COVID-19 Information - Update 13 July

May 22, 2020 at 12:12 PM

This article contains all the News updates published by Doncaster Hockey Club regarding COVID-19.

COVID-19 has made massive impacts across the entire world, everywhere one looks, the repercussions of this virus are enormous.  Doncaster Hockey Club will keep our members up to date with what this means for our sport and our Club.  In order to keep this information flow unified, the following articles are the News updates we have published as information has been announced.  These articles are dated as to when they were published.


Winter Hockey Ends Before It Starts - This article was published 13 July 2020

Dear Doncaster Hockey Club Family

I thought it pertinent to provide an update regarding the state of return to play for season 2020.

The final decision from Hockey Victoria regarding the 2020 Winter Season reads as follows:

The return to Stage 3 Stay at Home restrictions for a period of six weeks means that the planned 12 round & 15 round (Premier League & Reserves) competitions and the 2020 Junior State Championships will not proceed.

This is a most disappointing outcome, but in reality there could be no other, given the circumstances we find ourselves in.

We have, as a club, responded to the challenges presented in what I consider to be an exemplary fashion. We have shown ourselves to be agile, organised and above all responsible. This has not happened by accident.

I would like to thank all the people who assisted in our getting as far as we did with our return to hockey. The assistance came in the forms of:

  • Liaison with our governing bodies (Manningham Council and Hockey Victoria)
  • Ground Management and COVID-19 compliance oversight,
  • Training booking programming
  • Ball disinfecting
  • Player liaison and communication
  • Coaching and connection – during both shut down and during start up

There were endless hours of video hook-ups and phone calls that went on behind the scenes.

I would like to thank everybody who played a role, no matter how small they felt it to be – the cumulative result was as always impressive – thank you.

So, what next.

We will hold a board meeting on Tuesday to develop a final assessment on where the Club sits. There will be a significant financial impact. This impacts will be felt when we face the ground replacement cost of circa $350 k in the next 6-7 years.

Activities that are underway:

  • Development of a summer hockey program when conditions allow
  • Rolling out and integrating the Wellbeing initiatives across the broader club
  • Change room upgrades to provide female friendly change rooms – this program is due for completion this year.
  • Web site development and rehosting
  • Introduction of a digital multimedia scoreboard
  • 'Cuppa with the Chaplain' (virtual of course). If anyone needs someone to reach out to, contact DHC Sports Chaplain-Paul White here.

All these items will be central to our return to hockey.

Of further note is that Andrea Snow has indicated she will resign as Operations Manager of the Club at the end of September. In the 10 years in that role, Andrea’s contribution to the Club has been immeasurable. I cannot thank Andrea enough for her dedication, passion and commitment to our Club.

The position of operations Manager will be advertised in due course.

On a final note I would encourage you all to keep connected, stay fit and above all else stay safe.



Ken Scott  |  President
Doncaster Hockey Club - Australia


Lockdown starts again - This article was published 8 July 2020

As you are probably aware all community sporting facilities are now closed until further notice, due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 and the heightened risk of transmission.

Sadly, this means the end to the winter season as we knew it. We are aware that many of you would still love to have some form of hockey to look forward to once restrictions allow, so our next steps will be to discuss what this could look like.

Hockey Victoria are meeting with clubs and we will keep you posted with updates as they come to hand.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly in making it possible for everyone to get on the pitch over the past 6 weeks, and to everyone who have been so accommodating in following the protocols. It has been truly appreciated by all and inspiring to see the smiles on people’s faces running around playing hockey- despite now watching the season fall away.

We encourage everyone to keep active and a reminder that open space (unlocked spaces and park land) are still open to the community for walking, running, and non-organised activities (in groups of 2).

However, please note that in Manningham there will be:

  • No access to pavilions in any circumstance
  • No access to sports grounds
  • No organised or casual training organised by user groups
  • No organised gatherings of user groups
  • No organised sport
  • No access to any council buildings

Doncaster Hockey Club is seeking input from members about how you think we could remain connected. Any suggestions please email your coordinator/coach or Chair.

In the meantime, stay safe, active and positive and most of all stay connected. Reach out to your teammates to #keephockeyalive in whatever format that will be. 

