PL Finals Match Reports - 8 September

September 09, 2018 at 3:49 PM

Good in play but not enough on the scoreboard

Doncaster’s Premier League Women played a sudden death final against Mentone on Saturday.  In a typical finals match, this was a battle all day with neither side dominating and both sides putting their very best feet forward.  While virtually nothing separated the two teams it was Mentone that made the most of their opportunities scoring four goals to Doncaster’s two goals.

The match started with both teams being as careful and wary as possible, no one was going to leave any gaps open.  The battle was fought out between the two 25 metre lines.  Firstly Doncaster, then Mentone would hold possession and probe for breaks in the opposition defence, little on offer.

At the 17 minute mark a fast play the ball by Mentone did open the scoring circle and a very quick tomahawk from the top of the circle made the most of the opportunity scoring the first goal.  Just a minute later and Mentone repeated the same move and yet another powerful shot from the top of the circle had the second goal of the match to Mentone’s credit.

Doncaster could see danger and held more possessions, working the ball around their forward line probing for the reply.  But a Mentone fast break at the 25 minute mark had the Doncaster defenders on the back foot and the Mentone striker’s deflection of a cross to the net put the third goal on the board.

Doncaster kept their minds on the job, ignoring the scoreboard and peppered away at their circle.  Emma Sampson quickly played a free hit and pushed into the circle passing to Erin Jones.  Jones won the contest that followed and put Doncaster on the scoreboard.

In what had been a very even first half, Mentone’s ability to make the most of the few opportunities was reflected on the scoreboard.

With just a minute played in the second half a long and accurate pass from Sam Snow to Chloe Burns gave Burns the chance to head for the circle.  Burns passed to Mariona Serrahima and her clean shot from the top of the circle put Doncaster’s second goal on the board.  With a very even contest and now just a goal difference, it certainly was game on!

Following Serrahima’s goal Doncaster continued to hold possession and the majority of the match was played in Doncaster’s forward line.  Mentone had converted their opportunities well and were now defending very well.  Two Doncaster short corners were also kept at bay.

As the second half progresses, Mentone not only defend well but pushed the tight contest back to the mid-field.  Control of the match swung to and fro with both defences the standouts.

With just eight minutes left to play a Mentone fast break did open up their forward line and with Doncaster’s last line on the back foot the Mentone striker was able to score their fourth goal.  As the clock ticked Doncaster focussed more on attack than defence and the majority of play was in the Doncaster forward line.  Genuine opportunities were scarce and Mentone were comfortable to put numbers back and defended their lead.

A very high standard match kept genuine opportunities to a minimum and it was Mentone’s better capitalisation that tilled the match in their favour.  With Doncaster’s season now over, 2019 is the next horizon.

Doncaster 2 were defeated by Mentone 4

Goals: Erin Jones, Mariona Serrahima

Best Players: Sam Snow, Shae Jones, Mariona Serrahima