DHC Update 4 August 2020

August 05, 2020 at 11:46 AM

With stage 4 COVID-19 isolation restrictions now in place, the need for positivity becomes even more critical. We are saddened to think that the return to some form of hockey has been delayed yet again, but no storm lasts forever-be brave and stay positive.

In this message we have updates on:

  • Staying connected options
  • Club updates – financial position and your financial contributions to date
  • Donny Wellbeing strategy
  • Building updates – change rooms, scoreboard and dugouts
  • Summer Hockey
  • Sports Chaplain

Staying Connected

Through these unusual times, staying connected with our members is challenging, however connectiveness can be achieved in many different ways and we encourage members to get creative or check-in on your team mates.

A group of Doncaster Hockey Club members from across all sections of the Club, recently met to brainstorm ideas of ways that we can stay connected. We are seeking volunteers who might be interested to drive some of the ideas or let us know if you have other suggestions.

Below are some ideas but not exclusive to:

Trivia Night, Survivor Day- virtual

Team App team challenges

5km club challenge -virtual

Masters – Monday night Madness – get togethers

Friday night Hotdogs- Juniors

Wednesday night fun or fitness

Seniors-Womens-Mens- quiz/pilates nights


Small whats app groups

Stay tunned, we'll see what develops in this front.

Thank you

In response to our recent call out for financial contributions, to date we have received $5000 through your support and a massive $51K in donations towards the scoreboard and player dugout area. While we are exceedingly grateful, for every dollar received, we would again like to encourage you all to consider any financial contribution that you are able to make during this difficult time as a way of supporting the Doncaster Hockey Club.

As previously communicated, we have significant ongoing activities associated with running and developing the Club which has cost in the vicinity of $80K.

These include:

  • Pre-season activities in anticipation of a 2020 season before COVID-19.
  • Development of a hockey program when conditions allow
  • Rolling out and integrating the Wellbeing initiatives across the broader Club
  • Web site development and rehosting
  • Resourcing for 2021 season
  • Annual deposits for ground replacement

Due to COVID-19 our income for this year has been reduced to $20K, leaving us with a $60K shortfall.

Maintaining our resources for coaches and administration is pivotal. There is no prospect of the Club ceasing to be an entity due to financial pressures at this stage as we have the benefit of years of astute management that places us well – but this position of advantage will be eroded as result of the events of 2020. If you feel you are in a position to contribute (see methods below) to the club we would be grateful for that.

Meanwhile at the Club

Whilst the Club may be closed, the operations behind the scene are still operating.

Here are a few updates:


In January we started exploring ways in which we can establish a more comprehensive and structured approach to promoting wellbeing. A sub-committee have been working together to formulate a wellbeing framework that would capture what we are trying to achieve in support of the wellbeing of our members, and how these goals get translated into everyday life at DHC. The DHC wellbeing strategy can be viewed here.


Work on our FFCRs are being fully supported by State Government grant, City of Manningham funding with a small nominal outlay to the Club.   Tender applications for our facility upgrade are under review and we are hoping that the of the project building will commence in September.  COVID-19 has pushed out original timeframes.  

As part of the scope, the existing store shed will be dismantled, with new storage areas to be built.

Thanks to Kevin Saunders, assisted by Wayne Sturrock and earlier work from John Henry and John Hamilton who have converted one of the current dugouts into a storage shed. 


               Dugout conversion- storage shed                                                  Plans for the facility upgrade



As part of our earlier announced ongoing ground works plans, discussions with Council for plans for the new scoreboard and player dugouts located on the North side of the pitch have commenced.   COVID-19 restrictions have slowed things down; however, we are hopeful that we can provide more updates shortly.    We’ll keep the Donny community up to date here on how we progress here and for more detail, see below “Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) – Go Fund me page”.


The Club will continue to work with Hockey Victoria to resume some form of hockey, when restrictions allow. The format could be anything from an 8-week competition to a one-off round robin tournament, but whatever it looks like, we will be consulting members to seek your level of interest and get back to some hockey as soon as we can.


A reminder that the Club has appointed Paul White as our Club Sports Chaplain. If you need someone to chat to or reach out to, Paul will be happy to receive your call or email.

To find out more about Paul or to get his contact details click here

Financial contributions

There are several options (including a tax-deductible option) where you can contribute what you feel comfortable with given your individual circumstances.

  1. Team App FEES & MERCHANDISE 2020 contribution
  2. Club Account EFT
  3. Fees refund reductions
  4. Australian Sports Foundation- Scoreboard project (Tax deductible)

1.     Team App 2020 contributions:

Direct contribution using the DHC Team app


2.     EFT 2020 contributions

Direct contribution using Bank transfer

BSB 633000

ACCT 147963631

Doncaster Hockey Club

3.     Fee refund option:

If you already paid your season fees, and choose not to seek your entitled full refund you can use this form to nominate how much you would like the Club to retain.


4.     Australian Sports Foundation (ASF)- Go Fund me page (tax deductible).

This ASF portal assists clubs with raising funds for facility improvement projects. Doncaster Hockey Club has a fundraising page set up specifically to raise funds for a digital scoreboard and new technical bench/player dugouts. We aim to complete this project in 2 stages. Stage 1-Multi-media Scoreboard. Stage 2-Tech Bench/dugouts. To date-we have received a donation from Bendigo Bank of $45K, and Club Members donations of $51k but we will still have an overall project shortfall. Contributions to this project are tax deductible.



To all our members and your families, stay connected, keep fit and above all else stay safe.

Together we can do this!