Doncaster HC Executive

Also on 8 July 2020 DHC published a message from the Mannigham Council with regard to sporting facilities in the municipality. That Manningham Council announcement is available here.


Getting closer! - This article was published 16 June 2020

Based on further easing of COVID-19 restrictions announced on 14 June, Hockey Victoria (HV) are currently working on the proposed 2020 Competition dates.  On Wednesday 17 June, HV will announce the new 2020 Competition dates at the Club & Association Forum.  The following key dates are currently in proposal and likely to be announced on Wednesday 17 June:

  • Start the Junior Season on Friday 17 July
  • Start Midweek/Masters Competition on Monday 20 July & Wednesday 22 July
  • Start the Senior Competition season on Saturday 25 July
  • All competitions to conclude by Sunday 25 October at the latest.

Any changes to training protocols will be made ASAP and published immediately.

Below are some key points relating to what can occur from 22 June that will be included in the updated version of the HV Return to Hockey Guidelines over the coming days:

  • Change rooms and showers can open, and clubrooms at sport venues can have up to 20 people per indoor space.
  • Contact sport training can resume for people 18 years old or younger, without any limit on the number of participants, although gathering rules apply to spectators.

Clearly, there are still more questions that have not been answered yet and that we rely on the Sport & Recreation Victoria (SRV) to provide before we receive the updated HV Return to Hockey Guidelines.  We will update further when we have the adequate guidance from SRV & HV Guidelines.  Until then, please remain patient.

If you intend on playing and haven't responded to the survey you must contact your section head immediately as we are only entering limited teams based on the survey.


Free Junior Training in the School Holidays - This article was published 16 June 2020

We are excited to announce that DHC will be offering Donny Juniors FREE daytime team training sessions during the first week of the July school holidays (June 29-July 3).  With the COVID-19 restrictions easing further, the 2 hour session will enable teams to use full field, small games, practice corner, contact activities and team building.

In addition there will be optional specialist individual skills clinics that will be available.  More details to follow soon.

Enquiries: Maria or James


COVID-19 UPDATE 29 May 2020 - This article was published 29 May 2020

Hockey is Back!!!!!!

We have missed everyone and can’t wait to see you next week!  Many people have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to get hockey up and running again and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them.  It will be different from what we are used to, but we will adapt and still have a great time.

Whilst we are eager to have as many players possible return to hockey, we do understand that for some, your personal circumstances may have changed.  Please note that future selections will not be based on your presence or not training during this period.


The club has been permitted to return to hockey under strict protocols that will help reduce the risk to our members and the wider community from COVID-19. Please refer to DHC player protocols which outlines these rules.

It’s important to take time to read through the rules and follow them.  Failing to do so could result in closure of the club. 

Key Points:

  • No hockey bags to be brought to training
  • Arrive with shinpads and mouthguards on
  • Bring own drink bottle with name on
  • If unwell do not attend 

Click here for PLAYER PROTOCOLS- compulsory reading  


Trainings will commence the week beginning 1st June.

Key points:

  • Schedule is based on assumption that we will be in stage 2 restrictions with 20 players per end permitted. We will have further confirmation from the Government about this shortly.
  • Schedule may change week by week and players/parents should be aware of this.

Training times commencing week beginning 1st June 2020:






Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 1

Zone 2









U14 B

U14 B


U12 G

U14 G

U14 G


U16 G

U16 G

U12 B

U12 B

U16 B

U16 B




Women Club Grades

Women Club Grades






Men Club Grades

Men Club Grades



Weekend trainings

  • Premier League & Reserves -Saturday mornings commencing 30th May
  • Senior Club Grades- To be advised
  • Juniors- To be advised


For COVID safe tracing purposes and to adhere to government number policies all trainings that you attend must be booked in advance using team app. You will receive a QR code specific to that training session.

  • Either save the QR code on your phone or print off to present to the gatekeeper. 
  • If unable to print or use phone the gate keeper may be able to tick you off manually.


Entry & Exit

  • Only players will be permitted to enter the club gates unless volunteering as a duty manager or gatekeeper
  • Entry is through the Main gate and exit is via the bottom gate near the away teams dug out.


