PL Match Reports v Waverley - Rd 9

June 06, 2022 at 2:10 PM

High pressure counts for plenty                                                                                               Women’s Premier League

Despite COVID wiping out the past two seasons, the Waverley women’s team have improved in recent years and are a very competitive side again.  Heading into the Round 9 match Waverley and Doncaster both had five wins for the season.  The bookies would probably have had this as an even money bet and they would have been right.  This was a very tight match all day but Doncaster’s pressure and calm approach had them come away 1-0 winners.

Waverley were in full swing from the outset, the Panthers held possession and much of the early match was fought out in their forward half.  Doncaster’s backline had plenty to do and were very controlled and calm under the pressure.  Sam Snow, Chloe Burns and Emma Sampson built a wall the Panthers struggled to pass.  As the quarter marched on Nicola Hammond, Aimee Dickson and Maya Hilford won more contested ball and the battle was pushed into the mid field.

With just two minutes until the first break, Hammond won another contest and turned the ball forward from the half way line.  A long ball into the scoring circle was accurate to Sarah Down, her deflection went into the top of the net and Doncaster were on the board.

As the second quarter got underway, it was Doncaster that held more possession and the battle was now fought out in their half.  Doncaster were more threatening when in possession pushing more ball deeper.  Three short corners reflected Doncaster forward pressure but the Panthers’ last line were up to the pressure.  As Doncaster had pushed Waverley into the mid field in the first quarter, Waverley did similar in the second and as half time approached the battle was now between the 25 metre lines

The arm wrestle continued in the second half.  When Waverley pushed forward the Doncaster backline rallied, won the contested ball and denied deep Panther penetration.  But turning defence into attack was difficult.  Waverley set up a very well structured and controlled defence line and pushing forward wasn’t at all straight forward for Doncaster.  The tussle that followed highlighted some outstanding skills of two very well organised team structures.

Slowly but surely Doncaster were able to push deeper into attack which was reflected in three short corners but once again goals didn’t follow, due in no small part to some exceptional goal keeping.  The lack of conversion could have been frustrating; in a tight struggle it was Doncaster that threatened but the score board hadn’t moved since late in the first quarter.  At three quarter time, Doncaster Coach Maria Romagosa would have been underlining the Doncaster high pressure and calm, controlled approach.

Despite Doncaster’s high pressure approach all match, as the last quarter started Doncaster actually stepped up that pressure.  Hammond, Liz Flack and Izzy Peskett gave Waverley nothing in the mid field while Down, Manisha Arunasalam and Shae Jones (welcome back Shae) pushed the pressure gauge to a new level in Doncaster’s forward line.  This extremely tight clash was now playing out in the Doncaster forward line.  Three more short corners followed but the goals did not, the first quarter goal would be all for the entire match.

Doncaster 1 defeated Waverley 0

Goal: Sarah Down

Best Players: Sarah Down, Chloe Burns, Sam Snow

Too tight for comfort                                                                                                     Men’s Premier League

Doncaster vs Waverley matches are never one sided and Waverley came to Doncaster with just the one loss so far this season.  This promised to be another cracker and it delivered just that.  In fact, the final score wouldn’t come until after the final siren.  Doncaster’s second goal provided some relief but the 2-2 draw also came with no shortage of frustration.

The match started with two very skilful sides more than comfortable to test the options and find attacking paths forward, the ball flew to and fro.  Doncaster’s backline offered no options and Doncaster were first to hold more possession.  Jayshaan Randhawa and Jye Cuff were very solid.  Waverley’s backline followed suit and there was very little attack deep.

With less than one minute until the first break a Waverley cross from close to the base line flew into the scoring circle at chest high.  The deflection and 90 degrees found the net and Waverley were first to score.

Doncaster started the second quarter keen to level the score and held most possession early.  Zach Meaden, Andrew Scheele and Frazer Gerrard were dictating terms in the mid field and more was played out in the Doncaster half.  At the nine minute mark Jarrod McBride came from defence passing to Kaelan Boundy who combined with Zach Meaden to push deep into attack.  Meaden pushed into the Doncaster scoring circle passing to a well placed Russell Ford.  Ford’s first shot was well saved but Ford wasn’t finished, his second shot did find the net.  Now the score better reflected the match.  Doncaster kept the pressure up and two short corners mirrored Doncaster’s control but the score remained level at the long break.

Doncaster kept the pressure up in the third quarter but the Waverley defenders were very well set up and deep penetration was difficult.  The battle was again between the 25 metre lines.  Late in the quarter it was Doncaster that was able to push deep and two short corners echoed that but goals didn’t follow.

Within the first minute of the final quarter a Waverley fast break opened a door that the Doncaster defenders had shut.  A shot from the top of the scoring circle found the net and Waverley were in now in front of a tight match that Doncaster had threatened.  Waverley had made the most of their opportunities.

As the clock ticked Doncaster maintained their structure keeping Waverley away from their scoring circle but pushed forward more often.  Ford, Luke Davidson and Kiran Arunasalam got busier and busier; Waverley swung into defence mode and all their numbers were back.  Late in the quarter Doncaster Coach Mark Taylor brought goalkeeper Mitchell Chaffey off and went into the opposite ‘all attack’ mode.  What had been a tight tussle largely in the mid field now changed.  Doncaster peppered away.

With just seconds left to play a Waverley defensive shot in the Doncaster scoring circle was deemed too high and a short corner followed.  While setting up, the final siren sounded; the short corner had to play out.  The first Doncaster shot was brilliantly saved but the ball remained live.  Scheele pounced and conversion did follow, after the siren Doncaster levelled the score board 2-2.

Doncaster 2 drew with Waverley 2

Goals: Russell Ford, Andrew Scheele

Best Players: Zach Meaden, Andrew Scheele, Russell Ford