PL Match Reports v Yarra Valley - 26 May

May 28, 2018 at 9:20 AM

The following match reports were published in the online version of the Herald Sun newspaper.

Doncaster Women back in the winner’s circle                                                     Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women played Premier League new comers, Yarra Valley on Saturday and returned to the winner’s circle following a couple of draws.  A 3-0 win against the new Yarra Valley may have appeared to be a comfortable match.  However, Yarra Valley have made plenty of progress in a short period, this was a match that remained highly competitive.

The match opened with the ball pushing between the two 25 meter lines, both sides keen to set up genuine shots at goal.  Yarra Valley certainly took every opportunity available but Doncaster’s last line gave them little access to the scoring circle.  Doncaster on the other hand made deep thrusts more often and kept Yarra Valley’s last line under the pump.

Doncaster’s Izzy Peskett, Hayley Padget and Shae Jones kept peppering away and at the 23rd minute mark Padget’s push along the baseline came to fruition.  Padget drew the goalkeeper forward and her shot at goal did hit the keeper’s pad but was powerful enough to hit the back of the net, Doncaster were on the board.

The goal gave Doncaster the confidence they needed and took more risks through the mid-field to build more pressure deep in attack.  Three short corners went Doncaster’s way before the long break but the Dons couldn’t convert any of the chances available.

Yarra Valley welcomed the break and took time to regroup.  As the second half progressed, Yarra Valley‘s structure was at its best for the match and they were able to hold the ball in attack and put Doncaster’s last line under serious pressure.  The match became a 50/50 wrestle in the mid-field, Doncaster may have controlled the majority of the match but now their one goal lead was no longer comfortable.

At the 27 minute mark a quick play the ball by Erin Jones just outside the circle found Sarah Down in space.  A Yarra Valley foot set up just Doncaster’s second short corner for the half.  Amber Deo pushed the ball directly to Shae Jones and her deflection found the net.  The lead now became a little more comfortable.

Two minutes later saw Shae Jones intercept a Yarra Valley pass and she went straight to Down in the circle.  Down took on the keeper and found Doncaster’s third goal for the day.

3-0 sounds comfortable and on reflection Doncaster did control much of the match but it was never straight forward and Yarra Valley were always competitive.

Doncaster 3 defeated Yarra Valley 0

Goals: Hayley Padget, Shae Jones, Sarah Down

Best Players: Hayley Padget, Amber Deo, Shae Jones


Conversion counts on the scoreboard                                                                  Men

Top of the table Doncaster, were up against bottom of the table Yarra Valley in the Men’s Premier League match at Yarra Valley’s home pitch on Saturday.  Doncaster underlined the ladder with an 8-0 victory, a result that reflected Doncaster’s recent form.

Doncaster took control of general play from the first whistle, Yarra Valley struggled to cross the half way line.  When Doncaster pushed forward they were more than happy to throw caution to the wind with very fast moves and passes with plenty of flair.  Jay Randhawa directed traffic from the mid-field while Luke Davidson, Calvin Martinz, Kiran Arunasalam, Daniel McBride and Bevan Fernandes were all prepared to take on any defenders.  Yarra Valley were under the pump early.

At the 14 minute mark, Jarrod McBride and Tim Snow combined well to open a door for Davidson into the circle, a Yarra Valley foot set up a Doncaster short corner.  Hayden Currie’s drag flick beat the battery and Doncaster’s control now showed on the scoreboard.

Just two minutes later and Arunasalam was now in the circle and some rough tackling set up another Doncaster short corner.  On this occasion it was Randhawa’s drag flick that was too strong and Doncaster were now two goals up.  From the restart of play, Doncaster won the mid-field contest and the ball was back in the danger zone.  Randhawa and Joel Carroll combine well deep into attack and Carroll’s pass to Zac Meaden gave him enough room to ram his tomahawk shot into the net form Doncaster’s third.

Three quick goals hurt Yarra Valley but not their effort.  The home side steadied Doncaster’s constant attacks and the wrestle was more mid-field than on Yarra Valley’s last line.  But at the 26 minute mark Doncaster were again in the scoring circle and another Yarra Valley foot resulted in another Doncaster short corner.  Once again Randhawa’s powerful drag flick found the bottom left hand corner of the net and Doncaster’s fourth goal.

Two minutes later and Arunasalam’s intercept of a Yarra Valley pass gave him enough room to pass into the circle where Tom Shaw was unmarked.  Shaw beat the keeper and Doncaster’s fifth was now on the board.  With half time about to be called, Doncaster continued and Carroll once again deep in attack passed to the front of the net where Davidson deflected the ball into the net and Doncaster’s sixth goal.

The second half saw Doncaster’s constant forward pressure continue.  Yarra Valley did their very best the keep the Dons out of the circle.  But at the six minute mark of the half Fernandes had pushed into the circle and a Yarra Valley foot set up the first short corner of the half.  Once again, Randhawa’s drag flick is too powerful and Doncaster’s seventh goal is up.

At the 18 minute mark a Yarra Valley fast break found the Doncaster backline wrong footed.  Two Yarra Valley forwards had broken clear and there was only Doncaster’s keeper Adam Truepenny between the two of them and their goal.  The scorer had his pen ready but Truepenny took on the ball carrier and intercepted the ball and cleared an otherwise obvious goal.

Although Truepenny turned away what might have been for Yarra Valley, they certainly took confidence on the possibility that a gaol was there to be scored.  The best contest of the match followed.  Yarra Valley held more possession and built the best forward pressure of the match.  But Doncaster have only conceded nine goals all season to date and were offering very little deep on Saturday.

In fact, with just six minutes to play Randhawa pushed into the circle and with some very unacceptable tackles, Doncaster received another short corner.  Having done most of the hard work that lead to this short corner, it was appropriate that Randhawa finish off the job with another drag flick that finished with his fourth and Doncaster’s eighth goal.

Doncaster 8 defeated Yarra Valley 0

Goals: Jay Randhawa4, Hayden Cuirrie, Zac Meaden, Tom Shaw, Luke Davidson

Best Players: Calvin Martinz, Luke Davidson, Bevan Fernandes, Jay Randhawa