PL Match Reports v Geelong & Melbourne Uni - 4 & 5 June (with photos)

June 07, 2019 at 4:03 PM

Close again and in front at the end, again                                                  Women

Following a tight win over Waverley on Sunday, Doncaster’s Premier League Women faced Hockey Geelong on the Tuesday night.  This match was a very similar clash to Sunday’s with little between the two teams but like Sunday, a Doncaster goal late in the last corner sealed the result Doncaster’s way 2-1.

Doncaster set out on Tuesday’s match with the purpose they finished with on Sunday.  The Dons were well structured, held possession well and pushed the ball forward with coordination.  Shae Jones, Mikala Burchell and Liz Flack were in charge of the mid-field and Izzy Peskett was very dangerous in the forward line.  Geelong’s defence was under pressure but were in very strong form.  As quarter time loomed Geelong’s backline pushed the battle out to the mid-field and actually created some genuine forward attacks.  The contest had evened up.


Mikala Burchell Doncaster's best, strong defending and effective attacking

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The second quarter followed the first; Doncaster controlled the majority of the mid-field but Geelong’s defence was resolute.  Genuine scoring opportunities were very well defended.

The half time break was just what Geelong needed and it was the Jaguars that put their foot on the attack pedal.  Doncaster’s Chloe Burns, Aimee Dickson and Tess Jackson had plenty on their plate and were in terrific form to answer the challenge.  The battle continued in the mid-field.


Shae Jones busy all over the pitch, all night

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Mid way through the third quarter a long pass into Geelong’s scoring circle was brilliantly deflected and the first goal of the match was on the board.  Doncaster may have created more opportunities but the Jaguars were in front of what had become very tight.

But just two minutes later Izzy Peskett had quickly pushed into the Dons scoring circle and a poor tackle resulted in a Doncaster short corner.  Sam Snow’s drag flick wasn’t aimed at the net but directed to Peskett and her deflection went straight into the net.  The score now reflected the match, level.


Izzy Peskett a handful for the Geelong defenders and scored both of Doncaster's goals

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The two third quarter goals set the scene for a thrilling final quarter and that was exactly what followed.  The arm wrestle continued in the mid-field but it was Doncaster that held possession better and the Dons threatened more in their scoring zone.  Geelong’s defenders had played an outstanding match and didn’t ease up at all.  Despite Doncaster’s possession, the Jaguars remained very strong.

Where possible, Geelong used fast breaks and long passes to turn defence into attack but Doncaster’s defenders also remained resilient.  The clock ticked and a draw appeared likely.

With five minutes left to play a long ball from Snow to Burchell enabled her to push forward with speed.  Burchell passed to Annie Hebb who quickly opened the circle for Izzy Peskett to attack.  A Geelong foot set up a Doncaster short corner.  Snow’s drag flick was a direct copy of third quarter conversion and Peskett’s deflection was also a direct copy.  Doncaster, now a goal in front.

This match was fought out until the end and remained close but it was Doncaster that made the most of their opportunities with a 2-1 victory.

Doncaster 2 defeated Geelong 1

Goals: Izzy Peskett 2

Best Players: Mikala Burchell, Izzy Peskett, Tess Jackson

Fast and furious with Doncaster well on top                                                         Men

Doncaster’s Premier League Men were back to their season best on Sunday but up against Melbourne University in this mid-week clash.  Melbourne Uni are on the improve this season and sat only one win behind the Dons on the ladder.  This match would be a serious test for Doncaster, this season’s form has been inconsistent, a step back may create real problems.  And in a match that certainly had some testing moments, Doncaster’s form remained strong with a 6-0 win.

The match started at a serious pace with the ball moving as quickly as at any point in the season to date.  Doncaster held the most possession early and the Students were on the back foot.  With just four minutes played, Doncaster’s Hayden Currie had pushed into the scoring circle and a Melbourne Uni foot led to the first short corner of the match.  The shot at goal was very well saved but Zac Meaden pushed the still live ball to the front of the net where Bevan Fernandes finished off the hard work with the first goal.


Hayden Currie effective defending and attacking

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Melbourne Uni were more than happy to follow Doncaster’s lead and when they held possession speed was the order of the day.  Any player defending had very little time to think about a strategy, the ball was with them in no time.  But Tom Habal, Tim Snow and Lachlan McGowan were like a brick wall for the Students and despite the speed, deep penetration was scarce.

The second quarter saw some heated moments with some push and shove that may have thrown the players’ concentration.  But it was Doncaster that kept their mind on the pressing job of pushing ahead only on the scoreboard.  In a five minute window Doncaster scored three goals, a 4-0 score line made a statement.

Firstly Kiran Arunasalam pushed into the circle beating two defenders and crossing the ball in front of the net.  Luke Davidson found enough space in a crowded circle to find the net.  Two minutes later Habal and Arunasalam combined to do the same thing, this time with Fernandes finding the net.  Then three minutes later a long pass from Currie to Marnus Prinsloo enabled him to head to the circle at full pace.  Prinsloo then drew the keeper out, passed to Fernandes who handed the ball straight back to Prinsloo, still at full pace, who then stormed into an open net.  4-0 reflected a team that kept their mind on the job ahead.


Luke Davidson very creative all night and scored Doncaster's second goal

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

The half time break gave the Melbourne Uni’s bench time to reassess, the Students were on the ropes.  As the third quarter got underway, a match that had been played at a blistering pace appeared to speed up.  Melbourne Uni saw Doncaster’s speed as successful, followed suit and for the first window in the match genuinely threatened.  However, Doncaster’s last line remained sound.

And despite Melbourne Uni’s lift it is Doncaster that capitalise first in the third quarter.  Snow, Currie and Arunasalam combined brilliantly to turn defence into attack where Fernandes is inside the circle to finish off the hard work.  But Fernandes shot hits a Melbourne Uni shin on the way to the net and with no keeper in the defensive line, the umpire has no other option but a penalty stroke.  Russell Ford puts Doncaster’s fifth goal on the board.

As three quarter time looms, McGowan and Arunasalam combine from the half way line to push into the circle.  Once again the keeper is drawn out and the ball passed to Fernandes who gently puts his hat trick away and Doncaster’s sixth goal.


Bevan Fernandes had an outstanding match and scored a hat trick of goals

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Neither side slowed down at all in the final quarter but the closest anyone got to the goal was Doncaster’s Luke Evered who hit the net’s cross bar.  Doncaster held their impressive lead to win 6-0.

Doncaster 6 defeated Melbourne University 0

Goals: Bevan Fernandes 3, Luke Davidson, Marnus Prinsloo, Russell Ford

Best Players: Bevan Fernandes, Tom Habal, Kiran Arunasalam