PL Match Reports v Mentone - 23 June

June 26, 2018 at 9:17 AM

Doncaster finishes much better                                                                             Men

In the previous round Doncaster’s Premier League men didn’t finish off their good work and failed to score, costing them the match.  On Saturday it was Doncaster’s polished finish that stood out beating visiting Mentone 5-2.

The match opened up with both sides keen to move the ball with serious speed.  Despite the evenness of the match early, Doncaster looked more dangerous with deeper penetration and 3 early shots just missing the net.

Doncaster increased their pressure on Mentone as they pushed out of defence forcing turnovers and enabling the Dons to keep more of the ball in their forward half.  Doncaster’s Zac Meaden, Josh Simmonds and Jay Randhawa were winning more of the mid-field and took more control of general play.  But at the 13 minute mark a quick long Mentone toss from their defensive 25 metre line opened up their striker one out in the scoring circle and the first goal was put away.

Three minutes later Mentone were in their scoring circle, very few penetrations at that stage but a Doncaster foot set up the first short corner for the Panthers.  The drag flick that followed put Mentone two goals in front of a match that was being controlled more by Doncaster.

Doncaster remained focused and despite the two Mentone goals the Dons continued to dictate terms and pressure the circle.  At the 21 minute mark a long accurate ball from Tim Snow enabled Bevan Fernandes into the circle and his shot saw a very good save.  But the ball remained in play and Kiran Arunasalam sent the ball straight back toward the net and Fernandes’ deflection passed the keeper this time and Doncaster were on the board.

The Doncaster rhythm remained and with just seven minutes to the break Daniel McBride pushed into the circle and with no shortage of Mentone players defending, contests followed.  Luke Evered won the congestion and Doncaster were now level.

Doncaster started the second half with similar control.  Just two minutes into the half Andrew Scheele and Evered combine well to push into the circle where Arunasalam received a push and Doncaster’s first short corner followed.  Randhawa’s drag flick was well saved by the keeper but Meaden sent the ball straight back to the net and Doncaster now had a nose in front.  Doncaster’s goal conversion was working this round.

Doncaster continued to regulate play and fifteen minutes into the half two short corner go Doncaster’s way.  Both are well saved by the Mentone keeper but Randhawa pushed the second save back into the circle where Meaden once again capitalised and Doncaster now had a two goal lead.

Mentone could see their early goals were not enough and lifted.  Mentone dictated play for a period and Doncaster were the defenders, Mike Kelly saved a number of serious shots.  With just four minutes remaining Doncaster’s Joel Carroll and Scheele pushed into the Dons’ circle and a Mentone foot resulted in a short corner.  Randhawa’s shot was again saved but this time McBride finished off the good work slotting Doncaster’s fifth goal.

Doncaster 5 defeated Mentone 2

Goals: Zac Meaden 2, Bevan Fernandes, Luke Evered, Daniel McBride

Best Players: Zac Meaden, Luke Davidson, Mike Kelly

A battle but not quite enough goals                                                                       Women

On Saturday Doncaster’s Premier League women were up against another high standard team, Mentone just a match off top spot on the ladder and the highest goal scorer this season.  Doncaster certainly took the match to the talented Mentone, leading at one point but going down 5-3.

Mentone certainly set the tone with the first entry into the circle with just three minutes on the clock and hitting a Doncaster foot resulting in a short corner.  A well rehearsed double play worked well enough to put the Panthers on the board.

General play was open with the ball moving end to end as both sides looked for deep opportunities, very little were on offer.  First Doncaster would hold possession and force forward, then Mentone would take control, both defence lines were under pressure and both winning strong battles.

At the nineteen minute mark a poor Doncaster pass on the defensive 25 meter line handed the ball over to the Mentone striker and with another player to back her up and goal followed.  An even battle but the Panthers two goals in front.  Mentone are leading the league for goals for a reason, attack is their cornerstone.  Two short corners reflected their deep attack but two brilliant saves by Tess Jackson kept Doncaster in touch.

With just six minutes until the break a quick play the ball by Shae Jones from outside the attacking 25 metre line saw the ball with Sage Nye and despite taking a fall she found her feet and sent the ball deep into the circle.  Sarah Down’s deflection beat the keeper and Doncaster were on the board.

Two minutes later and Chloe Burns pushed forward from the half way line and her long accurate pass found Nye inside the circle where she scored her first ever Doncaster goal.

Four minutes into the second half and Cassie Stoneham’s pass went into the Dons’ circle and a Mentone foot resulted in short corner.  Down’s shot led to a contest near the net and Shae Jones capitalised with Doncaster’s third and now in the lead.

The arm wrestle continued, once again one team would hold possession and push forward, then the rolls would swap.  At the 20 minute mark a Mentone short corner resulted in a drag flick that was too strong for the Doncaster battery and scores are again level.  Mentone kept peppering away and three minutes later Mentone convert another short corner, back in front.

Mentone weren’t comfortable defending the lead and with just two minutes to play another Mentone short corner is saved but the Panthers push the ball straight back into the circle and they finish with five goals.

Doncaster 3 defeated by Mentone 5

Goals: Sarah Down, Sage Nye, Shae Jones

Best Players: Sam Snow, Sage Nye, Erin Jones, Hayley Padget