Sports Psychology workshops for players and parents

April 23, 2018 at 12:17 PM

As part of Doncaster Hockey Club’s commitment to developing and empowering our members we are running two different workshops for Parent and players presneted by Jacqui Louder -Sport & Exercise Psychologist.

These worskhops are made possible by the funding we received from the Community Enterprise Foundation and Bendigo Bank

Date:      Tuesday 1st May, 2018

Place:      Doncaster Hockey Club- clubrooms


Parents Workshop: 6pm-6.45pm (Minimum 1 parent from each family should attend)

Players & Coaches Workshop: 7pm-8pm (All players and coaches strongly encouraged to attend)



PRESENTER: Jacqui Louder -Sport & Exercise Psychologist

Jacqui Louder has been a practicing psychologist for sixteen years, specialising in eating disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, athletic transitions (retirement / entry into elite sport /etc), motor sport, critical incident management, performing arts and children’s sport. She works with teams and organisations in establishing a healthy leadership and culture, and ensuring healthy working environments, as well as coaching groups on communication and enhancing team performance. Clinically Jacqui works extensively with individuals suffering depression and anxiety, pain management and sleeping issues, relationships, and general life balance.

Summary of the workshops:

The Parents workshop will discuss:  

•Using sport to build resilience
•Why children play sport
•How can you help as a parent and be a positive role model
•Dealing with disappointments
•Common parenting mistakes we can make in children's sport 
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 The Players/Coaches workshop will discuss: 

•Creating a positive culture for participating in teams

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