PL Match Reports v Waverley - 2 June

June 04, 2019 at 10:02 AM

In the winner’s circle                                                                                    Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women were up against the much improved Waverley on Sunday.  The Navy Blues had struggled in recent seasons but are back in a finals seat this season and playing well.  In what was Doncaster’s best performed match of the year, the Dons came home with a strong 2-1 win, their first of the season.

The match opened as a fast and open clash but in which the defenders on both sides were in control.  The battle was played out in the mid-field.  Doncaster’s Chloe Burns, Nic Hogan and Amiee Dixon were leading the Dons from defence and offered Waverley nothing.

As the second quarter progressed it was Doncaster that won more of the mid-field contests and held more possession.  Doncaster’s structure was much improved and a well-coordinated team controlled the majority of general play.  Shae Jones and Sam Snow were also creating more forward options and Izzy Peskett and Manisha Arunasalam were very busy.  Waverley’s last line was outstanding and despite Doncaster’s push forward the Navy Blues kept the net off limits.


Shae Jones one of Doncaster's best mid-fielders against a talented Waverley mid-field

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The half time break enabled the Navy Blues to regroup and the third quarter saw the battle move back into the mid-field.  With just three minutes remaining in the third quarter Hogan combined very well with Sophie Peskett who quickly passed to Snow with metres to spare.  Snow charged into the scoring circle and Waverley’s last line lost their first contest of the match, Snow’s goal put the Dons in front of what had been a very tight battle.


Liz Flack as busy in defence as in attack

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The ebbs and flows continued in the final quarter but it was Waverley that pushed hard to build pressure in their forward line.  With ten minutes remaining Waverley were given a short corner for a Doncaster defender being inside five metres of a Waverley free hit.  Tess Jackson and Doncaster’s last battery had kept a number of short corners away from the net but not this time.  Scores are now level and with such a close match a draw looked more likely as the clock ticked.

With just 50 seconds left to play a long pass from Snow from defence to Sarah Down outside the scoring circle has the crowd on their feet.  Down looked at her options and her pass to Izzy Peskett in the middle was perfect.  Peskett charged into the circle beat the goalkeeper and scored Doncaster’s second goal.  But Waverley weren’t giving up and a fast break to their circle lead to a short corner after the final siren.  Once again Jackson saved the shot and Doncaster got to sing the song for the first time this season.

Doncaster 2 defeated Waverley 1

Goals: Sam Snow, Izzy Peskett

Best Players: Izzy Peskett, Shae Jones, Chloe Burns


Back to their best                                                                                          Men

Doncaster’s Premier League Men have had an inconsistent season; some rounds outstanding, some middle of the road, at best.  On Sunday the Dons played the in form Waverley, second on the ladder and equal on points with leader Southern.  Doncaster needed their best form to be competitive and even more to win the points.  In one of the highest standard matches of the season, Doncaster were back to their best coming away with a 2-1 win.

The match started with both sides well structured and organised; soft possessions did not exist so hard work was the order of the day.  Doncaster’s Tim Snow and Hayden Currie were leading their backline and both defences were extremely solid; deep penetration was scarce.

Closing in on quarter time Waverley a fast break drew a wrong footed Doncaster tackle which set up the first short corner of the match.  A powerful drag flick found the left hand corner of the net and Waverley put their nose in front.  As close as the match had started, Waverley’s continued pressure was rewarded.

The second and third quarters saw the arm wrestle continue.  Once again, deep penetration was denied at both ends but the crowd were loving the high class mid-field battle.  Zac Meaden and Jay Randhawa were winning their share of contests and more of the match was now being played in Doncaster’s half.  Bevan Fernandes, Kiran Arunasalam and Russell Ford continued to push forward and genuine opportunities opened up.


Zac Meaden pivotal in winning crutial mid-field contests

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

With just six minutes until the three quarter time break, Tom Habal broke clear of the defensive 25 metre line passing to Luke Davidson.  Davidson pushed straight into the scoring circle and a Waverley foot set up just Doncaster’s second short corner.  Currie’s drag flick was perfect but not aimed at the net; Currie’s flick was directed to Fernandes and he deflected the ball behind the Waverley battery and into the net.  The score now reflected the match, level.

Just two minute later and Arunasalam combined very well with Ford and a Waverley back stick resulted in another short corner.  Currie’s drag flick was a direct copy of two minutes earlier and Fernandes’ deflection was also a direct copy.  Doncaster now a goal in front.


Bevan Fernandes one of Doncaster's best players and two magnificent goals from Hayden Currie's drag flicks

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Doncaster had ignored the scoreboard following Waverley’s early goal and stuck to their structure; they maintained their possessions and concentrated on calculated attacks.  The mid-field battle continued but Doncaster did not lose sight of the big picture.  Slowly but surely, the Dons efforts generated the deep penetration that was so hard to win.  Two outstanding short corner plays delivered the reward they needed.

The final quarter saw why Waverley are sitting second on the ladder.  The Navy Blues didn’t slow down at all, they knew only too well they needed to double the scoreboard to win, the battle never eased.  Full credit to Doncaster’s game plan, the scoreboard remained 2-1 Doncaster’s way.

Doncaster 2 defeated Waverley 1

Goals: Bevan Fernandes 2

Best Players: Bevan Fernandes, Hayden Currie, Tim Snow