PL Match Reports v Camberwell - 19 May

May 20, 2018 at 2:02 PM

Down to the last minute and Doncaster capitalise                                               Men

Top of the Table clash between Doncaster’s Premier League Men and the undefeated Camberwell came down to the very last minute of the match.  With the time keeper’s finger on the button, Doncaster made the most of a door that was ajar, winning 2-1.

This was an outstanding match proving why these two teams are currently first and second on the ladder, there was little between them all day.  The match opened up as a fast and furious battle with the ball moving quickly end-to-end.  One moment Doncaster’s Kiran Arunasalam had an early shot at goal but just as quickly, defender Hayden Currie had to save a very good Camberwell shot.

Despite the speed of the match both defensive structures were well maintained, deep thrusts were regularly turned away and most of the play went between the two 25 meter lines.

At the 16 minute mark, Russell Ford pushed deep into the scoring circle and by beating two defenders gave himself just enough room to shoot from the top of the circle.  It was room enough for Ford and Doncaster’s first goal was on the board.

Adam Truepenny, Jarrod McBride and Jay Randhawa were on song in defence and they had to be so, Camberwell are the highest scoring side in the competition.  At the 21 minute mark a Camberwell fast break had the Doncaster defenders on the ropes.  Truepenny’s save of the shot at the net was outstanding but the ball remained live and with enough space in the zone the Camberwell striker slotted the ball into the net and the score now reflected the match, level.

Camberwell took more control of the ball following their goal and continued to build forward pressure.  Doncaster were keen for the long break.

As the second half progressed, the high standard of the match continued with contests pushing the ball between to the 25 metre lines.  15 minutes into the half and Ford once again beats two defenders into the circle and his powerful shot hits the left hand post.  Two minutes later and Ford’s cross into the circle was just a meter out of reach for Daniel McBride.  So close but scores remained level.

Doncaster maintained their possession and it was now Camberwell under the pump.  Like Doncaster late in the first half, Camberwell were up to the pressure and not only did they win those battles, Camberwell never stopped looking for genuine scoring opportunities either.  As the clock ticked a draw was starting to loom.

But with just a minute left to play, Randhawa and Luke Evered combined well and the ball was in the Doncaster circle.  Once again it was Ford able to make the most of half a chance and his shot beat the Camberwell last line and just the whistle.

Doncaster and Camberwell played off in the 2017 Grand Final and certainly look to have the skills required to do the same in 2018.

Doncaster 2 defeated Camberwell 1

Goals: Russell Ford 2

Best Players: Russell Ford, Jay Randhawa, Andrew Scheele

Up for grabs but on the scoreboard                                                          Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women hosted Camberwell on Saturday and with the teams sitting 6 and 7 on the ladder, this match promised to be a very close battle.  The 1-1 draw certainly reflected that battle although both sides could look back on a match that was there to be won but wasn’t.

The match opened up with neither side holding sway, the ball bounced between the two 25 metre lines.  Doncaster held a little more ball than Camberwell but genuine scoring shots were few and far between.

At the ten minute mark Shae Jones and Izzy Peskett combine well pushing the ball into the scoring circle.  A contest followed and the ball bubbled out with enough room for Monne Allen to slot it into the Doncaster net.

The wrestle continued between the 25 metre lines but as the half progressed, Camberwell pushed a healthy share of the ball into their forward zone.  Sam Snow, Aimee Dickson and Chloe Burns led the Doncaster backline exceptionally well and the Dons took the narrowest of leads to the long break.

Camberwell took full advantage of the break and readjusted their mid-field zone taking more control of the ball early.  What made matters worse for Doncaster were passes that not only went astray, too often found Camberwell players.  Doncaster certainly turned defence into attacked but only to hand the ball back to Camberwell.

At the 17 minute mark a Camberwell fast break had the ball in the circle and a Doncaster foot resulted in a short corner.  A deflection of a pass from the top of the circle was brilliantly executed and Camberwell’s first goal was on the board.

Hayley Padget had proven a handful for the Camberwell defence for most of the day and the scoreboard lifted her work rate, if that was possible.  Padget could see the clock ticking and was more than happy to take on multiple defenders if that was needed to open opportunities.  But despite Padget’s efforts and two short corners to Doncaster time did win out and the 1-1 draw the outcome.

Doncaster 1 drew with Camberwell 1

Goal: Monne Allen

Best Players: Hayley Padget, Izzy Peskett, Sam Snow