PL Match Reports v Altona - 5 April

May 06, 2018 at 8:51 PM

Too strong for too long sees strong win                                                  Premier League Men

Doncaster’s Premier League Men went over the Westgate Bridge to meet Altona on Saturday.  And in a tough match that gave little away for much of the day, it was Doncaster’s persistence and strength that saw them come home with a 6-1 victory.

Doncaster were the first to set the scene as a long ball to Luke Evered put the Seagulls last line under the pump.  Evered pushed into the scoring circle and an Altona cross stick set up the first short corner.  With just two minutes on the clock Hayden Currie’s drag flick hit the left hand corner of the net and the Dons were on the board.

Daniel McBride, Kiran Arunasalam and Bevan Fernandes were more than a handful for the Altona backline and much of the early play was in Doncaster’s forward zone.  When Altona looked to take the ball from defence to attack, Doncaster’s mid-field zone was a wall.  Jay Randhawa, Zac Meaden and Andrew Scheele were in control.

But at no stage did Altona crumble and slowly but surely the Seagulls not only defended well but set up genuine attacks.  At the 13 minute mark Altona intercepted a Doncaster pass and pushed the ball into their scoring circle.  A Doncaster foot set up Altona’s first short corner but while it was saved by Lachlan McGowan a second short corner was called.  This time the Seagulls striker found the net and scores were level.

While Doncaster had held more of the ball thus far, the Altona goal was just what they needed to lift their confidence and a mid-field battle followed.

Late in the half it was Altona that peppered away at their net.  Two short corners were brilliantly saved by Adam Truepenny and then Tim Snow right on the line.  Then a quick play from Currie to Scheele to Arunasalam opened up the Doncaster net.  An Altona foot set up Doncaster’s short corner and Randhawa had no trouble scoring the Dons’ second goal.

The second half started as a copy of the first: Doncaster scored with just two minutes on the clock.  McGown’s long ball to the wing was brilliantly deflected by Russell Ford to Arunasalam who just sprinted for the circle.  Arunasalam’s tomahawk beats the keeper and Doncaster were two goals up.

And similar to the first half, Doncaster control much of general play but Altona defend very well.  Once again the Seagulls gradually work their way into the mid-field contests and the wrestle continues.

With just eight minutes left to play a quick play of a free hit opened the door for Daniel McBride and all he needed was room for his tomahawk that found the net and Doncaster’s fourth goal.

Just a minute later and Ford’s shot at goal was brilliantly saved but unfortunately for the Seagulls it was dangerously high and a short corner followed.  Ford continued his set up work and deflected Currie’s pass for the corner into the net, Doncaster’s fifth.

Another minute later and Ford crossed the ball to the front of the net where Luke Davidson slotted Doncaster’s sixth goal.

Doncaster 6 defeated Altona 1

Goals: Hayden Currie, Jay Randhawa, Kiran Arunasalam, Daniel McBride, Russell Ford, Luke Davidson

Best Players: Adam Truepenny, Jay Randhawa, Bevan Fernandes

A match to be won but just drawn                                                 Premier League Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women played Altona on Saturday and in a match that was there to be won, Doncaster didn’t capitalise and ended up doing well to come away with a draw 1-1.

This match started with both sides putting their best foot forward and the ball contested between the 25 metre lines.  Doncaster looked the more dangerous.  Hayley Padget and Izzy Peskett were able to push deeply forward but goals couldn’t be found.  Where genuine shots were taken, Altona’s last line was equal.

When in defence, Doncaster’s Sam Snow, Chloe Burns and Maread Whitbread were very strong, offering Altona’s forwards very little.

At the three minute mark of the second half Sarah Down pressured an Altona defender and a turnover followed.  Padget pounced and was in the circle within seconds, her tomahawk was too much of the Seagulls’ keeper and Doncaster were at last on the board.  That forward pressure continued and turnovers followed but the goals didn’t.

Altona had never taken a backward step and despite Doncaster looking the more dangerous, the Seagulls continued to toil.  Altona opened forward options that were very rare in the first half.  Three short corners went Altona’s way and while these were saved the ball from the third remained live and the Seagulls striker pounced and scores were now level.

The Seagulls confidence lifted, their cohesion improved and held more control of the ball.  Altona knew they were up against a very strong defence so they looked for fast breaks where ever possible to push as far forward as possible.  And that strategy worked well, Altona was threatening more than at any point of the match.

Altona received a further five short corners for the second half (eight in total for the second half), receiving just one in the first half.  Tess Jackson led the Doncaster battery and despite two nasty injuries that saw Burns and Amiee Dickson off the pitch, no Altona shot found the net.

Doncaster could see the clock ticking and in the dying few minutes pushed forward and peppered at the net but conversion remained too hard on Saturday.  In a match that Doncaster control the majority of the play a draw was actually a fair result.

Doncaster 1 drew with Altona 1

Goal: Hayley Padget

Best Players: Izzy Peskett, Chloe Burns, Maread Whitbread