Hockey Victoria have reduced their HV registration fees to accommodate the shorter season.

If you hadn’t already completed your HV registration prior to the lockdown, and you intend to train, it is important that you register your HV registration NOW for insurance purposes.

HV’s team entry fees have been reduced also to either 75% for a 3-month season or 60% for a 2-month season.

DHC fees will therefore be reduced also based on the shortened season.


It is hoped that the season will commence sometime after 11 July.


If you have any questions please contact your section Chair or Coordinator

From the DHC Executive Committee - 29 May 2020


COVID-19 UPDATE 28 May 2020 - This article was published 28 May 2020

Doncaster's Home Pitch is Open

We are pleased to announce that we have received approval from City of Manningham Council to permit access to the Hockey Club.  This now allows us time to prepare the facility with the strict COVID-19 protocols required.  With all things going to plan, we anticipate trainings will commence as per below:

  • Thursday 28th May - Women's Premier League  & WPL Reserves
  • Saturday 30th May - Men & Women Premier League squads
  • Week beginning 1st June - all Seniors and Juniors.

Further details and times will be communicated once we have received updates from the State Premier and Hockey Victoria (HV) regarding the number of people allowed at each training.

Please note: no-one is permitted to enter prior to these dates unless authorised.

Thanks for your patience and a huge thank you to those who have assisted with this process.

COVID-19 UPDATE 22 May 2020 - This document was published 22 May 2020

Following Ken Scott's update yesterday (21 May, immediately below) we are publishing a comprehensive document DHC Guidelines - Return to Hockey.  We encourage you to read this document and understand all these Guidelines.



COVID-19 UPDATE 21 May 2020 - This article was published 21 May 2020

Hello Doncaster Members and friends

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the relaxation of the social distancing regulations.

With regards to the return to hockey, the Executive have been working on an increasingly solid plan in the past week to get us back to training.

There is a range of guidelines from Government, Council and Hockey Victoria that we need to satisfy before we can commence any ground-based activities. The guidelines cover actions, precautions and requirements that will be different to what we would consider normal training and are up to 30 pages per set of requirements.

Once these protocols have been confirmed they will be communicated to you all so that you fully understand your responsibilities as part of our Club to make these challenging circumstances work for everyone. 

There are many different things that we need to undertake as a club to ensure the safety of all our players, coaches and families and there are many protocols that we will be requiring you, as players and club families to abide by, for us all to return to hockey. This include things such as:

  • Personal hygiene and Infection controls
  • Increased facility cleaning – including toilet deep cleans
  • Equipment cleaning – balls, facemasks and goalkeeping equipment- all done between training sessions
  • Player survey-intentions to play/train
  • Bookings to participate in training,
  • Gate keeping and Logging attendance at training 
  • Defined access and exit gates to ground
  • Arriving at training with gear already on (no Hockey bags permitted)
  • No use of dugouts or facilities (other than toilets)
  • Maintaining 1.5m distance at all times
  • Participant behaviour and use of our equipment and facilities (no club facemasks or bibs permitted).
  • No spectators/parents at trainings

Clearly, this will require additional assistance and resources to manage and we are seeking volunteers to assist. Without these roles filled we will be unable to return to hockey.

If you area able to assist with the additional volunteer roles that will be required, please contact Andrea Snow by email at

Alternatively complete the on-line player survey (links below) and tick the volunteer boxes with lists of jobs.

TRAINING: Although still to be confirmed with Council, trainings will hopefully commence

SENIORS:             week beginning 25th May

JUNIOR:               week beginning 1st June

MASTERS:            TBC (dependent on level of interest via survey)

Under the current guidelines:

  • Trainings will be limited to two groups of ten (10), plus a coach per group.
  • NO player will be permitted to pick up a ball, or cone during training.
  • Players must arrive with gear already on (no Hockey bags). (except for GK’s).
  • Enter facility via main gate- Exit via away team dugout gate.

BOOKING SYSTEM TO ATTEND TRAINING: In order to monitor attendance at trainings there will be a booking system that attendees must complete in order to be permitted to enter the facility.  You need to check your TeamApp as an update app has been installed and you may need to re-sign in.

