PL Match Reports v Camberwell - 5 August (with photos)

August 07, 2017 at 10:44 AM

Doncaster tough but outgunned                                                     Men’s Premier League

With five senior players missing through national duties or injuries, Doncaster’s Premier League Men were up against ladder leader, Camberwell on the leader’s home pitch.  In what was a tough and hearty effort, the Dons came away with a 4-0 defeat by Camberwell.

The match got off to a fast and furious pace with both sides prepared to attack on every occasion there was a gap heading forward.  Doncaster looked the most dangerous with 3 genuine shots in the early five minutes.  Camberwell barely took the ball into the scoring circle; Doncaster’s Hayden Currie and Lachie McGowan made the last line tough to penetrate.

At the 11 minute mark Camberwell quickly pushed into their circle and a brilliant double play opened the net and their striker capitalised with the first goal of the match.  Although Doncaster had been creating more opportunities, Camberwell’s speed made the most of a small gap.

The goal settled Camberwell into a systematic forward structure and they were better able to dictate general play.  But Doncaster’s defenders continued to make the circle very difficult to penetrate and when Camberwell did push deep, Adam Truepenny was at his best.  A Camberwell shot corner lead to two powerful shots that Truepenny saved, shots that looked destine to the net.  Truepenny would do this on a number of occasions.


Adam Truepenny at full flight

Photo courtesy Nathan Collier

As the half time break loomed, Doncaster took greater control of the general play with Russell Ford, Zac Meaden and Andrew Scheele winning a handsome amount of mid-field contests and pushing into the circle.


Russell Ford from the sideline headed for the circle

Photo courtesy Nathan Collier

The Dons peppered away at their circle with Bevan Fernandes and Luke Evered proving very busy for the Camberwell defenders.  But the visitors go to the break a goal behind.


Bevan Fernandes peppered away pushing the Weller defence to the limit

Photo courtesy Nathan Collier

Camberwell’s speed always looked dangerous and just two minutes into the second half they pushed into the circle at great pace and a tomahawk shot skyed high into the top of net and they were now two goals in front.  Doncaster weren’t at all phased with the early goal and held the ball inside their 25 meter line, building opportunities but little offered any simple conversion.

At the 16 minute mark a Camberwell fast break had Doncaster on the back foot.  A defensive tackle lead to a high ball and a Camberwell short corner.  A powerful shot found the backboard and Camberwell were now three goals in the lead.

Doncaster’s effort had never waned but Camberwell’s speed had opened doors that were very well converted.  As the clock ticked the three goal gap looked too broad for Doncaster.

At the 27 minute mark an intercept by a Camberwell forward saw the ball quickly into the circle and the striker slotted the ball which effectively finished proceedings.

Doncaster 0 were defeated by Camberwell 4

Best Players: Adam Truepenny, Russell Ford, Bevan Ferdanes

Doncaster won plenty of ball but not the match               Women’s Premier League

Doncaster’s Premier League Women headed to Camberwell’s home ground on Saturday and the match was played in two distinct halves.  Doncaster dominated much of the first half but went to the break level on the scoreboard.  The second half was a more even wrestle with Camberwell scoring the only goal of the half to finish 2-1 winners.

Doncaster took control of the general play from the outset with the ball moving around the Dons’ forward line.  For the opening ten minutes Camberwell only pushed into their forward line on two occasions just to see ball head straight back into Doncaster’s half.  Doncaster’s pressure on Camberwell’s defenders often resulted in turnovers.  Nic Hogan and Izzy Peskett were causing all manner of trouble and Camberwell were in defensive mode, their last line doing a terrific job.


Nic Hogan pushed the ball forward consistently

Photo courtesy Nathan Collier

At the 16 minute mark a Camberwell fast break saw the home team hard on the attack in their circle on just about the first occasion.  A strong tomahawk shot made the most of the opportunity and Camberwell went to the lead despite the flow of play.

The first goal gave Camberwell a lift and the contests were now in the mid-field.  But Doncaster slowly took more control with play once again being in the visitor’s forward zone.


Izzy Peskett always throws herself at the ball, Saturday no different

Photo courtesy Nathan Collier

With just five minutes until the break, Doncaster’s Jade Hooper and Eli Etcheverry combined form a fee hit outside the circle to push in and Etcheverry’s cross to the net opened up a gap for Elisa Tait to slot away a goal and level the score.  Doncaster continued to pepper away at the circle but 1-1 was what went to the break.

Camberwell took a new level of composure out for the second half and did not go into a defensive emphasis.  Camberwell followed Doncaster’s lead of pushing forward at every opportunity; they were very keen to send the contest into their half and Doncaster lost control.


Sam Snow was strong in defence and also looked for gaps around the circle

Photo courtesy Nathan Collier

Sam Snow, Liz Flack and Cassie Stoneham had enough room to dictate traffic coming out of defence in the first half but were now under higher pressure.  Doncaster’s last line was up to that pressure and wrestle was in the mid-field.


Liz Flack defended very well and directed the ball into attack

Photo courtesy Nathan Collier

Camberwell did not take the pressure off and too often Doncaster’s passes went astray, or worse, straight to Camberwell players.  Doncaster’s attacks looked dangerous but stick skills were not polished and the job couldn’t be completed.

At the 16 minute mark Camberwell quickly played a free hit from outside their circle and the striker brilliantly deflected it into the net.  The home team put their nose back in front.

Doncaster knew the job was in front of them and continued to push forward, looking to open the circle and create opportunities.  But Camberwell were more than comfortable to defend their lead and put players behind the ball to close off Doncaster’s thrusts.  Doncaster’s wayward passes did not go away and near misses at the net meant the job confronting the Dons was getting bigger.

As the clock ticked, Doncaster continued to push inside their 25 metre line and Camberwell relied on a fast break to look for another goal.  But there was not to be another goal and Camberwell defended very well to finish winners.

Doncaster 1 were defeated by Camberwell 2

Goal: Ellie Tait

Best Players: Izzy Peskett, Sam Snow, Erin Jones

These match reports have also been published in this week's local paper the Manningham Leader.  You can see the reports on the online verision of the Manningham Leader on page 67.