Fees Paid for Season 2020 and 2020 Membership Contributions

July 21, 2020 at 12:47 PM

2020 Winter Season is off but a great deal else marches on

Dear Doncaster Hockey Club family

I hope you are well and managing your way through this second lockdown phase.

The purpose of this communication is to cover off the topic of fees that have been paid for the 2020 season and a request for your support.

As you are now aware the winter 2020 season will not proceed.

A significant number of you complied with our requests at the start of the season to pay fees prior to the commencement of the season and we truly appreciate your commitment to that.

In respect of that commitment, we will provide the option of refunding-in full, all fees paid to Doncaster Hockey Club for Winter Season 2020.

In order to facilitate this refund, banking details will be required – these details can be submitted in the link at the bottom of this article.

I would like to be clear that we will not be crediting 2020 fees as a contribution to 2021 season.

Please note – this does not apply to the fees paid to Hockey Victoria. At this stage, there is no decision by Hockey Victoria on any refunds for fees paid. As this unfolds, we will keep you informed.

I hope this position is clear with respect to fees paid for the 2020 season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your committee representatives.

As I outlined when we announced details about the winter season cancellation, we still have significant activity associated with running and developing the Club:

  • Development of a summer hockey program when conditions allow
  • Rolling out and integrating the Well-being initiatives across the broader club
  • Change room upgrades to provide female friendly change rooms – this program is due for completion this year.
  • Web site development and rehosting
  • Introduction of a digital multimedia scoreboard
  • Resourcing for 2021 season

It is imperative that we keep our resources in the form of coaches and administrators, intact to allow the Club to return to activity once conditions allow.

These activities are ongoing.

In addition to that, we have conducted extensive pre-season training and organisation to allow the 2020 season to progress as far as it did. As is every year, we have expended many hours and spent significant amounts of money in the preparation of:

  • Pre-season programs
  • Junior recruitment programs
  • Strength and conditioning resources and regimes
  • Seeking out and responding to any grants or offsets available to mitigate the financial impact to our Club of the winter season cancellation
  • Premier League coaching, Pennant & Metro grade coaching and Junior Development positions have all run for essentially 6 months and all coaches have been recompensed on a pro rata basis as is the right thing to do
  • Accounting and other statutory requirements associated with operating a club of our size.

To that end, your Club is seeking contributions from our membership to support the programmes run in support of the 2020 season and to allow us to retain our resources so that when we are safely able to return to hockey, we can implement the programmes with the level of professionalism that we pride ourselves in and is a contribution to the ongoing viability of us as a community. There is no prospect of the Club ceasing to be an entity due to financial pressures – we have the benefit of years of astute management that places us well – but this will position of advantage will be eroded as result of the events of 2020.

We have put in place a Team App FEES & MERCHANDISE 2020 contribution link and would seek you contribute what you feel comfortable with given your individual circumstances.

This is not mandatory and your commitments will be kept confidential.

Alternatively, you could contribute directly to the Club Account.

I would implore you all to consider this seriously and contribute what you can and are able to in this quite difficult time and would really appreciate your consideration to continue supporting the Doncaster Hockey Club.

Regardless, my message remains as previously, keep connected, stay fit and above all else stay safe.

Ken Scott  |  President
Doncaster Hockey Club - Australia


Team App 2020 contributions:



EFT 2020 contributions

BSB 633000

ACCT 147963631

Doncaster Hockey Club


Link for Fee refund option:




Plans for the Last Quarter of 2020

  1. Hockey Victoria management have commenced considering what hockey opportunities may look like in the last quarter of 2020, pending the Government’s ease of restrictions allows community sport to resume. 
  2. Doncaster Hockey Club’s committees and leaders are commencing discussions around how we can keep our members connected. Please email any ideas that you might have. Rest assured, whenever permitted, we will be offering some format of hockey.