SEASON DATES: At this stage Hockey Victoria have indicated that they hope the 2020 season will commence sometime between 10-July and 2-August. The length of the season may roll into September or October.

PLAYER SURVEY: We understand that players’ personal circumstances may have changed since we ceased hockey activities in March. As a result, we need all members to complete a survey so we can gauge your intentions to play this season to assist us with our planning. Please fill out this Survey NOW, links to the Player Surveys below.

PERSONAL SAFTEY & HYGIENE: It is important we all take responsibility for adhering to the guidelines and for the health and well-being of our Club members and the community of which we are a part.

PLAYER INSURANCE: All players must be registered with HV prior to training to ensure you are covered. Go to HV website.

More specific details will be communicated to members when approval from Council has been confirmed and training schedule in place.

We have hopefully seen the worst of this pandemic and will carefully and methodically return to as close to normal as quickly as is considered safe to do so.

Please keep safe, connected and cheerful.


Ken Scott
Executive Chair


Please complete 1 form per player, for each competition you intend to be participate in.





COVID-19 Update 15 May 2020 - This article was published 15 May 2020

Hockey Victoria have now released their ‘Return to Hockey Guidelines’ that clubs are required to implement prior to the recommencement of hockey activities.


There are many things we need to have in place prior to hockey at Doncaster returning. Some of these things include:

  • Formulation of DHC Return to Hockey Guidelines that need to be approved by HV
  • Approval from Council to return to the facility and conduct hockey activities (we are still waiting for this)   
  • Facility cleaning and hygiene products purchased
  • Sanitising protocols in place
  • Communications, Marketing, Posters to members
  • Monitoring of sign in procedures and gate
  • Monitoring social distancing procedures (entry/exits),
  • Cleaning and sanitising equipment
  • Briefing to coaches’ and volunteers
  • Outbreak & reporting procedures
  • Training schedules: who trains when, session length?


In order to fast track our return to hockey, we are seeking 4-5 volunteers who would be willing to assist with getting the above tasks completed. Please contact Andrea Snow if you can help.


  • Gatherings of no more than 10 + coach/support staff as required
  • Pitches can be divided into two zones with each zone accommodating 10 + coach/support staff required
  • All activities must be outdoors and modified to adhere to 1.5m distancing rules.
  • Clubhouses/rooms, canteen to remain closed
  • Competition is not permitted
  • No sharing equipment, no bibs, masks
  • No use of drink fountains (must bring own bottle with name)
  • Wash down equipment and hand hygiene 
  • Dedicated entry and exit points with gaps between trainings
  • Training drills will be designed with social distancing measures in place – remain 1.5m apart at all times
  • No standing around close to other participants during or in between drills’ (e.g. when waiting at a cone)
  • Once the session concludes, participants should leave the facility immediately
  • Parents/guardians to remain in their cars while waiting for their children

For more details please download BE.031.05.20 – HV Return to Hockey Guidelines

When everything is in place, we will be able to provide you with further updates of when we can commence.

In the meantime, download the COVID-19 app and stay safe.



COVID-19 Update 12 May 2020

As you may have seen from the State Premier Daniel Andrews on Monday 11 May, there will be an easing of some COVID-19 restrictions in the immediate term.  Appropriately, these are 'small steps' and we all need to continue to be aware and very careful.

Hockey Victoria (HV) have published an update on the current situation in relation to hockey in Victoria.  Doncaster Hockey Club is constant communication with HV and fully support HV’s position.

The HV COVID-19 Update 11 May is accessible here.

Today, Tuesday 12 May 2020, Doncaster Hockey Club received an email from David Price, Recreation Liaison Officer, Manningham Council regarding the Council’s position in relation to the State Government’s easing of some COVID-19 restrictions.

The email from Manningham Council follows below.

Clearly there are still details to be confirmed as the eased restriction come into play.  We will continue to update our Members as soon as circumstances change.


