PL Match Reports v Camberwell - 15 June

June 16, 2019 at 9:31 AM

Another tough draw                                                                                      Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women were up against the old rival Camberwell at Camberwell’s home pitch on Saturday.  Matches at Camberwell’s pitch are never easy and with the Wellers in finals contention this was always going to be a tough match.  Doncaster matched Camberwell all day but not until the final two minutes of the match did they level the score, 2-2 in the end.

Doncaster set the scene for the day from the very beginning with much of the contest being fought out in Doncaster’s half.  At the five minute mark a Camberwell fast break had the ball in the Wellers’ scoring circle for the first time.  A shot at goal hit a Doncaster shin and the umpire deemed the ball was headed to the net.  A penalty stroke followed and that was all the striker needed, Camberwell a goal in front.

While the match had started in Doncaster’s half, the goal lifted the Wellers and battle was pushed to the mid-field.  Both teams defensive structures were very effective and the battle was between the two 25 metre lines.

The second quarter followed suit with Doncaster holding more ball and the ball was contested in Doncaster’s forward line.  But at the seven minute mark Camberwell pushed into their circle for the first time of the quarter.  The Wellers striker made the most of very little and Camberwell had the second goal on the board.

Doncaster continued to control much of the play and weren’t phased by the scoreboard.  Sam Snow, Cloe Burns and Aimee Dickson were very strong in defence and Liz Flack, Nic Hogan and Mikala Burchell won more of the mid-field contests.

With just five minutes until the long break Doncaster took a quick play the ball from a free hit and Annie Hebb pushed into the circle.  Manisha Arunasalam drew the Camberwell defenders and the ball came free from the contest.  Hogan pounced and her tomahawk hit the backboard, Doncaster got reward for effort.

In the first half Doncaster controlled much of the play but Camberwell were a goal in front.  The two goals gave Camberwell plenty of confidence and as the second half progressed the Wellers did not allow Doncaster to push forward as had occurred thus far.  The match became the arm wrestle; first Camberwell would hold possession and push forward.  Doncaster’s strong defenders would then turn the ball around and the battle was pushed into the Dons’ forward line.  But with both defences on song, deep penetration was very hard to create.

As the final quarter got underway a high standard match takes a step up.  Doncaster coach, Maria Romagosa, obviously asked her players to throw caution to the wind to bridge the gap.  Both teams were comfortable to play ‘full steam ahead’.  The speed of the match saw both sides under pressure but the last lines of defence were the heroes of the day, goals were hard to come by.

With just two minutes remaining to play, Flack took a quick play the ball into the Doncaster circle.  A Camberwell foot set up another short corner.  Snow’s drag flick was too much for the Wellers battery and the score now reflected the match, 2-2.

Doncaster 2 drew with Camberwell 2

Goals: Nic Hogan, Sam Snow

Best Players: Liz Flack, Sam Snow, Izzy Peskett

Doncaster as good as Camberwell but not on the scoreboard                            Men

Doncaster’s Premier League Men have played more consistent form in recent rounds so a clash against second placed Camberwell presented a real test on where the Dons were at.  In a very high standard match, Doncaster certainly matched the Wellers in general play but Camberwell made the most of their few opportunities coming away 2-0 winners over Doncaster.

Doncaster started the match with purpose, holding possession for long periods and pressuring Camberwell all over the pitch when the Wellers did take the ball.  The match started in Doncaster’s forward line and the Dons kept it there.  Jay Randhawa, Tom Habal and Lachlan McGowan built a wall across the mid-field and Bevan Fernandes, Kiran Arunasalam and Luke Evered were damaging in attack.

Camberwell took a free hit form the defensive 25 metre and it may have been a toss to just buy some territory, but a fast sprinting Camberwell forward just caught the ball on the baseline and threw his stick at the ball, landing it in the scoring circle.  A free Camberwell striker finished off the amazing piece of work and found the net.  Doncaster may have controlled much of general play but the Wellers were in front.

Doncaster weren’t at all phased by the extraordinary goal and continued to put Camberwell under enormous pressure, the battle continued to be fought out largely in Doncaster’s half.

With just three minutes until the half time break Camberwell take a long pass from the far side on the 25 metre line into the circle.  The pass hits the left hand bar of the net and bounces to an unmarked Camberwell striker, most of the net was open and another freakish goal goes the way of the Wellers.

The long break enabled the Wellers to rethink how to handle Doncaster’s pressure and they hold possession stronger in the third quarter, the contest is pushed into the mid-field.  Once again last lines are on top and neither side has much deep penetration.

As the final quarter progresses Doncaster’s strong possession has the contest back in their forward half.  The Dons pepper away at the circle but all Camberwell’s players are now occupying the precious space, genuine shots are hard to find.  When Camberwell take the ball they concentrate on maintaining that possession, attacking is not their first objective.  The clock ticks.

In a match that had Doncaster controlling the majority of general play, goals were not on the menu.  But Camberwell converted two extraordinary goals from so little to be the final difference.

Doncaster 0 were defeated by Camberwell 2

Best Players: Jay Randhawa, Tom Habal, Lachlan McGowan