PL Match Reports v Waverley - 28 April

April 30, 2018 at 12:05 PM

Back to making the most of opportunities                                                            Men

In the ANZAC Day Cup match against Essendon, Doncaster’s Premier League Men struggled to capitalise on their opportunities up forward.  The Dons were back to their best on Saturday against Waverley.  In a fast and open match Waverley held a healthy share of the ball offering Doncaster few openings but the Dons took full toll of the chances coming away 4-1 winners.

The final score appears comfortable, the match wasn’t.  Waverley set the tone early holding the ball in their attack for the first whistle, Doncaster struggled to push past half way for the opening seven minutes.  Jay Randhawa, Joel Carroll and Lachlan McGowan had plenty to defend early and kept the Panther forwards at bay.  Gradually, Doncaster not only won more contested ball, they held possession and forced the battle into the mid-field.

At the 15 minute mark Zac Meaden moved the ball quickly into the scoring circle only to have a Waverley defender take the ball.  Meaden answered straight back winning the ball back and his tomahawk pushed the ball into the net.  Although Waverley had been on top of general play, they were now behind on the scoreboard.

Six minutes later and a Doncaster obstruction in the Waverley circle resulted in the Panther’s first short corner of the match.  A powerful drag flick was too strong for the Doncaster battery and scores were now level.

The level scoreboard was now reflected in a level match and both sides were comfortable playing a fast, open and end-to-end match.

With less than a minute until the half time break, Andrew Scheele’s pass to Daniel McBride gave him just enough room to push into the circle.  McBride’s shot from a sharp angle pierced the smallest of space and Doncaster went to the break 2-1 up.

Doncaster Coach Wayne McIndoe clearly reminded his players that slow starts are not part of his game plan; whereas Waverley took control early in this match, Doncaster certainly set out in the second half at full steam.  And not only were Doncaster in better control, their mid-field zone set up a barrier Waverley had trouble passing.  The ball spent the early portion of this half in Doncaster’s forward line.

Waverley did lift and were better able to hold possession and the contest continued between the 25 metre lines.  With just eight minutes left to play McGowan’s long ball to Tom Shaw enabled him to push into the circle and a Waverley foot lead to just Doncaster’s third short corner of the match.  Carroll’s powerful shot was too much for the Waverley battery and Doncaster went 3-1 in front.

With just two minutes left to play a quick play the ball by Randhawa to Scheele saw Scheele penetrate the circle and Luke Davidson’s deflection found the net.  Doncaster’s slow start in this match put them behind the eight ball early, however, the Dons caught up and pushed in front by capitalising where opportunities opened up.

Doncaster 4 defeated Waverley 1

Goals: Zac Meaden, Daniel McBride, Joel Carroll, Luke Davidson

Best Players: Joel Carroll, Lachlan McGowan, Andrew Scheele

Very short break between matches no problem for Donny                                Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women were back on the pitch just three days after the ANZAC Day Cup clash against the fast and strong Essendon side.  The short gap and the loss of a key defender with Nic Hogan breaking a toe at training, meant Saturday’s match against Waverley was always going to be a test.  But Coach Maria Romagosa kept the Dons’ minds on the job, even if their legs may have struggled, because they controlled this match and came home 5-1 winners.

In the opening ten minutes of the match Waverley battled to find their forward line such was Doncaster’s control.  At the 11 minute mark Amie Dixon and Amber Deo combined well to push the ball into the scoring circle where a Waverley foot set up a Doncaster short corner.  A brilliant save pushed the ball clear of the circle but Hayley Padget quickly sent the ball back to Chloe Burns and her shot did find the net.

Just three minutes later and Shae Jones’ quick free hit saw the ball in the circle where Waverley tied up the ball in a contest.  Izzy Peskett won the contest finding the net and putting Doncaster second goal on the board.

Waverley restarted play after the Peskett goal and headed directly for their scoring circle where a short corner was given.  A single shot found the back board and the Panthers were on the board.

The Waverley goal came against the flow of play but that didn’t upset the Doncaster game plan; Captain Sam Snow continued to move the ball quickly and deeply into attack and the Dons continued to pepper at the scoring zone.

With eight minutes until the break Padget took the ball from outside the 25 metre line and saw a gap.  Waverley defenders pounced as soon as Padget entered the circle but she was able to win enough room to slot the ball in for Doncaster’s third.

Doncaster started the second half concentrating just as hard as the first half; Waverley had to defend consistently.  But not only did Waverley defend well, they were more effective in attack than at any stage of the match.  Doncaster certainly held more possession and looked threatening but Waverley certainly weren’t just going through the motions, this was the most competitive portion of the match.

As the clock ticked on, Doncaster continued to look for scoring options.  With nine minutes remaining Shae Jones’ long ball into the circle found a Waverley foot and another short corner.  Burns’ pass to Shae Jones saw her deflect the ball into the net and Doncaster’s fourth goal.

Just four minutes later Snow’s quick play the ball from outside the circle to Padget gave Padget room to cross the ball in front of the net.  Sarah Down had been very close to deflect such shots on a number of occasions in this match and it finally came in the right spot, Down flicked Padget’s pass straight into the net for Doncaster’s fifth goal.

Doncaster 5 defeated Waverley 1

Goals: Hayley Padget, Izzy Peskett, Chloe Burns, Shae Jones, Sarah Down

Best Players: Izzy Peskett, Shae Jones, Sam Snow