Manningham Council COVID-19 Update - The following email was received by Doncaster Hockey Club on Tuesday, 12 May 2020 4:39 PM

Dear Manningham sport and recreation facility users,

Manningham City Council is committed to the health, wellbeing and safety of our whole community and we thank you for your patience and support as we navigate the rapidly changing situation around coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following the announcement made yesterday by the Victorian Premier, the Victorian State Government has advised some relaxing of restrictions, with a change to sport, cultural and recreational activities to take effect from 11:59pm on Tuesday 12 May until the 31 May 2020. Full media statement made by the Victorian Premier.

What does this mean for Manningham sport and recreation facilities

  • Grass Open space (unlocked spaces and parks) remain open to the community for recreational sport and exercise. The following areas are still closed; skate parks, play grounds, outdoor gym equipment, athletics track, and the BMX track.
  • Access to Councils pavilions and facilities is still not permitted under any circumstances, this also includes no access to storage areas. This includes no access to facilities such as tennis, bowls, hockey etc. Doing so will be considered a breach of the clubs tenancy agreement.
  • Club allocation of sports fields remain suspended until further notice. Groups of up to 10 people wishing to exercise as per the state government relaxing of restrictions will need to organise alternate arrangements. If these groups are affiliated with your club, they can gain access to external public toilets attached to sports pavilions (with no access to the pavilion).
  • No bookings of sport facilities will be taken. 

If your Club has people exercising together, they need to adhere to following guidelines:  

  • No more than 10 people are permitted to exercise in a group at once;
  • Clubs need to ensure groups adhere to physical distancing guidelines of 1.5 metres;
  • Hygiene measures must remain in place and be adhered to for all sport and recreation activities, this includes the use of equipment;
  • Police are currently patrolling sporting facilities, we have seen evidence of this day. Members of the general public and club members/participants found breaching the new guidelines face personal fines up to $1,652, and Clubs may face fines of up to $9,913.
  • It is the requirement of all individuals and Clubs to familiarise themselves with the new restrictions, all details about the new restrictions can be found online at: 

Future updates

We are aware of the continuing social, emotional and financial impact COVID-19 is having on our community, and while this latest news is encouraging, we are still yet to confirm what the Return to Sport transition will look like. We are aware many State Sporting Bodies have started to make announcements in regards to safe return to sport. We will be taking these recommendations into consideration and will be in touch with sporting codes as more information comes to light. At this stage Manningham Sporting Facilities remain closed. We need to ensure there are safe means for sport and recreation to return. We will be looking to work with all sporting clubs and codes, if the opportunity arises for clubs to safely return to play.

Stay informed using reputable sources

As we work through these challenges, we recommend you review and contact the following resources in preparation for the Return to Sport.

In Manningham, we are following advice from the Department of Health and Human Services about COVID-19. We encourage everyone to visit DHHS for the most up to date information on Sport and Exercise restrictions.

In addition to the above, all members of the public are to practise good hygiene and social distancing to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus during exercise and recreational activities. The following resources can assist with club and community education.


We will continue to keep you updated on any changes or information received on COVID-19 impacting our services. 


David Price
Recreation Liaison Officer
Manningham Council

Manningham Council Depot
620 Blackburn Road (PO Box1 Doncaster Victoria 3108) Doncaster East, Victoria 3109

phone: +61 3 9846 0519



Planning the return to hockey is underway, but there are many steps involved before this can happen.

  1. Victorian Government will provide an update of restriction levels on Monday 11th May.
  2. Hockey Victoria are developing guidelines for maintaining health and safety and ways to progress between the levels, that clubs will be required to demonstrate compliance with the guidelines at all times
  3. Hockey Victoria have provided clubs with survey results (see summary below) about competition options based on one or more possible start and end dates for the season. HV continue to work with clubs on various scenarios and will be in a position to release details after they have met with the HV Board on 18th May.
  4. Players will need to register with the Doncaster Hockey Club, for the Hockey Victoria competition (details of this process will be released when more details are released). This step will be very important as it allows us to determine how many teams and in what grades we can play in season 2020. If you registered prior to the shutdown you will need to reconfirm your availability using a DHC jotform survey.
  5. We cannot predict how long there will be between the commencement of training in small groups and the resumption of full competition, however we do know that the more people who continue to maintain distances of at least 1.5 metres, good hand hygiene and staying away from hockey if you have any symptoms, are key to an early resumption.
  6. Doncaster Hockey Club strongly encourages all members and families to download the COVID-19 tracing app to halt the spread and allow us to play hockey sooner and longer.
  7. DHC will continue to update members as more details are released from State Government, Hockey Victoria and City of Manningham.

