Taking Donny to 50 (years)- Have your say

December 07, 2018 at 3:41 PM

Taking Donny to 50 (years)- Strategic Plan refresh

Have your say. Help the club plan for the future by giving us your honest feedback and suggestions.

All Doncaster Hockey Club (DHC) members, families and stakeholders are encouraged to complete the short 5 minute on-line member survey.

The survey will be used as a starting point to review the current strategy plan, set out a 10 year vision with a five year implementation plan developed through a co-design process.

Please click HERE  to complete survey

This is the first time that the club has undergone such a detailed process towards creating a strategic plan and we hope that you can help steer the club in directions that cater for all members in the future.

"With a club that includes over 550 members we are hoping that everybody logs on to provide feedback" Sarah Gaskill (President) encourages. "The club is at an exciting stage, with many opportunities for development, and it is important that we get a good picture of where members believe we should be heading in the next five years." Gaskill continues


Please click on link above to complete the anonymous on-line survey