up with age groups being assigned to various Awards to balance the level of difficulty between each category. The separate categories are of Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Generally Bronze is the beginner level while Silver is intermediate and Gold being the most challenging to achieve.

The Awards will be presented at the Doncaster Hockey Club Presentation Nights in September.

An information flyer on the Program is available here.  To enquire further or to register for the Youth Leadership Awards Program and receive a copy of the more comprehensive Awards booklet email  

This Program is proudly supported by Bendigo Bank Community Enterprise Foundation.