PL Match Reports Rd 2 v Power House 13 April

April 14, 2019 at 12:16 PM

The following match report was published in the Manningham Leader newspaper on page 61.

Doncaster 4 goals behind but lift to draw                                                              Men

Following a 10-1 win in Round 1, Doncaster’s Premier League Men had to come from four goals behind to sneak a 4-4 draw against Power House/St Kilda on Saturday.  Doncaster could probably claim more possession of the ball than Power House, however, Power House made maximum use of fewer scoring opportunities and certainly deserved their four goals.

The match opened with an open and fast moving ball, both sides more than happy to push as far forward and as quickly as possible.  With just seven minutes on the clock a Power House fast break had Doncaster defenders pushing the runner as wide as possible.  A tomahawk from the far left side of the circle beat the keeper and Power House were on the board.

Doncaster weren’t phased by the goal and as the match progressed Doncaster was better able to hold more possession and the contest shifted to the Doncaster forward line.  Jay Randhawa and Zac Meaden were winning the mid-field contests while Kiran Arunasalam and Bevan Fernandes were threatening in the forward line.


Zac Meaden was a driver in the mid-field

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

At the three minute mark of the second quarter another Power House fast break had Doncaster defenders out of position.  The contest in the circle saw the ball bubble out and into the net, 2-0.  Just six minute later a Power House free hit from outside the 25 metre line was sent powerfully into the circle and the striker’s deflection was perfect, 3-0.  Power House’s three goals had gone against the general run of play but were fully deserving.  Doncaster were in trouble.

Early in the third quart another Power House fast break had the ball in the circle and a Doncaster foot resulted in the first short corner of the match.  The push out bounced badly put Power House quickly controlled the ball and the striker made the most of almost nothing to put Power House’s fourth goal on the board.  Given Power House have been as good a defender as any side in the competition, Doncaster was staring down the gun barrel.


Despite the four Power House goals, Joel Carroll and his fellow defenders won the majority of contests

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Arunasalam had been busy all match and with just nine minutes before three quarter time, he and Andrew Scheele combined well to push the ball deep into the circle.  Scheele’s pass to the centre was perfect for Luke Evered and his deflection finally saw Doncaster on the board.


Never a dull moment when Kiran is involved

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Arunasalam’s goal lifted Doncaster and they peppered the circle.  Randhawa and Meaden pushed the ball into the circle and a Power House foot set up Doncaster’s first short corner of the match.  It was all Randhawa needed, his drag flick put Doncaster’s second goal on the board.

Two minutes later it was Randhawa and Arunasalam that had the ball in the circle and a rough Power House tackle resulted in Doncaster’s second short corner.  Once again it was all Randhawa needed, now just a goal behind.

Doncaster’s control continued and much of the wrestle was played in Doncaster’s half.  Power House’s defenders were on the ropes but showed why they are and outstanding defending team.  Doncaster peppered away but Power House gave nothing.

With just two minutes left to play Calvin Martinz pushed into the circle and a push in the back lead to another Doncaster short corner.  A brilliant save saw the ball out of the circle but Russell Ford put it back quickly and Fernandes’ deflection saw the final score level, 4-4.

Doncaster drew with Power House 4-4

Goals: Jay Randhawa 2, Luke Evered, Bevan Fernandes

Best Players: Jay Randhawa, Bevan Fernandes, Andrew Scheele


Good control but not enough finish                                                            Women

Doncaster’s Premier League Women were at home on Saturday against Power House, back in Premier League after a few years in the grade below.  In a match that the Dons dictated the majority of play, a 2-2 draw was a great credit to the returning Power House.

Doncaster set the tone from the first whistle with very high forward pressure forcing Power House turn overs; much of the play was in the Doncaster half.  At the eight minute mark the only occasion Power House pushed into their circle saw a Doncaster foot and a Power House short corner.  It was all that was needed; a strong drag flick had the visitors on the board.

Two minutes later and a Power House fast break had Doncaster’s defenders wrong footed and their striker slotted their second goal.  Power House hadn’t scored at all in Round 1, Doncaster were under the pump despite dictating much of the play.

With just three minutes until quarter time Liz Flack played a quick free hit from outside the Doncaster 25 meter line and her long pass was textbook to Sarah Down.  Down turned to beat the keeper and put Doncaster on the board.


Sarah Down proved a handful for the Power House last line scoring both of Doncaster's goals

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

As the match progressed Sam Snow, Flack and Mikala Burchell continued to win the majority of mid-field contests and the ball spent a great deal of its time in the Doncaster half.  Izzy Peskett, Zoe Yole and Down were busy around the circle but Power House’s last line were outstanding.


Sam Snow - once again one of Doncaster's best on Saturday

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

Power House defenders won the majority of contests close to the net and too often Doncaster passes missed targets.  Scoring opportunities were not maximised.  Doncaster also continued to pressure Power House players and turn overs had the visitors on the ropes.

But the clock ticked.  Doncaster were dominating general play the further the match went but a lack of polish in the final forward thrusts and dour Power House defenders kept the scoreboard the same.


Izzy Peskett's pressure on any Power House player with the ball set an excellent example

Photo courtesy of Andrew Pywell

With just one minute to play, Flack quickly took a free hit just outside the circle and pushed into the danger zone.  Flack’s shot was deflected by Down to beat the keeper and Doncaster’s second goal was finally scored.  But the clock kept ticking; a 2-2 full time score line.

Doncaster drew with Power House 2-2

Goals: Sarah Down 2

Best Players: Sam Snow, Izzy Peskett, Zoe Yole