Women's Premier League Rd 1 Match Report

April 08, 2019 at 11:51 AM

A Scratchy Start

Doncaster’s Premier League Women got off to a scratchy start in Round 1 of the 2019 season with a 3-3 draw against Yarra Valley.  But Doncaster did fight back from 3-1 behind to level the final scoreboard.  This was a match of frustrations with Doncaster’s gap between their good and their ordinary being too big and two goal overturns that left them confused.

Yarra Valley had certainly brushed off the pre-season dust and hit the ball running from the outset; Doncaster struggled to push forward from the half way line and was in defence from the beginning.  With just seven minutes played Yarra Valley were pushing deep in their scoring circle and a Doncaster foot resulted in the first short corner of the match.  The shot at goal did make the net but the umpire beside the net disallowed the shot as being too high.  However, the umpire in the centre of the pitch overruled and Yarra Valley had the first goal on the board.

As the first quarter progressed Doncaster found their tempo and the match was pushed into a mid-field wrestle.  Sam Snow, Mikala Burchell and Aimee Dickson had shouldered much of the early pressure and now had more mid-field options.  With just a minute before the first break Chloe Burns and Manisha Arunasalam combined well along the baseline into the circle.  Arunasalam and Sarah Down won the contest that followed and Arunasalam’s shot was enough to slot the ball into the net, scores now level.

The second quarter repeated the first with Yarra Valley dictating terms early and Doncaster on the defence.  Three Yarra Valley short corners reflected general play but Doncaster’s battery were equal to the task.  Once again Doncaster pulled their match together and the wrestle was pushed into the mid-field.

In just the opening minutes of the second half Yarra Valley pushed a fast break from the centre to their scoring circle and three short corners followed.  Doncaster saved all three but an outstanding save by keeper Tess Jackson fell to the Yarra Valley striker’s stick and their second goal was on the board.

Three minutes latter and Yarra Valley’s strong pressure in the mid-field forced a turnover and a tomahawk from the top of the Yarra Valley circle saw their third goal on the board.  Doncaster had found the Yarra Valley pressure very tough meaning attacking wasn’t easy, 3-1 looked threatening.

But Doncaster’s experienced players were paying no attention to the scoreboard and Snow Liz Flack and Izzy Peskett were winning more mid-field contests and Doncaster were at last on the attack.  A long and accurate pass from Snow to Sarah Down who combined with Peskett and the ball was quickly the circle.  An ordinary Yarra Valley tackle on Shae Jones saw Doncaster’s first short corner of the match with just 24 seconds before the three quarter time whistle would sound.

Snow’s pass to Jones was perfect and Jones’ deflection hit the net; now just a goal down and a quarter remaining.

The last quarter began with the mid-field wrestle continuing.  At the ten minute mark Doncaster pushed into the circle and a Yarra Valley defender pushed the ball over the baseline when simple alternative defensive options were open.  A Doncaster short corner followed.  Following a contest for the ball in front of the net Doncaster claimed the goal only to have the shot overturned as a back stick shot.

Doncaster quickly moved on and continued to pepper away at the circle.  A long accurate ball from Flack to Down saw her in the circle and in what was goal of the day, beat the Yarra Valley last line and scores were now level.  Doncaster maintained possession in the dying minutes but time ran out, 3-3.

Doncaster drew with Yarra Valley 3-3

Goals: Manisha Arunasalam, Shae Jones, Sarah Down

Best Players: Samantha Snow, Manisha Arunasalam, Shae Jones

Doncaster's Premier Leage Men certainly hit 2019 season running with a 10-1 win over Brunswick at Brunswick.

Goals: Luke Evered 2, Russell Ford 2, Luke Davidson 2, Kiran Arunasalam, Andrew Scheele, Joel Carroll, Hayden Currie