Positions Vacant- We need your help

February 11, 2019 at 3:37 PM

Sporting clubs like ours don't survive without us all doing our bit to help

Have you considered volunteering for a role at your Club but unsure what is involved?

There are a number of positions to be filled and there might be one that’s just right for you.  And don’t be afraid if you think it may demand too much; the more of us that put up our hands the easier it all gets and no position is too hard.

Any assistance you can give is greatly appreciated and a Club like ours simply doesn’t survive without us all doing our bit.

The list below details the current positions that are vacant, please feel free to contact Sarah Gaskill, Andrea Snow 0419 371 314 or your section Chair if you would like information on what might be involved. 

Current Positions that are vacant:





Introducing the DHC executive for 2019-

FRONT: L t R, Mark Burchell(Womens Chair), Mohan Arunasalam(Executive Treasurer), Sue Sturrock (Junior Chair), Craig Huntley (Secretary), Ken Scott (Men's Chair), Meridie Jackson (Board Member), Sarah Gaskill(Chair),

BACK: Paul Sampson (Board Member)