DHC Upgrades - Improvements to Your Club

August 26, 2019 at 11:42 AM

Huge improvements and we need your support

Doncaster Hockey Club is very pleased to announce and number of projects that will significantly improve your hockey club.  These are very big initiatives and we are extremely appreciative for the great funding and support from Bendigo Bank, Manningham City Council and the Victorian Government.  And there has also been terrific support from within the Club with funds raised through recent Club events; Trivia Night, Survivor Day and Club74.

But as you will see below, the new projects are substantial and we do still need more funding.  We would ask you to help were you are able to continue to improve your Club.  Steps you can take to donate are outlined below.

Project Summary

Sports Chaplain @ Doncaster Hockey Club

Grant funding received from Bendigo Bank Community Enterprise Foundation has provided funding at assist the DHC to sponsor a club-based club Sports Chaplain.  The Sports Chaplin can provide pastoral care and social and emotional comfort for everyone connected to the Club.  They can respond to each individual’s need, fostering sustained, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for all members regardless of age, background, faith or nationality.

In addition, in 2020 we will deliver an emotionally engaging RESILIENCE workshop providing evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience and happiness.  The session will discuss how to manage tough times to ensure that our members can bounce back from adversity and how to support each other through this.

Mullum Mullum Pavilion Kitchen Upgrade Project

The kitchen in the Clubrooms has been doing a sterling job for many years but it needs an upgrade.  The design plans are now finalised and the project has been costed at $90,000 provided by Manningham City Council.  The project is expected to be completed in late 2020.

DHC Pavilion Female Friendly Change Rooms Project

Like the kitchen, the Club facility rooms are in desperate need of improvement, in particular Female Friendly Change rooms are well over due.  Meeting rooms, the Proshop and the Umpires rooms also need upgrades.

We are now close to signing off the concept drawings for this project and we are planning to start this project in early 2020.  At this point it is anticipated that this project will cost $400,000 which is being funded by the State Government and the Manningham City Council.

Digital Scoreboard and upgrade Player Dugout and Technical area Project

Our scoreboard was a State leader when it was launched in 1990.  Obviously, technology has moved on.  Our aim is to build a new Technical area with the replacement of our outdated scoreboard and improve the player dugouts.  This will assist our Club to be back to having the best hockey club facilities in Victoria.

The technical area and player dugouts will be located on the far side of the ground which will provide a much safer facility for players and officials.  This location will bring us in line with Hockey Victoria’s League Entry Criteria requirements.

Our new Digital scoreboard will also be installed upon the far side of the ground.  The new Scoreboard was first envisaged by our Club74 members.   Not only allowing players and spectators clear view we believe a Digital Scoreboard with video capability would allow the Club to create sponsors images or videos, replays and Club event information.

The Technical area and Player Dugouts are estimated to cost $70-$80,000 and the new Digital Scoreboard at $60-$70,000.  The cost of this project rests with our Club.

With events already this year we have $14,200 raised: Club74 has provided $7,500, Trivia Night raised $3,600 and Survivor Day $3,100.

This week we received an exciting announcement that Bendigo Bank will be sponsoring $45,000 to this project.  A huge Thank You to our Gold Sponsor, Bendigo Bank, we are off and running!

But there is a way to go and we need your help.

The remaining balance of $80-$90,000 we aim to raise via a tax deductible ‘Go Fund me’ page using the AUSTRALIAN SPORTS FOUNDATION.

The Australian Sports Foundation is a fundraising platform that assists clubs to raise funds for projects.  Importantly, they are able to provide donors with tax-deductible receipts on their donation to your sporting cause.

You can access the AUSTRALIAN SPORTS FOUNDATION-DHC Fundraising portal using the below links:

DHC Project https://asf.org.au/projects/doncaster-hockey-club/

Donation URL (direct to online donation form) https://asf.org.au/donate/digital-scoreboard-and-new-player-dugouts-and-tech-bench/



Thank you