 Survey Results Trends:

  • Overwhelming support from clubs and players that want to return.
  • 2-3 weeks’ time period that clubs require to prepare for competitions.
  • Ideally the season will finish within the usual hockey timeframe (Sept), but understand this may not be possible.
  • Promotion & Relegation- majority of clubs did not want this in 2020, but no decision has been made yet.


COVID-19 Update 23 April 2020 - Published 24 April

To all of our Doncaster HC members and families, we hope that you are all keeping in good health and spirits during this time.

With Victoria extending its State of Emergency due to the coronavirus until 11th of May, and therefore the continuation of the ban on social and community sport continues, we would like to provide you with a few updates from the Club and the latest from Hockey Victoria (HV).

The DHC Executive, section committees and head coaches have been meeting (on-line) regularly to monitor and plan for different scenarios.  We are also meeting every 2 weeks with Hockey Victoria to receive updates and provide feedback.

Below is a snap shot of updates:

  • HV are facing many challenges during this period and are scaling back their operations to ensure their survival but also to allow flexibility to scale up to deliver the season.
  • HV have confirmed the competition will not commence on 1 May 2020.
  • HV have been working with clubs to plan for different scenarios to begin the 2020 season in whatever form it takes once the government determines that community sport is safe.  From there, it is then hoped that a 2-4-week period will be sufficient lead time to be ready to start the competition.
  • At this stage HV are focusing on an 8-week competition.  HV will be seeking feedback from players and coaches from different grades/age groups during the week of 27th April.
  • DHC Board have agreed that we intend to enter teams should the competition commence.
  • When this occurs, we will be surveying our members of their intentions to play, based on the structure that is proposed and will be discussing with you how the Club could ensure continued safety of members.

We recognise we're in exceptional times and Covid-19 is having impacts upon our Doncaster HC family in various ways.  The DHC executive and coaches are proud and grateful of the efforts that members are doing to engage with each other and to keep your fitness, spirts and hockey skills up - including online fitness sessions, challenges, tiktok as well as general check-ins.

We encourage you to keep this going knowing it's supporting us all.  Continue to follow DHC on our website, Instagram, Facebook, TeamApp.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ken Scott

President – Doncaster Hockey Club


Winter Season Postponed Until 1 MayPublished 20 March

With the recent announcement from Hockey Victoria to suspend all HV hockey activities and postpone the start of the Winter competition until 1 May 2020, we would like to update you on Doncaster Hockey Club’s approach in the coming weeks.

With the 2020 Winter Season postponed until 1 May, this season’s fixture will now need to be adjusted.  Accordingly, our very significant event, the ANZAC Day Cup match, is cancelled.  We will keep you updated regarding the 2020 fixture as soon as such changes are confirmed.

We are well aware of the importance that hockey, physical activities, connectiveness and social interaction has on the health, well-being of our players and members and are therefore discussing alternatives to ensure we keep engagement, fitness and a sense of community.

Further information in regards these alternatives will be shared as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we encourage you all to use Facebook, website, email and TeamApp to keep in touch with the Club and check in with team mates.


All Training & Practice Matches Cancelled – Published 17 March 2020


The Junior Committee, Junior and Senior head coaches with the support of the Club President, Ken Scott and Section Chairs have made the decision to cancel all trainings and practice matches inclusive of today due to COVID-19.

It is hoped that Junior & Masters trainings will resume the first week back in Term 2 subject to advice from the government authorities.

The Senior coaching staff and Section Chairs have cancelled this week’s sessions (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday) for the same reasons but will update players with further decisions for future weeks ASAP.

Please note that whilst Hockey Victoria have taken the stance of 'Business as usual for now', DHC has made the decision to take advice one step further similar to other sports, hence our decision to cancel training and practice matches.  We are conscious that we need take this virus threat seriously in order to 'flatten the curve' and do not want to put our players, coaches, staff and broader community at unnecessary risk. Hopefully you understand.

