PL Match Reports v Southern - 12 May

May 14, 2018 at 2:36 PM

The following match reports were also published on page 60 of this week's Manningham Leader newspaper.

Close in play but nowhere on the scoreboard                                                                Women

In a match there to be won, Doncaster’s Premier League Women not only didn’t capitalise on opportunities but went down to Southern United 5-1.  In a repeat of the previous round the Dons certainly controlled more of the ball in their half but only managed one goal while opening enough space for Southern to finish with five goals.

As the match started it was Doncaster that won the majority of the mid-field contests and the ball spent most of the time in the Dons forward half.  Southern defended very well, keeping to ball as far from the circle as possible.  But when they did push forward Sam Snow, Aimee Dickson and Erin Jones quickly turned defence into attack.

In fact, Sothern were relying heavily on fast breaks and at the 21 minute mark such a fast break caught the Doncaster defence wrong footed and the visitors slotted the first goal of the game.  In contrast to general play, Southern were now in the lead.  Eight minutes later and another fast break exposes the Doncaster last line once again and the Southern striker slotted their second goal.

It goes without saying that hockey goals are what the game requires.  Doncaster controlled much of the first half, they certainly went to the break with more than a handful of genuine opportunities but they were now two goals behind.

The two first half goals certainly boosted Southern confidence and they started the second half as strong as at any point in the match.  Southern’s pressure all over the pitch was very good.  While Doncaster may have controlled much of the early second half, Southern were forcing turn overs, their lead looked good.

At the 14 minute mark, one of the few Southern entries to their circle saw a Doncaster back stick defence, resulting in just Southern’s second short corner of the match.  Once again Southern made the most of their opening scoring their third goal and Doncaster were shown the importance of capitalising.  While general play may have been controlled more by Doncaster, this match was now Southern’s.

Just two minutes later yet another Southern fast break caught Doncaster defenders out of position and Sothern’s fourth goal went on the board and if the game wasn’t over with their third goal it certainly was now.

A Doncaster short corner was saved but Snow took control of the ball and passed brilliantly to Shae Jones and her deflection put Doncaster on the scoreboard.  Too little, way too late.  In fact, Sothern weren’t letting anything go and a fast break into their circle found a Doncaster foot and just their fourth short corner of the day.  Once again, while the shot is saved, Southern players continue to make the most of the live ball and the second shot finds the net and their fifth goal of the match.

Doncaster 1 defeated by Southern United 5

Goal: Shae Jones

Best Players: Sam Snow, Izzy Peskett, Erin Jones


A match to be won but not by either side                                                             Men

Doncaster’s undefeated Premier League Men hosted the rising Southern United on Saturday.  In a nip and tuck battle, neither side appeared to reign and with just three minutes left to play, Southern formalised that situation with a goal that finalised the score at 3-3.

The match opened pretty much as it run for much of the day; a wrestle with neither side dominating general play and very few genuine scoring opportunities.  It was Southern that first made the most of one of their forward thrusts.  A ball in the Southern circle resulted in short corner for the visitors and a strong drag flick capitalised.

Doncaster didn’t let the goal throw them off their game plan and they quickly got back into a series of threatening forward movements.  But Southern were every bit as strong and turned a number of attacks out of the circle.

At no stage were Southern happy to simply defend their early goal and the wrestle continued as much in Southern’s forward line as Doncaster’s.  At the half time break Doncaster coach, Wayne McIndoe had to refocus his team, Southern weren’t going to fade, work was needed.

Just two minutes into the second half and it was obvious Doncaster had got the message.  Jay Randhawa planned a free hit from the sideline outside the circle to Kiran Arunasalam who deflected the ball to the top of the circle to Russell Ford.  Ford’s powerful shot was too good for the Southern last line and Doncaster were on the board.

Southern were quick to push back into attack and just two minutes after the Doncaster goal the Southerners were awarded a short corner.  Adam Truepenny saved the first shot from the corner but the ball remained in play and the Southern striker pounced, slotting their second goal.

The wrestle continued and Southern were again in the lead.

At the fifteen minute mark Doncaster had pushed into the circle and the ball was contested in front of the net.  The ball bubbled out to the left and Ford pounced, controlling the ball and finding the net; scores level again.

Two minutes later and Arunasalam received the ball just outside the circle and he penetrating deep along the baseline.  With almost no space to control the ball let alone fire a shot, Arunasalam’s tomahawk was shot of the day with the ball in the top left hand corner of the net.  Doncaster third goal now put them in front.

As the clock ticked Southern never weakened.  In fact, three short corners reflected that but Truepenny and Hayden Currie were outstanding in defence saving genuine shots at the net.  However, with just three minutes left to play a Southern short corner was capitalised and the score was levelled, yet again.  The final winner was the clock, 3-3 the final score.

Doncaster 3 drew with Southern United 3

Goals: Russell Ford, Kiran Arunasalam

Best Players: Russell Ford, Adam Truepenny, Hayden Currie