PL Match Reports Rd 6 v Yarra Valley & Brunswick

May 15, 2022 at 8:43 PM

Conversion counts                                                                                                          Women’s Premier League

Doncaster’s Premier League Women were back home this round against Yarra Valley.  The Women’s Premier League Reserves set the day with a 14-0 win over the Yarra Valley Reserves, the fourteenth of those goals by staunch defender Fiona Adams.  But the Premier League Women weren’t fazed by that result coming away 16-0 winners.

At the start of the match Yarra Valley certainly were comfortable to get on the front foot and push as far forward as possible, the early contest was to and fro between the 25 metre lines.  Doncaster’s last line of defenders were more than up to the Yarra push; Chloe Burns, Emma Sampson and Sam Snow were very strong deep, Yarra Valley couldn’t access their scoring circle.

Rd_6__Women_-_CB_Webpg.JPGChole Burns looking for the next step

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

At the fourth minute mark Liz Flack was quick to play a long corner and passed to Manisha Arunasalam who took on and passed two Yarra Valley defenders and into the scoring circle.  Arunasalam’s shot from the top of the circle was the first genuine shot at goal at either end, her shot was so powerful Doncaster first goal was on the board.


Manisha Arunasalam busy all match

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

At the six minute mark Yarra Valley’s goalkeeper injured her ankle and had to leave the field.  Yarra Valley were without a keeper for more than three minutes; full credit to the Magpies backline, they kept Doncaster away from the keeperless net.

Despite the early Doncaster goal and the ‘missing’ goalkeeper, Yarra Valley continued to look for ways forward.  However, it was Doncaster that increased the pressure and held possession for longer.  Flack, Nicola Hammond and Amiee Dickson took more control of the ball through the mid-field; general play was now in the Doncaster forward line.


Nicola Hammond pushes into the scoring circle

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

With just two minutes until the first break, Snow took possession and passed to a free Burns who passed to Kira-Lee Gmeiner who took on defenders to push into the scoring circle.  Gmeiner then passed to Izzy Peskett who finished off the great build up work with Doncaster’s second goal.  Just 60 seconds later and Gmeiner was back in the circle and a Yarra Valley foot resulted in the first short corner of the match.  Snow’s drag flick was too powerful for the Yarra Valley battery and Doncaster now had three goals.

From the restart of play Peskett took possession and headed for the circle where she passed to Meagan Lendon.  Inside the circle a contest followed where Dickson won the ball and handed off to Maya Hilford with space, that space was enough, Hilford scored Doncaster’s fourth goal.


Maya Hilford on the attack

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The final few minutes of the first quarter may have hurt Yarra Valley but they started the second keen to find their way forward.  Once again, Doncaster’s defenders and mid-fielders offered nothing.

At the five minute mark Lendon pushed into the Doncaster circle and a Yarra Valley foot resulted in Doncaster’s second short corner.  Flack’s drag flick was saved but Arunasalam pounced on the live ball and Doncaster’s fifth goal was on the board.  At the seven minute mark Dickson and Lendon combined and a classic one-two pass has Lendon looking at the net; Doncaster’s sixth goal followed.  Despite Yarra Valley’s efforts the score board was looking gloomy for them.


Meagan Lendon finished the match with four goals

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Three minutes later saw Peskett and Hammond combine very well to push into the circle and take a shot.  Lendon put a deflection on the ball which wrong footed the keeper and found the net, goal number seven.  Doncaster were now in complete control of this match.

With just seconds until the long break Doncaster are again inside the circle, a Yarra Valley foot leads to another short corner.  Once again, Snow’s drag flick is too powerful and at half time it is 8-0

In the opening minute of the second half Burns and Sampson turn defence into attack and the ball is again in the Doncaster scoring circle, another Yarra Valley foot sets up a short corner.  On this occasion, Snow’s drag flick is saved but Hammond pounced on the live ball at slotted it into the net, 9-0.

Four minutes later Sampson and Hammond combine to have the Yarra backline struggling; a long pass to Sarah Down is accurate and her shot is headed for the net but is saved.  Lendon picks up the saved ball and sends it straight back to the net; Lendon’s hat trick and Doncaster are now in double figures.

Another Doncaster short corner reflects where the majority of play is taking place.  On this occasion Snow doesn’t send a drag flick in but passes to Peskett who accuracy is almost perfect, her deflection hit the right hand post but only just and ball found the net.

Despite the score line, Doncaster’s intense pressure continued, Yarra Valley had trouble finding their forward line.  At the eight minute mark Burns sent a long pass from the mid-filed deep into attack.  Gmeiner took the defenders on and into the circle where a contest followed.  From that contest Lendon won the ball and her fourth goal.  Less than one minute later Doncaster are back inside the circle where Yarra Valley are trying their best to stop a shot.  Out of the contest Hilford capitalised and her second is on the board.

Hilford maintained her energy and took a quick play the ball pushing into the circle.  Hammond took Hilford’s pass and slotted her second goal.  Then Peskett was also keen to keep her goals ‘ticking over’ and finished off the good work of Snow and Hammond scoring her hat trick of this match.  Now with two Doncaster hat tricks (Lendon actually with four goals) Hammond finished off her excellent match with less than a minute left to play scoring her third goal and Doncaster’s 16th.