Thank you


COVID-19 UPDATE – Published 16 March 2020

The Doncaster Hockey Club Executive continues to monitor the developments and Government advice on the COVID -19 virus.  The following announcements are the updated measures that we request Members follow until further notice.

As of Monday 16th March 2020:

  • Activities have been scaled back to hockey and admin only.
    * Training and practice games may continue - Each player/family may make up their own mind as to their participation. These activities are not compulsory and there are no consequences to missing either
  • Social activities are not to be scheduled
  • The canteen will not be opened
  • The BBQ cannot not be used
  • The meeting room is not to be used
  • Proshop will not be opened. If essential items are required it can be by appointment only
  • Gatherings inside the club and on the veranda are not to occur
  • The toilets only will remain in use. Washing of hands thoroughly or use of hand sanitiser provided is essential
  • Social distancing and personal hygiene are an essential contribution from all members and families
  • If you have cold or flu symptoms please self-isolate
  • We will be asking that only those directly involved with the team and the games attend the club. (players, coaches, assistant coaches, managers and officials)
  • Parents with younger children not training must keep with them and observe social distancing when at the club.
  • No shaking hands, “stick slaps” are the only form of respect pre and post games
  • Use of clubrooms for meetings is only permitted if necessary. Approval must be sought from Operations Manager and social distancing must be adhered to.

The Clubs season launch planned for March 27th has been CANCELLED. We will discuss other event options for later dates in due course.

We will continue to monitor the guidelines and inform members as they unfold and as Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria make announcements that remove all doubts about the season’s direction.

We wish all members, friends and families of the Doncaster Hockey Club the very best during this extraordinary situation and look forward to renewing the vibrant club atmosphere as soon as we possibly can.

On Friday 13 March, we published a set of excellent preventative measures to avoid the virus.  We encourage you to refresh your memory of these measures, click here to read that article.


COVID-19 virus - Let's be Careful – Published 13 March 2020

In light of the recent announcements from Hockey Australia, Hockey Victoria and some schools that have been closed in Melbourne due to the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus), DHC is asking all members of the club to adopt the following recommendations re COVID-19 management for all upcoming club training sessions, matches and events.

Whilst we are conscious of not overreacting to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we are aware that this is an evolving situation and ask that all members to exercise appropriate due diligence if there are any health concerns at all.

Preventative measures include:

  • Replace handshaking at the start and conclusion of games with (for example) simply tapping sticks on the ground, fist pump, elbow tap or a thumbs up
  • Use labelled water bottles. These must be strictly single person use. Avoid use of communal water bottles.
  • Take care with food handling at games; for example, oranges or lollies at half-time or full-time. Use tongs to serve or reconsider shared food.
  • Mouth-guards should be washed after each game, followed by cleaning of hands.
  • Continue to cover nose and mouth with tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing.
  • Keep 1.5m distance from anyone that is coughing or sneezing.
  • Use alcohol-based hand wash available at the canteen counter, dugouts, and seat stands outside the change room.
  • All players and officials should wash their hands with soap and water and dry with paper towel prior to and after games.
  • Gloves should be worn when attending to players with injuries – especially against blood exposure but also to prevent contact with mouth-guards.
  • Any member with flu-like symptoms should self-exclude from playing, training and spectating at the first sign of the symptoms and seek medical advice.
  • If you have recently returned from a high risk country, as defined by the Australian Government department of health, please observe a self-isolation period away from the club of at least 14 days.
  • If you attend one of the schools that has had a confirmed case of Covid-19 virus, and you have any symptoms similar to those of the Covid-19 virus, please do not attend training or games at or for the club, and seek medical advice before returning to club activities
  • If you experience the flu-like symptoms, contact your GP for medical advice/attention. If COVID-19 is confirmed, please notify the club ASAP.

 Further advice on the Coronavirus COVID-19 can be found from the following recommended sources:

All members of the hockey community should note that this is an evolving situation and advice could change at any time. We will endeavour to update you as it is relevant.