Doncaster Hockey Club Coaches Forum & Launch

April 05, 2018 at 11:33 AM

2018 Coaches and anyone thinking of coaching in the future, this is for you!

Coaches Forum now reschedulled until Monday 16 April

The initial Doncaster Coaches Forum and Launch will be held at the Club rooms Monday 16 April from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  All Doncaster coaches, including aspiring, seniors, juniors and specialist coaches are invited to attend the Donny Coach forum.  All 2108 appointed coaches are required to attend.

This is the first time Doncaster has held a Coaches Forum and the Club has appointed Mark Taylor in the role of Club Coach Director.  Mark has been involved with Doncaster since 2015 as Coach of the Women’s Premier League team, bringing home Donny’s first Women’s Premier League flag in 26 years.  In the five years prior to Mark’s involvement with Doncaster he was Coach of the Greensborough Premier League Women’s team, where the Burra won three Premierships.

The coaching role is a critically important one within the Club and the Doncaster is very pleased that Mark will head up this role to provide all our coaches with as much support and direction as possible.  The Coaches Forum will provide our coaches with a network and coaching community to assist them with huge support to a time consuming and sometimes, lonely, role.

If you in a coaching role for 2018 or considering taking on coaching, the Coaches Forum and Launch next Monday is where you should be.

Doncaster Hockey Club Coaches Forum

Date: Monday 16th April
Time: 7-9pm
Where: Doncaster Hockey Clubrooms
Who: All 2018 Doncaster Coaches and anyone thinking about coaching in the future.
Parents are also most welcome, refreshments will be available.