Doncaster 16 defeated Yarra Valley 0

Goals: Meagan Lendon 4, Izzy Peskett 3, Nicola Hammond 3, Manisha Arunasalam 2, Sam Snow 2, Maya Hilford 2

Best Players: Chloe Burns, Manisha Arunasalam, Meagan Lendon

One quarter at a time                                                                                                    Men’s Premier League

With the Doncaster Women’s Premier League and Premier League Reserves scoring well into the double figures, the Men’s Premier League side saw quite a standard had been set.  However, the Men’s Premier League had already set a standard for themselves this season: take it a quarter at a time and stick to the plan.  Despite the fact that Doncaster were playing a struggling Brunswick, yet to win a match, Donny took it a quarter at a time and stuck to their plan; 11-0 was an outstanding performance.

Brunswick were keen to push as far forward as possible, not detruded by the Doncaster strength.  However, the Doncaster backline indeed had strength; Brunswick probed where ever possible but Jayshaan Randhawa, Joel Carroll and Scott Sturrock had built a wall.  When Doncaster held possession it looked more threatening, deeper penetration followed in the Doncaster forward line.


Jayshaan Randhawa built a wall in defence, set up goals and scored goals in attack

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

At the eight minute mark Luke Evered had possession and his speed with ball had the Brunswick last line struggling.  Evered passed to a free Kiran Arunasalam and the first goal of the match was on the board.


Kiran Arunasalam scored the early goal and was a score assist in others

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

As the first quarter progressed, Doncaster took more control and held possession.  Frazer Gerrard, Zach Meaden and Andrew Scheele were winning the majority of mid-field contests and dictated terms.


Frazer Gerrard has been a real boost to Doncaster this season and Brunswick saw why on Saturday

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

As the second quarter got underway, the match swung further Doncaster’s way; Brunswick’s first priority was to defend strongly, the desire to get into attack was not as pressing.  And full credit to the Magpies, they were under the pump but fought extremely hard, a tough battle followed.

With just six minutes remaining in the first half Bevan Fernandes and Arunasalam combined well to push into the scoring circle.  A classic one-two with Evered followed and he slotted Doncaster’s second goal.


Luke Evered finishes off some great Doncaster teamwork

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Just 60 seconds later the same three Doncaster forwards jelled again, on this occasion it was Bevan Fernandes ‘turn’ to finish off and Doncaster now had three goals.  As it happened, Doncaster actually needed those two quick goals; controlling the match but with just the one goal late in the second quarter things weren't going according to plan.

Then, two minutes later to make sure the plan was working, Gerrard intercepted a Brunswick pass at the 25 metre line and went straight into the circle where Bevan Fernandes and Evered finished off the outstanding intercept with Evered’s second and Doncaster’s fourth goal.

In the very first minutes of the third quarter Daniel McBride and Arunasalam pushed into the circle where a Brunswick foot resulted in a short corner.  A Randhawa drag flick slotted the ball in the top left corner of the net.  Doncaster’s fifth goal now reflected the manner in which Doncaster controlled this match.  And Doncaster continued to pepper away.  The Brunswick goalkeeper, Toby Raper, was far and away the Magpies best player, without him goodness knows what that score line may have been.

In fact, an outstanding Bevan Fernandes shot is saved by Raper but it is deemed too high and another Doncaster short corner followed.  Gerrard’s drag flick is too powerful and Doncaster have their seventh goal.  Then with just two minutes remaining in the third quarter Meaden, Arunasalam and Evered combine smoothly yet again and the classic one-two has Evered on the receiving end and he slots his third goal.


Kiran Arunasalam draws the keeper and passes to Luke Evered who scores another team goal

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

With a 7-0 lead into the final quarter of a match, the leading side may start to cruise, not Doncaster.  Inside the first minute of the fourth quarter the Doncaster forwards have the ball inside the scoring circle and two genuine shots follow.  Once again, the Brunswick keeper is saving the net.  However, Russell Ford pounces on the live ball and scores Doncaster’s eight goal.

Four minutes later and Evered’s shot is on the way to net but it hits a Brunswick shin, with no goalkeeper in play the umpire calls a Penalty Stroke.  Evered already has a hat trick and Captain Ford suggests given his form is good, to take the Stroke.  Unfortunately, Evered misses to the right hand side.  But six minutes later, Kaelan Boundy and Carroll combine to push the ball into the cricle with a very accurate pass.  Evered’s deflection is perfectly accurate and his fourth goal and Doncaster’s ninth is on the board.

Doncaster still doesn’t take the foot off the pedal, taking it one quarter at a time and sticking to the plan.  With just one minute left to play Arunasalam takes a quick play the ball passing to Meaden who heads into the circle.  A contest follows with yet another goalkeeper save but Meaden follows the live ball and slots his first and Doncaster’s tenth goal.

Immediately from the restart Randhawa takes possession and tosses the ball from a distance into a very crowded Doncaster scoring circle.  Meaden is the perfect spot to receive Randhawa’s toss, controls the ball and slots his second in less than a minute.


Zach Meaden finishes off an outstanding day controlling Jay Randhawa's toss and scoring Doncaster's 11th goal

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywel

Doncaster 11 defeated Brunswick 0

Goals; Luke Evered 4, Zach Meaden 2, Kiran Arunasalam, Bevan Fernnades, Jayshaan Randhawa, Frazer Gerrard, Russell Ford

Best Players: Kiran Arunasalam, Zach Meaden, Jayshaan Randhawa