PLM Match Report v Camberwell Preliminary Final - 15 Sept

September 17, 2018 at 5:10 PM

Season ends in finals shoot out

Doncaster’s Premier League Men were up against Minor Premiers Camberwell in the sudden death semi final in what was probably the pre-finals prediction of the Grand Final.  But Camberwell had lost to Powerhouse in their Qualifying Final and had to beat MCC to stay alive which they did.  That meant Camberwell were now on the Doncaster side of the finals in Saturday’s semi final.  This outstanding match was a reflection of the two standout teams of the season but there can only be one winner and after a shoot out it would be Camberwell that would win that shoot out and now play in the Grand Final next weekend.

The match started as an arm wrestle between the two 25 metre lines, neither backline opening any doors.  Camberwell were first to hold more possession and the arm wrestle took place more in the Wella forward line.  Three Camberwell short corners reflected where much of the early match was contested but Doncaster’s last line was outstanding and keeper Adam Truepenny saved some genuine shots at goal.

Doncaster’s Andrew Scheele, Jay Randhawa and Zac Meaden won more contests and Doncaster pushed the battle away from the Camberwell scoring zone.  As the half time break approached Doncaster were better able to hold possession and much of the contest was now fought out in Doncaster’s forward half.  But Camberwell’s backline were on song, rarely allowing Doncaster into the circle.

Camberwell started the second half similar to the first, holding possession and pushing the contest into their forward half of the ground.  Despite the Wella’s early control, it was a fast break from the mid-field that had Camberwell’s captain, James Webster wrong footing the Doncaster defenders and very quickly one out in the circle.  Webster’s shot hit the backboard and Camberwell put their nose in front.

Six minutes on and Doncaster’s Daniel McBride took a quick play into the scoring circle and a Camberwell foot set up Doncaster’s first short corner.  A bad bounce saw the ball clear the circle and took the pressure off Camberwell but McBride had other ideas.  He took the ball from near the 25 metre line and beat three defenders; the ball was quickly back in the scoring circle.  McBride’s shot was well saved by former Australian keeper George Bazeley only to see Luke Evered control the ball and slot Doncaster’s equalising goal.

The goal boosted Doncaster’s confidence and knew if they kept the forward pressure up, more opportunities would open.  Attack became the focus.  Camberwell were thinking along very similar lines and as the match progressed an already fast and high class contest lifted a level.

Evered intercepted a Camberwell pass inside the scoring circle which brought the grandstand to its feet.  The contest that followed resulted in a Doncaster short corner but it couldn’t be converted.  A Camberwell fast break then had the ball in the Wella’s circle and a short corner also followed.  As happened at the Doncaster end, the shot at goal was saved.

As the clock ticked, both sides threw caution to the wind to find that crucial goal.  With just a minute remaining Truepenny saved yet another Camberwell shot at goal.  With less than 30 seconds to play Bevan Fernandes and Russell Ford combined to push into the Doncaster circle and a Camberwell foot set up another short corner.  The full time whistle blew while the corner was set up and although the shot was saved another Camberwell foot saw yet another short corner, also saved.  At 1-1, the shoot out was then required.

Camberwell made the most of their chances winning the shoot out 3-1.  Camberwell to the Grand Final, Doncaster to 2019.

Doncaster were defeated by Camberwell 1-3 in a shoot out

Match Goal: Luke Evered

Best Players: Andrew Scheele, Bevan Fernandes, Adam Truepenny