WPL Match Report v Greensborough EF 9 Sept

September 11, 2017 at 10:08 AM

All over for 2017                                                                    Women’s Premier League

Doncaster’s Premier League Women went into Saturday’s Elimination Final against Greensborough having played the Borough just the once during the season and that match being a 2-0 win for the Dons.  However, form accounts for little come September and after a 1-1 draw at full time, Doncaster’s season ran to a halt with a 1-3 loss in the final result shoot-out.

The match started with a classic finals flavour with neither side offering any space and a mid-field wrestle ruled.  Doncaster slowly took more control of the contests in the mid-field and the ball spent more time in the Dons’ attacking half.  Three consecutive short corners to Doncaster looked as though a score was beckoning but conversion wasn’t to be had.  In fact, despite Doncaster’s strong control of the ball, the Borough’s last line was preventing deep penetration.

Doncaster’s Meg Pearce and Liz Flack directed traffic in the mid-filed, certainly preventing Greensborough from pushing very far into attack.  In attack, Eli Etcheverry, Izzy Peskett and Eli Tait were very busy but Doncaster were denied access into the scoring circle.

With just nine minutes remaining in the first half Greensborough pushed deep into attack with a rare deep thrust.  A short corner was awarded and the Borough’s striker made the most of a narrow gap scoring the first goal of match.  Doncaster may well have controlled 60 percent of the half but went to the break a goal behind.

Doncaster started the second half with a similar control in the mid-field.  Four Doncaster short corners in the first nine minutes reflected where much of the play took place.  But conversion didn’t follow.

Greensborough’s mid-field needed to lift to ease the pressure their backline were under; and lift they did.  Greensborough repeatedly pushed the ball out of the defensive 25 metre line and the mid-field wrestle followed.  Once again, Doncaster held more than an even share of the ball but a goal couldn’t be found.  Two more Doncaster short corners could not find the net.

At the 24 minute mark Cassie Stoneham pushed the ball from defence to Erin Jones who combined well with Etcheverry to push into the circle.  A Greensborough foot led to yet another Doncaster short corner.  On this occasion Jade Hooper finished off her team mates’ good work pushing the ball forward and scored Doncaster’s first goal.

As the clock ticked the arm wrestle rewarded both team’s defensive efforts and 1-1 was the score at full time.  Shoot-outs are never fun to watch but it was Greensborough how had plenty to smile about with a 3-1 shoot-out win so the final score was 4-2 to the Borough.  Two finals losses means Doncaster’s season is now over.

Doncaster 2 were defeated by Greensborough 4

Goals: Jade Hooper, Eli Etcheverry

Best Players: Meg Pearce, Izzy Peskett, Liz Flack